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Solid effort. I have one tip, though. The camera follow speed was just a tad too slow so times when you jumped down a good distance you couldn't see where you were going to land.

Runs smoothly. I liked the 8 bit explodey sounds.

The jumps were challenging, the art was competent enough, and I stuck it out to the end.

I think there's a bug where two equally horrible songs play over top of each other though.

Elder Scrolls: Gameboy Printer
In all seriousness, good on you for trying 3D with this limitation

heyyyy, keep at it

Keto my man.

Everything was super well done art and music wise, but I feel like this game would be more fun if it didn't rely so heavily on jump puzzles. The channeling mechanic is really cool but the jumps are sort of difficult to control.

PSA you can't kill the yetis with the pusher, you gotta freeze them

you freeze them with the snow

cool art

Interesting idea rotating around the portal

Nice models.

Good on you for animating 3D characters

pretty neat take on the whole one screen thing.

pretty literal take on the whole one screen thing

Good physics

They're may be an issue with certain browsers and the resolution involved, but I'm completely speculating cause I have no idea what the problem might be. try maximizing and then click the next wave button, even though that shows my stupid sky box

Great art and sound.

I played this longer than any other game so far.

Cool art style.

There's a lot of of elements to this game for a jam

Solid idea.

My advice would be to have the wizard snap to each station rather than move fluidly between.

falling blocks was nice

Nice candle / cauldron effects

Graphics and SFX were all very well done. Could use some floating combat text to give you an idea of whats working/not.

Web Version is Up

Thanks a lot. Based on your feedback I tweaked the fire rates for upgraded levels of turrets for the web version. 

yeah.. unfortunately its sort of device specific but next time ill put in a sensitivity setting

Really clever game

Good note, Ill add a tracer on the arrow

Theyre highlighted and footprints point in their direction

you can capture his head

This game is obviously terrific in every way, but I don't see the monsters

Nice job with the classic art style. The physics and animation had the classic doom feel

Web version is up! If you still are seeing performance issues download the windows version.

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Having some optimization issues web gl wise, will update with web version soon.

I really like the shader you're using. What is it?

The artwork and sound are good, It's a little hard to figure certain things out like where the extra ingredients are supposed to go. FYI top most ingredient under the top bun for anyone else wondering.

I tried every recipe and none of them seem to register as correct and they give random seeming results.