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this game is quite additive.. I plan to just take a look but now 2 hours past...
Lovely art and story, and I really like the chapter 3, would be a fun game if extended!

Lovely game! I love the art but get a little confused on how to lure at the right time. when would the correctly time/position to lure human? there are several times I make a bunny but human just ignore it :(

Also feel bad for the bunnies that did lure successfully :P

Anyway I think if add some more elements and automation, this can be a great idle game!

cute! a little annoying the broken platform would not be able to stand on it at all, like the character just drop straight through it.. And it would be cool if character get invincible when using a spring, otherwise there is no way I can dodge with that high speed lol.

Hmm looks interesting but I don't know how to play? I tried drag the card to the upper two action slot but nothing happens, some tutorial/explanation in description might be helpful..?

very cool game! the art is astonishing as usual and the game mechanic works as a charm! it is too easy now but consider the time limit it is understandable, with a little big of level design I think this can be a released game!

I really like the undead text on enemy when they are die lol, I don't know just makes me laugh XD

cool thanks for playing the game. Just curious, have you figured out how to play the game after playing a while? Anything you think can improve it? thanks in advance!

with some small fix

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Wow a really cool game! Looking forward to it! Would be cool if it can be released on mobile!

I love this game! really cool and unique mechanics and the control is great!  (the ground is a little slippery, maybe intended?) It feels good to throw my head and jump to catch it lol. The puzzle is designed well.

Overall it is still a little too hard for me, even I slow down the whole time haha. But it is my problem.

very cute game. I kind of stuck at a very early level (level 3?) but glad there is a level skip system so I can play the later ones! Can anyone explain a little about how to solve level 3 lol(the one of the gif in game page)

Really like the art!

I like the effects when you finish a level, looks quite professional. I also like the little difference on visual and BGM for different cube. The level design is good and you even have a decent trailer and undo button! Very cool game!

Such a cool idea! hard to understand at the beginning but when I figured it out really enjoyed it! I think there might need to have more changes in the game, as some buff/bonus/obstacles etc to make the game more interesting but the overall game is solid. I like the idea that you need to finish a paper to finish the game, really smart!

haha thanks for playing it! Good news for you the infected dog would not kill you! It would only kill itself... sadly.

The idea is cool and unique as a mini management game, where you just need to focus the HR part of the town management. I'm a little confused about how things work as how to fire someone, who are actually doing what , eg who created what each turn. And I hope to get more information about each character to help me decide if I want to keep hiring him or fire him later. 

Any way I think this concept is very potential! Would love to see a more complete game of this!

BTW really like the bell haha.

Thanks for the suggestion! Would add that if we will keep impelement it!

Thanks for playing! The levels difficulty curve surely need some adjust!

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lol I'm curious where the las vegas feeling comes from, but cool thanks for liking the game!

thanks! Yeah we love the dog part too! I know I should design the levels in a more smooth way but time limit! That's why we introduce the mechanic that you can switch between levels. Thanks for playing it!

Very unique game! A little confused at the beginning and quite hard in third level as things are happening pretty fast.  I'm not sure but maybe use keyboard to control might be easier? and maybe add a pause before the level so player can analyze the puzzle a little bit before it starts. But overall I love it!

Really polished game! with some adjust and more levels I think it can be put on steam directly!

I really want to play more of it but I accidentally hit menu and when I get back it restart from level 1 :(  And it seems there is no pause/retry button when the train is moving? I was trying to stop the running trains and that's when I hit the menu lol.

But overall a great game! beautiful art and chill music and perfect sound design!

Simplest art in the jam but gives me pure happiness and heart flow! The second one is a little hard for me especially the place that I need to circle around the border of the 3x3 grid, feels my fingers can not follow what I want them to do lol. The music is awesome and the beatmap is great! Would love to see it as a real game in the future!

wow the art is really great and fun! 

interesting game mechanic. I'm not sure if I'd call it rhythm game as it is more about the pattern. Maybe make it a puzzle game that the pattern can overlap can be interesting? say you can press s(short) s l s s to turn on ok then heart. Well maybe that would be a totally different game, just a random thought.

The art is really cool but the game is kind of hard(for me level 2 is hard enough lol). 


The game is cute! I like that you can learn a forbidden skill at the beginning, feel it can expand like a skill set you can upgrade/buy, or you need to coop with others with different skillset.

Currently only have fired rice makes it a little boring. some simple recipes and some harder ones combined together might make a better experience! 

Looking forward to a multiplayer version of this lol, would be fun!

Thanks for letting me know! I fixed that problem.

Also if you are interested, we implement another version of this game (well they look different but from the same spirit):

I'm a unity developer and have made several games before . I have a composer working with me so would like to work with a 2d artist with an interest in discussing game design together. Please DM me in discord as Flavedo#7327, thanks!

I like the art when you catch something! It might be a little slow when you move the lines back. It might be better is there is are more targets/levels and less worms for each one,  so player has more sense of achievement after finish each target.

I really like the art of the game,  the game mechanic has its fun part, I like to vacuum leaves and it makes me comfortable.

Sadly the game is not finished so after I finished find 10 barks and get back, it ends suddenly, I was looking forward to the bonfire! 

I think the move speed might need to increase a little, and the voice at the beginning is a little not fit the game, I thought it was from another game for seconds. The vacuum sound is a little loud, especially you need to turn it on for a long time.

But I think it can be a good game for sure!

Thanks for likeing it! Added some achievement, hopefully you'd like it!

Lol thanks for playing it! Yeah it is still in development state so I'm keeping adding stuff. Definitely will add a win state later!

Looking for 2d artist for the jam. Some of my previous games

I'm thinking of same kind of casual, cute game. Dm me in discord as Flavedo#7327  if you are interested. Thanks!

A lovely game! the control is a little hard as I don't know how to pan the camera, and when I click on it sometimes it does not work on click on the wrong thing. But in general a good game and would love to see it as an idle game on phone!

Haha yeah I should probably make the hand be more... symmetrical. Or maybe this is intended lol. You are a ... right person ;)

You are right .. I forgot to add function to extra antenna... too sleepy at that time. thanks for liking it and thanks for reporting the bug!

What happened? why did you quit the server without saying anything?

Got it. I'm ok(actually I like this idea) that new words can be deduced, but I'd like to know the detailed result of the new words(update in the book too), so I can keep going based on those. Otherwise if I deduced incorrectly, I'll keep deducing more and more wrong answer...

Also I'm not sure if the deduced answer is the only answer.  I remember I deduced the word but the result was not correct... Maybe I made a mistake but again if the result can be shown to player, they can have more idea what they did wrong and how to improve for next question.

Nice game! The control is quite fluent and the art is very simple but elegant. I like it!

lovely game. I can imaging if we can play longer, we can see the flock growing and growing and become a legendary in the sea. it is both relaxing and exciting while playing. good job!