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Also, hearts? I should have made that other castle completely pink instead of white with pink trim, I guess.

There is an outstanding bug with one trigger not being in the right layer on level 4 that causes you to jump infinitely.

Otherwise, if you put three points into mobility, the wheel icon, you get a helicopter rotor on the castle and can freely fly, and that was intended.

Yes, the ending wasn't there until an update i made just now actually.

Also, you get one point per level cleared and one point per pickup.

If anyone encountered a Unity Script error on the title screen and couldn't even make it to the main game, I've made an update to fix this and I ask that you give it another shot.

Also anyone who is running into performance issues, I am going to upload a windows build as well.

Also also, please try to at least make it past the first level, there is so much content in this game.

You must have not made it very far. If you unlock some of the upgrades you get archers, a gryphon rider to follow you around, a living bomb.

You got a little flashy flash you want sound too? dang son

That was cool. It's a shame they don't have a rating for mood.

I'll give you 5 stars for presentation instead.

Its a kitchen island. Thats funny. Apart from that i have no idea what the goal is.

Thank you, yeah I made the music, but to be fair 4 of the instruments are algorithm based and simply follow my lead guitar.

Bottom right, right next to the upgrades

The audio created a very nice atmosphere. I would have given it 5 stars, but it was very loud and you didn't offer any volume controls. 

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Fantastic game, but maybe I'm missing something because i always run out of food even if i only ever collect food. Edit: Nevermind, I get it the stuff is more valuable further into the island.

Edit 2: Having understood the mechanics better, I beat it and can honestly say this is one of my favorite jam games ever.

The sound design was really good. Ambient waves, nice music, satisfying sound effects.

A lot of times, gameboy style art means a gray green mess that you can't tell what's going on, but this has excellent contrast and clarity. Very nice overall eye feel. 

unfortunately we ran out of time so nothing

The ax is in spring a little South of the cabin

Nice use of the limitation, gameplay was pretty crisp, if unforgiving.

I really liked the look of this and its adherence to the limitation, but I couldn't figure out how to water the seeds. That may be a me issue.

Thanks, we uploaded a better optimized web version if the other one ran poorly for you.

It looked nice and stuck to the limitation, better luck next time time wise!

It stuck to the limitation and was overall pretty well done, but I couldn't figure out how to get past the second door.

The art is really good looking, but its not 4x4 pixels. Your main guy is, but if your backgrounds are made of 4x4s then it must be hundreds of them which sort of defeats the purpose to me.

Really cute dialog from the little people. Great sound effects.

I dinged you on the limitation category because of your planet.

This is really well done with thoughtful puzzles and a good marriage of pixel art aesthetic and 3D space. I gave you high scores across the board except you gotta do some sort of audio. Because all of the scores in this format are calculated into your overall ranking. Even if it was little beeps and boops as long as they weren't annoying i could have done at least 3 stars. 

Nice quirky humor, but its a little unclear what you're supposed to be judging these people on.
Fun anyway.

Interesting take on adding strategy to the basic clicker concept. Reminds me of the Grow games

Your shaders are flawless. If it weren't for the dithering necessary to suit this limitation,  I would say this was the best looking art I've seen in any Mini Jam to date.

I've got a couple of technical questions about the shaders.

Are you accomplishing the black outlines using post processing?
Are you using the LWRP stuff?
Is there a tutorial or some other source info you used to get to this point?

Koopa Beach, nice.

With the bullet travel time being as slow as it is I feel like one hit should kill, just a balance opinion.

Other than that, your controls were tight and the ramps and dash panels worked well.

actually everything was 2d sprites but yeah the main character and goblins were rendered in blender. Think Donkey Kong Country

Yeah that bit was maybe unintuitive. You can jump and throw your robot at the same time

decent for 9 hours of work. technically it didn't stick to the three input rule, but i personally believe that rule should only apply to gameplay and not menus.

I immediately appreciate any 3D game. The controls could use some tightening.

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This could make for an awesome Wario Ware type game, it just needs more game.

Solid effort. I have one tip, though. The camera follow speed was just a tad too slow so times when you jumped down a good distance you couldn't see where you were going to land.

Runs smoothly. I liked the 8 bit explodey sounds.

The jumps were challenging, the art was competent enough, and I stuck it out to the end.

I think there's a bug where two equally horrible songs play over top of each other though.

Elder Scrolls: Gameboy Printer
In all seriousness, good on you for trying 3D with this limitation