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Thanks! Checked some of your work, look awesome too! Do you have discord? If you can add me maybe we can coop in later jam!

let me know if anyone is interested.. the person I found previously got some real life work so has no time for the jam . Thanks!

looks great! My discord is Flavedo#7327 if you still want to teammate. You can check my previous games in my itch page

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Pixel art or non pixel art both work for me! Check my itch page for previous game: 

Looking forward to make a great game together!

discord: Flavedo#7327

thanks! Will definitely fix that later!

Thanks! What's the main problem do you have with hitbox? is it the character get stuck when moving around by house and tree? or is it you need to move too close to an item to interact?

I love this idea! I think maybe can make each melody longer so when play all together it wont sound too noisy. Also maybe adding a goal to ask player hear which is the target sound would be cool!

thanks! Checked your game it looks good too!

Nice! I like the music and the beat. the problem is 6 keys are much harder than 4 keys I guess, I need to do some calculations in my mind to realize which finger should I use haha. then I just gave up and press every key when there is a key at any time. This works somehow, but still, 6 keys are harder to read lol. 

checked your game! very cute!

interesting game, very cute! I saw it mentioned by others but yeah some feedback to show how player did in a beat would be helpful!

I like the idea of three beats to move and 1 beat for enemy! I might use this idea in my game if I know it beforehead lol! But I didn't find the exit... it is a little bit not clear which is the exit and where it it...

I like the idea but I think it can work better. since we can't hear, we can use some visual elements to represent the beat, say when you buy some instruments, they will show around you, and they( and you ) will animate based on the beat. I think that would add some flavor to the game.

I think some bmg is still necessary, even some noise. or sometimes you can hear a clip of the music.

anyway I like the idea, keep going!

really need an easy mode lol. too hard for me...

Really cool and awesome music and beat map! I'm curious how do you make the beat map, manually or with some assist of software?

Oh, I really like this! it is hardly said as a game but it is very calming. I wish there is a way to mute a column or a row so I can tell which play what more clearly. But I like it! with an exporter, this can be a music composer tool lol.

interesting I like this combination! I think the screen size does not fit well on my computer as I can't see all the text and the enemy. Got confused for a while until I noticed I need to reflect the bullet back to get progress.

I think the idea itself is cool, but a little too hard, I can't follow the color so every time I just left the player go as far as he can, and hopefully there are lots of items with the correct color on the way...

Hi yes I didn't test much with UI scaling, thanks for mention that. I should probably force windows scale haha

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For our game.  We tried to combine Patapon and Necrodancer together since they are the rhythm games we like most. It does not turn out very well (well I still love it) as you need to attack and move at the same time which is quite hard.

We tried to use another four keys to do an attack and tried to let only the attack need to follow the beat, but the movement is free, but neither works well, then we choose the current controls. If you have any suggestions about it let me know!

Also, share your rhythm game and I'll give you feedback too!!

Awesome job! I really enjoyed this game! The level design is super clever and the animation and sound for the cubes are adorable and fit the game! It is easy to understand how to play but quite hard to master it. Great game! Thanks for making this!

thanks for liking our game! Sorry for the bad experience! I made a new version to fix some laggy issues and also changed the dash, so now you can dash directly with the mouse! Let me know (if you have chance ofc) what do you think or if you still met the laggy! thanks!

Ah I knew there must be a reason they have different material! That's very interesting! I'll try again!

A smart idea! It takes me a while and watched the video to understand how to play, thanks for providing them! I think the dash/explode using the same key is very smart. It might just be me but I feel it might be easier to control if you can use the right mouse to do the dash and explode so the arrow key can keep the focus on moving. I didn't get a high score sadly but I do love it!

thanks for liking it! sorry for the sound lol. I just played your game very interesting! Love it!

thanks for liking our game! Sorry for the bad experience! I made a new version to fix some laggy issues and also changed the dash, so now you can dash directly with the mouse! Let me know (if you have chance ofc) what do you think or if you still met the lag! thanks!

thanks for liking our game! Sorry for the bad experience! I made a new version to fix some lag issues and also changed the dash, so now you can dash directly with the mouse! Let me know (if you have chance ofc) what do you think or if you still met the lag! thanks!

thanks for liking our game! Sorry for the bad experience! I made a new version to fix some laggy issues and also changed the dash, so now you can dash directly with the mouse! Let me know (if you have chance ofc) what do you think or if you still met the laggy! thanks!

The art and mechanic is good! The puzzle is interesting too! The only complaint I have is the control, it feels a little slow to move things, especially when I need to move something a long way. Other than that quite interesting!

Got stuck in a lack of action loop too...

Thanks for the replay! yeah I was planned to make the sprites moving automatically and not block the player, but haven't got the time. I was planned to make the enemies more powerful and the player extra weak, so you would need them to be around you and protect you. Well, time limit again haha. Thanks for liking it!

The total game mechanic is cool and interesting, but I do met some bugs that when I throw heart at some position, it just disappear, and I die directly sometimes even I have two left. Because I need to restart the game to play again it is a little frustrating.

But other than that I really like it, especially like the spiral of the turtle haha, very cute!

A super unique and addictive game! The environment is epic. It feels so great to see a node get captured and so angry to see one node get destroyed and ruined all nodes linked to it. Is there a rule to how a new node linked? or is there a way to add new links between two nodes?

It's an awesome game that I would not expect to see in a game jam!

Haha it took me minutes to figure out how to play. I think it is a little misleading that the bottle can color the washer too, I thought I met a bug since my slime didn't change after wash. I also think adding some highlights on the three slots at the beginning of the game would be helpful for players to understand that's where they are targeting to.

I get that you want the player to figure things themselves, but I think that might not fit very well with the time limit, because when there is a counter, the player always gets nervous and want to make things works immediately. I think maybe either: 

1. add a tutorial part that does not have a timer, and after the player understands how to play the game, then the timer starts. 

or 2. don't have a timer at all, just let the player keep making more matches, and unlock new characters/washer machines to progress the game. this might be too much for a jam game but I think it worth thinking about doing something like this and make it a full game!

Overall a lovely game!

I like the idea! I would suggest to heal the others instead of doing damage, might make the healing part makes more sense? Other than that a good game!

I like the idea to correct sprites with the player! kind of like the game I'm making but yours is better! I hope there are more check points since I'm bad at the spikes lol.

The speech bubbles are a little annoying sometimes, especially when I keep dying and they kind of like mocking me as they keep pop up ...

Overall a cute and lovely game!

My favorite game since now! 

The bouncing of the potion feels SO right, I can just see it jump back and force for minutes! The art is simple but clean and I LOVE IT!

I like the idea that the potion itself is the hero, make the health very intuitive without UI.

The two skills are smart too. I like both of them! I agree it is a little hard to estimate the health/energy left though, so I never let it go too little lol. Guess that's part of the skill the game want player to practice.

If anything to complaints is the level is too short and enemies are too easy to defeat! I'd love to see more for this game! 

Awesome job!

very fun! 

Did you write the text yourself or is it a font? The text looks really cute I love it.

I like the cable is a little elastic and it feels so good when it extends a little when needed and let me pass.

I like the levels with the secret path, I have to say the levels of the moving parts feel like.. Klotski haha. 

In a level there is a small moving part that is really hard to move, and sometimes get stuck when I move it to the left. not a blocker but a little frustrated in that level.

Overall a great game! Good job!

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I really love this game! The design is very unique, feel a lot of accomplishment when under my control the correct tower got powered and work! shoot them all!!!

I really like the electric shock effect when you get into water, very intuitive and make you focus on moving as well as planning.

The design for the android tower is clever too! it is nice to see a tower that can "store" electricity in a way, add more strategy. It might be nice if there are towers that can actually store and send out electricity for some levels. would be cool!

The only part that confused me is the bat, it takes me a while to figure out the bat can avoid the bomb and android tower lol.  Also it might be helpful if using color or something to differentiate the towers, I got lost which is which even after several levels.

Also the game get back to level 1 when finished? Lol I really want to see a ending page with that.

One minor thing.. I don't like using F as connect and disconnect the cable lol. Maybe space? But this is really minor.

I think the balance of the tower is great, with more kinds of towers and more mechanics/ levels this can be a published game! 

Great job! love it!

Ohhh I see now! I need to connect the two colored pieces instead of connecting all uncolored pieces with them. I see that makes sense!

The puzzle is quite interesting! The final levels with the transport one are actually easier than former ones haha!

great job!