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There is a colourblind option titled "high contrast mode" in the settings menu

ohhh i thought you meant my game sorry

How is that similar at all lol

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Yeah it's possible just really hard lol, I made this game like a year ago, just never released

Yep it's definitely sometimes out of sync or unpredictable. If I continue work on this I'll definitely try and fix this.

Yeah definitely needs some work to make patterns more predictable or better synced to the beat

Thank you! :D

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Thanks for playing! I definitely tried to make the second a level a bit harder just for more of a challenge, and I'm definitely thinking about possibly expanding this further after the jam finishes!

Awesome original concept, and really fun with awesome puzzle design and art! All I would like is maybe a second key binded for the inputs as pressing so fast with one finger can make my hand sore.

This game was amazing, really fun! I liked how I could almost play without looking at the notes because I could hear and recognise what I would have to press before it repeated. Art is awesome as well!

Thank you! Something to show progression definitely would have made it better!

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback! There is definitely an issue with some of the notes being out of sync sometimes, I couldn’t find the cause with that, maybe it’s based on device. 

Awesome, really fun rhythm game! I like the unique different actions you have to do on the beat.

While it is pretty laggy and there are few bugs, I really enjoyed this concept. It was really fun to shoot a powerful laser killing enemies as I listen to the beat of dramatic classical music lol. I think it could have been useful to have a better visual indicator as to when you need to hit, as the music or input could be out of sync on some devices.

Really love this game! The use of the limitation is really creative and it makes for an extremely engaging and fun experience!

I really love the graphics and presentation, but the actual gameplay is not the most engaging and it seems that most of the notes are off-sync or not actually in the rhythm of the song. Otherwise, though, awesome game!

Really great game! Loved the use of the limitation here, it makes for a really enjoyable mechanic and levels!

Really nice little rhythm game! Awesome music and presentation. I did get a bit confused sometimes on keys to press and I did discover that you can just press all 3 buttons at once on each note to pass but overall it was really fun!

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Really awesome for the limited time limit, a lot of detail and polish, with fun puzzle mechanics. It was a bit confusing to see where the trains were going to go on the tracks sometimes though, and the puzzles sometimes felt a bit boring or maybe more annoying to solve after a few levels. Otherwise, really great!

Cool game! Was actually more fun than I expected once I got into the hang of it! I did find the UI to be kind of unappealing and it was a little bit hard to understand how the sliders worked at first, but than that it was great!

Thanks for the feedback! That would definitely make the experience better!

Thank you!

Alt + F4

yep lol, i couldn't find a way to fix it properly idk why they're black

Thanks for playing haha, it was fun to watch you guys play!


Yep, it’s 100 max

Wow this is so addicting and fun! It's really similar to the game I made but you've just done a way better job, there's so much polish!

I'm not really sure how to fix this since I don't have a Mac. I don't have much time at the moment so I might remove the Mac download for now and try and fix it later this week

For some reason the haptic feedback audio doesn't work in the web version and I spent a long time trying to fix it but I wasn't able to find out why. If you download it, the audio should work fine. I do definitely need to change the orange hexagons as well they are very unpredictable

its just because not many people have played it

If you've extracted it, open the file which says the name of the game and has the icon

Extract the zip folder and then open the .exe file with name of the game on it

cause not many have downloaded and it was uploaded recently 

does it not work? I’m unable to test the mac version

unfortunately im pretty sure its not possible to export for chrome os in unity unless its in web but it would run terribly

I just added a 32 bit version!

I just did!