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The game is cute! I like that you can learn a forbidden skill at the beginning, feel it can expand like a skill set you can upgrade/buy, or you need to coop with others with different skillset.

Currently only have fired rice makes it a little boring. some simple recipes and some harder ones combined together might make a better experience! 

Looking forward to a multiplayer version of this lol, would be fun!

Thanks for letting me know! I fixed that problem.

Also if you are interested, we implement another version of this game (well they look different but from the same spirit):

I'm a unity developer and have made several games before . I have a composer working with me so would like to work with a 2d artist with an interest in discussing game design together. Please DM me in discord as Flavedo#7327, thanks!

I like the art when you catch something! It might be a little slow when you move the lines back. It might be better is there is are more targets/levels and less worms for each one,  so player has more sense of achievement after finish each target.

I really like the art of the game,  the game mechanic has its fun part, I like to vacuum leaves and it makes me comfortable.

Sadly the game is not finished so after I finished find 10 barks and get back, it ends suddenly, I was looking forward to the bonfire! 

I think the move speed might need to increase a little, and the voice at the beginning is a little not fit the game, I thought it was from another game for seconds. The vacuum sound is a little loud, especially you need to turn it on for a long time.

But I think it can be a good game for sure!

Thanks for likeing it! Added some achievement, hopefully you'd like it!

Lol thanks for playing it! Yeah it is still in development state so I'm keeping adding stuff. Definitely will add a win state later!

Looking for 2d artist for the jam. Some of my previous games

I'm thinking of same kind of casual, cute game. Dm me in discord as Flavedo#7327  if you are interested. Thanks!

A lovely game! the control is a little hard as I don't know how to pan the camera, and when I click on it sometimes it does not work on click on the wrong thing. But in general a good game and would love to see it as an idle game on phone!

Haha yeah I should probably make the hand be more... symmetrical. Or maybe this is intended lol. You are a ... right person ;)

You are right .. I forgot to add function to extra antenna... too sleepy at that time. thanks for liking it and thanks for reporting the bug!

What happened? why did you quit the server without saying anything?

Got it. I'm ok(actually I like this idea) that new words can be deduced, but I'd like to know the detailed result of the new words(update in the book too), so I can keep going based on those. Otherwise if I deduced incorrectly, I'll keep deducing more and more wrong answer...

Also I'm not sure if the deduced answer is the only answer.  I remember I deduced the word but the result was not correct... Maybe I made a mistake but again if the result can be shown to player, they can have more idea what they did wrong and how to improve for next question.

Nice game! The control is quite fluent and the art is very simple but elegant. I like it!

lovely game. I can imaging if we can play longer, we can see the flock growing and growing and become a legendary in the sea. it is both relaxing and exciting while playing. good job!

spent some time finally figured out the game mechanic. seems you can use the bar to adjust the value in a not precise way, and make it as much match the target as it can and deliver. I like this idea in general, but with some complaints:

1. the order in target and the bars behind you does not have the same order.. make it hard to adjust it.

2. the bars behind you will reset every time you set... then it does not worth it...

I would even wish there is a way to lock one or two flavors so make it easier, it is super hard now...

But over all like the idea and the art!

like this idea, it is kind of cool and creepy to see the robot wake up at night, would love to see more content of it, maybe more kinds of training and more interaction? Love the art especially!

Lol really fun game! poor AI and poor intern. Like the response and tried several times. seem no response when we answered the same which is sad. But overall really like it. I especially like that she will look at me and the AI to represent who she is talking to. Very intuitive!

haha I submitted without drawing anything and she said she like that and would pet it... so I guess a ghost cat?

I really like the concept, very unique. and the art and sound are fit. The things I want to complain are:

1. the tutorial is not very clear, I didn't know that I should switch back to let him control before dying several times in level one, trying to finish it with one run.

2. the death animation is a little too long and can't be skipped(though very cute), so waiting for too long make me not able to try it too many times...

But I really love this game! If you managed to shorten the death animation or make it skippable, let me know and I'd really want to try more of it!

Ah this game is quite hard for me... I like the simplicity of it but it is always too late when I notice the lava and shoot back... But overall a good game and concept!

I like game like this! remind me of peace death but a little different. I really like the tutorial, sfx when the computer talk, and the book.

The thing that confused me is sometimes the rule is not taught before it is asked, not sure if that is intended(As that's how the neural network works?) but quite confusing. Also it might be easier for me to understand if for the test data, I can see the result of it after finishing it... 

But overall a great game and I love these BURUMBO very much! 

Yeah I know, I mean if the robot's next step is designed for each lever, instead of random, it might be better(or it's just me feeling that way ;)

I like this game, reminds me of 20 Minutes Till Dawn but a unique version that you need to lure the fire one. I really like how the cat is moving lol very funny. 

I realize if you throw the candies  fast enough, it is almost like the normal games like 20 Minutes Till Dawn, since the tank will keep following you. maybe add a cooldown/max amount and you need to refill to solve this?

overall really like it! and I like that the robot is like a vacume and not just move to the lure but need to rotate like a tank, makes it more interesting.

A nice combination! I like the moment when the left part shows and the game just get special! The snake is moving quite slow and some cherries you just have to give up. maybe if there are more apples on a direction, the snake would move faster?

Cute but hard, I feel my brain split into two after playing several rounds haha.I like it!

I was about to comment then I saw yours and basically covered everything I want to say and more lol.

I win! I think the random card makes it sometimes much easier/hard than other time. The first time I didn't get any power boost and died easily, the second time I get two at the beginning and win the game easily. 

But other than that the art is cute and I like it!

The level design is nice and it fit the theme well. let's rob more money!!

Simple but fun! I wish the level can be designed and not random each round, but can understand it since it is a jam game. nice idea and great implementation!

This is cool! Are there only two endings? wish to see more lol, and maybe you need to paint robot to correct color or clean them. I like the background can be clicked and jump and the parts rotating while dragging them. The art style is lovely and the music is great!

I like the concept! and searching intructions around and use them to control your robot is cool. I do noticed some order issue as shown below. Also I'd wish the player can move faster when searching around.

nice game

a really cute idea! I met a bug that I build a tree on a place that is not fertile, and I can't uproot it now as it is treated as a "road" instead of a tree lol. otherwise a good game!

I like this tiny hospital game! really interesting and promising! I know it is a very simple prototype but I think it has potential with some story and more challenges! It feels good to save people and it would be cool and give player a sense of satisfaction if the one gets healed can show some animation!

I don't think I have fully understand the game..there are something on the ground but I don't know how to pick or what can I do with it. The shooting is a little confusing too, maybe use mouse click to shoot is more intuitive.

But the art is really awesome! 

Agree with oHoodie. The art is great and the mechanic looks promising, but the pace of the game is a little too slow, and I don't feel a pressure that I need to collect items(and I'm not sure how to use those new items), maybe add status to the character,  to give player more motivation to collect and loot.

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Win with 52 coins in the last level! The game is interesting and the art is awesome! It reminds me of miracal merchant. I think the strategy can be improved more as start from level 3 when you earn some coins, the game gets too easy and not that challenge. I think if later levels would require more coins, or card price keeps increase, or add more challenge items(insects, sunny day that require more water) in the later levels would make it much more fun!

overall a great game! I'd love to see it get improved and released, can be a great mobile game!

I'm a unity programmer and here are some of my previous games: DM me as (Flavedo#7327) in discord  if you are interested.

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very cool game, though a little frustrated when you did something wrong and have to destroy several buildings to keep working. Some wires can be dragged far away but some can only drag a little, and the rule is a little confusing which can be dragged more. Sometimes you forgot how to get something and have to move back to see it.. it really takes sometime to scroll back lol.

Here is a full list of rules for the game and hopefully it will be helpful for people who get lost:

build seed get tree

tree produce seed

tree convert kid/laborer/robot to wood

build kid get field

field produce food x 3

field convert kid to laborer, robot to food

build wood get cottage

cottage convert food to kid, electricity to student

build laborer /robot get mine

mine produce stone

mine convert kid to coal, laborer to iron, robot to icon

build food/cow get pasture

pasture produce cow x 3, manure

pasture convert food to cow, kid to laborer

build stone get template

template convert food to food, kid to apprentice

build apprentice get workshop

workshop convert wood to paper, cow to food, iron to pipe

build paper get school

school convert laborer to engineer, student to scholar

build engineer get factory

factory convert coal to electricity,oil to fuel, manure to fertilizer, iron to robot, kit to laborer

build electricity get electricity pole

electricity pole produce electricity x 2

build scholar get institute

institute convert laborer to astronaut,student to scientist

build scientist get research center

research center convert fuel to rocket

electricity to robot

build pipe get pump

pump convert electricity to oil

build rocket to space rocket

space rocket convert astronaut to space man


I like the idea that enemy can change the map! very unique and add some flavors to the game!

I like this game and the parry part is a little hard to me at first, but after getting used to it it feels great to get the bullet back and hit the enemies!