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Loved the game! The interactive start screen and fast, exciting gameplay were addictive. The variety, including tough bosses, kept it thrilling. Excellent sound effects and music, with a clever rewind effect for collecting batteries, really brought the game to life.

The roguelike elements and the integrated timer added a great challenge. Overall, it was a fantastic and fun experience. Thanks!

Wow, this game was a heart-racing, fun-filled journey of juiciness. I love the retro, arcade-like feeling that takes me back to being a kid. Hitting the enemies and getting mega combos with visual feedback is tantalizing. Seriously, great job to the entire team on this one.

Working in a team is hard and sometimes not the big advantage many may think it is from the outset. Managing clashing ideas, timelines, and life responsibilities within a short window is a tough task. You all did fantastically!

From the superb, smooth, responsive controls to the visual artists and the audio geniuses—everyone deserves praise. After all, if I’m going to bathe in the sublime submission of JUICE, I need a kicking tune to go with it! :D

Keep up the great work!

How bizarre. Thank you for sharing you fix. I will keep this in mind i the future thank you :)

Interesting! I will keep an eye on further reports. Thank you so much I really appreciate your feedback!

Okay, not sure how to fix that as its not consistent this end. If you have more time, it would be great to problem solve this. When we say moves down, is it the “look” keeps moving down on its own? or is it the character “sinking” into the ground?

Thank you submitting this bug report.

I’ll keep an eye on it ~ it sounds odd. Is it all the time? Does it eventually stop sinking? Was it at the beginning of the game, or at a particular moment?

No, it shouldn’t be like that at all. Generally if it seems to be acting up, refresh the web browser. I didn’t experience any of these issues in playtesting so it seems a bit weird, would you be able to post a screenshot or what you see?

Thanks for playing, hadn’t had the opportunity to check the performance of other systems. I will look to create some optimisation fixes so others don’t have the same slow experience.

Thanks for playing that’s a great time!!

Thank you, even though it doesn’t say it in game I implemented a very poor man’s sensitivity setting. When in game press P to bring up the Pause menu. Was rushing, so didn’t get a slider. Whoops

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Hi jschilling. No problem, I can look to get a fix. The downloadable windows version should be better for your system.

Hey there!

I just wrapped up a game jam and I’m excited to share what I’ve cooked up! The game’s all about defeating enemies and grabbing buffs to boost your timer, keeping you in the action longer. It’s a race against time, and once you beat the game, you can replay to try and top your previous score.

I put this together in just 72 hours on my own. After plenty of game jams, I’ve gotten pretty good at this! I’d really appreciate your thoughts and feedback when you have a moment.

Check it out here:

Looking for Feedback:

  • Overall mechanics, if they seem like a good fit.
  • Art style, I was going for minimalist to iterate quickly but kinda like it.
  • Gun “Feel” does it feel floaty, okay? fun?

Any time you have, I appreciate, Thanks a bunch!

I’m sorry. I think k the game might be a bit challenging. What level was the start of being too hard?

Cool game, love the concept of switching places! It really shakes the gameplay but I would love to have a counter or some kind of warning before it happend so It didn't feel so abrupt. I felt there wasn't enough time to kill anyone before I swapped out to a different position. Great job, with some tweaks this will be quite fun! :)  

Really enjoyed your gameplay  loop blower-san :] like someone mentioned the controller could be a little tighter but think that's part of the charm. Big points for including a tutorial always helps. Wonderful submission, it was fun and enjoyable! With a bit of work, this could have some promise!

Really  appealing submission. Great use of the limitation. Well done! :) great vibes and I really enjoyed the music! Can't wait to see more!

A first jam entry woah! Impressive. Great job! The Wind was a tad bit strong but that's okay could be better represented  where it was coming from. Congratulations on such a cute awesome entry! 👌 

absolutely love the look of this game—it's gorgeous and easily one of the best-looking games I've played recently. The gameplay feels so smooth and well-thought-out, especially with the cool attack/defend mechanic adding a nice twist. But, I do think throwing in some indestructible objects could spice things up a bit and shake off the temptation to spam the same moves. Also, when the lightning hits and the screen fills up with enemies, it feels like it's cranked up to 11. Maybe easing up on that intensity could make it not feel like it's all climax, all the time. Overall, though, it's a fantastic experience with just a couple of spots that could use a tweak.

Great little concept! Great UI that was informative. The controls felt tight and responsive. I liked the ability to put down the anchor. neat!

thank you! - I have an updated version in the downloads V4. Which improves a lot but doesn't have the alternative slingshot aiming which is something I want to implement :)

Initially, I encountered scaling issues with the game, but after switching to fullscreen and pressing F11, the UI became fully visible, allowing me to start the wave smoothly. The cute art style is particularly delightful, adding charm to this simple yet perfect wave tower defense game. The music and sound effects are well-chosen, enhancing the gaming experience, even though the music volume was a bit high. .

The game presents an interesting twist on pinball, offering a unique and enjoyable experience. I'd love to see further development, perhaps by adding tasks for the player while the balls bounce around, to enhance engagement.

The 3D models are absolutely adorable, and the combination of music and sound effects is spot-on. Overall, it's a very nice addition to the genre that i would like to see more often in games of this genre!

I was genuinely surprised and impressed by this first-person horror game. The animated dragon was a standout , striking a perfect balance between awe and fear when it took to the air and then attacked me! LOL!. The effects of the dragon's breath were also visually stunning. While navigating the game was initially confusing, like any determined gamer, I managed to find my way, though a bit more guidance or subtle hints towards the correct path could enhance the experience for players.

Overall, the game maintained a wonderfully spooky atmosphere throughout, making for a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Great job!

Despite the confusion over collecting a lot of gold but only seeing 2 gold on the end screen, the game's art was very appealing. The music complemented the game perfectly, enhancing the overall experience.

The dragon's design was both awesome and menacing, adding a fantastic element to the gameplay. Its simplicity and ease of replayability make for good, fun gaming sessions. Great job on creating an engaging and enjoyable game!

sorry to hear that, if you always ensure you use the tip of the arrow and aim for the center mass of the object you will be sure to get it each time. You don't have to be super precise but that's usually the trick. I should have gone about other methods to make this easier and more forgiving to select individual items on the floor.

The art style is very cool with vibrant colors, charming character designs that instantly captivate me. Some minor issues, such as the game menu extending beyond the play area, but were easily fixed by switching to fullscreen mode. Although there was a small glitch with the game over screen not appearing on the first try, a simple browser refresh quickly resolved the issue, allowing for seamless gameplay thereafter.

The game is pretty fast-paced enhanced by seemingly randomly generated levels, offers exciting and varied playthroughs. The difficulty in the random generated levels does add to the game's depth, encouraging strategic thinking and adaptation. The game provides a engaging experience that showcases both creativity and skillful execution. Great job!

The game has a wonderfully calming and charming art style that sets a delightful tone from the start. While the movement feels a bit slow, a slight increase in speed could significantly enhance the gameplay experience. Also, making it more intuitive on how to collect pearls from defeated whales would be a great improvement. 

Overall, it's a very promising start with a lot of potential!

Facing plummeting stock prices while a slow-moving gremlin took its time was frustratingly hilarious, leading to an amusing BANKRUPTCY scenario. On a second attempt, investing in workers early on proved strategic, enhancing balance and gameplay.

The blend of 2D elements within a 3D setting was brilliantly executed, and the "Dragazon" pun was a clever touch. Exploiting the game mechanics with the conveyor belt added a humorous element of strategy.

However, the addition of some background music, perhaps a calming elevator tune amidst the chaotic gameplay, would have been a delightful contrast. Overall, great job on creating an engaging and entertaining experience!

The game kicks off with a charming intro full of lore and humor, although the small font size made it a bit challenging to read. The onboarding process is stunning, featuring a beautifully themed UI, appealing color palettes, and an intuitive layout that enhances the overall experience.

The music is captivating, resembling epic battle tunes that set the perfect tone for gameplay. Gameplay mechanics are impressively polished, with striking backgrounds and contrasting colors that create a stylized, engaging environment.

Flinging fireballs and collecting loot adds a satisfying layer to the gameplay, making you feel like an accomplice to the dragon. Despite some confusion around the shop icons and what purchases entail, the abundance of gold and riches encourages liberal spending. The dragonbreath feature stands out as a thrilling power move, adding to the game's excitement.

The game features a visually appealing dragon with art that is truly impressive. The dialogue was unexpectedly humorous, and playing as the dragon added an intriguing twist that kept me engaged.

While some dialogue options led to unforeseen consequences, making it challenging to predict how kindness would be perceived by the villagers, this aspect added depth to the gameplay. Despite these challenges, the detailed dialogue and backstory of the individual villagers were enjoyable, enriching the game's narrative and making for a compelling experience.

Your game brilliantly captures the essence of old retro games, offering a very challenging experience where a single mistake means starting over, paying homage to the unforgiving nature of classic gaming.

While the absence of sound effects was noticeable, it didn't detract from the overall enjoyment. The simplistic, minimalistic design approach was appreciated, adding to the game's charm.

There was a minor hiccup, level 3 failed to load on the first try. A quick page refresh resolved the issue.
This small glitch aside, the game's execution was enjoyable.

Your game impressively showcases stunning pixel art, featuring an array of captivating monsters and items that I absolutely adored. While the UI was a bit strenuous on the eyes, it hardly lessened my overall enjoyment. The turn-based combat system was both interesting and charming, adding a unique touch to the gameplay.

I was particularly thrilled by the unexpected depth provided by the loot and shop screens post-battle, enhancing the game's complexity. The item descriptions, like the sonic shoes and chef's sauce, were a delightful touch, adding humor and personality. Excellently, the game encourages player progression through stat building, making the character stronger as the game advances.

The music was a perfect match, energetic and magical, without becoming repetitive or annoying. Although it was challenging to discern the main character's silhouette, guessing it to be an adventurer with two dragons on his shoulders added a charming element to the experience. Overall, your game is a testament to great design and thoughtful execution.

Your game truly stands out with its incredible pixel art and adorable animations, showcasing charming designs that captivate players. The design of your page, along with the detailed breakdown of controls and introduction to gameplay through animated gifs, is impressively polished and user-friendly.

The feedback mechanism of pecking away little chicks offers a delightful experience, combining cuteness with satisfying gameplay. While the addition of buffs to increase speed or knockback strength would have been a fantastic enhancement, your submission remains exceptionally solid and polished.

Overall, it's a fantastic game that shines with great care and creativity

I'm impressed with your game! The artwork is adorable and comes together in a cohesive presentation that's truly appealing. The controls are tight and responsive, reminiscent of Flappy Bird, but the dragon theme adds a delightful twist.

The gameplay cleverly works well with limitation, requiring players to skillfully navigate low to collect coins while dodging swiftly approaching towers. Although the towers sometimes seem too fast to avoid, this adds an exciting element of risk and fun. Great job balancing challenge and enjoyment!

I thoroughly enjoyed your game, particularly the unique concept and the dragon's floaty mechanics. After adjusting, collecting coins became thrilling, reminiscent of swerving in a drag race. Mastering this technique was rewarding. Introducing cannons as obstacles to dodge, with the risk of losing coins upon being hit, would add an exciting challenge. Perhaps allowing players to destroy cannons with a left-click fire breath could enhance the gameplay.

I absolutely enjoyed your game, it was a blast!

The way the dragon follows the cursor and the dynamic camera movement added a fantastic arcade feel. The instructions were perfectly placed at the bottom of the screen - they were a lifesaver when I found the camera too zoomed in and realized I could zoom out with the mouse wheel.

The concept is brilliant, and the execution is top-notch. I'm eager to see how it develops further. The game's "juicy" feel is just right. Well done!

Loved the simplicity but yet perfect execution on this wonderful tap to play game. I had much fun playing this on my phone and trying to solves the interesting puzzle scenarios you set up. Great job all around! The polish on this is perfect and the sound design was excellent. I'm always so impressed by your ability to create outstanding challenge with the right difficulty curve. 10/10.

it does :)

I encountered this first time, refreshed browser and it worked fine. Not sure why it does that though.

Thank you dude! Honestly it was just 23 hours of work in total, worked from 6pm saturday night all the way through solid till 5pm next day.  I started a lot later than intended ! Thank you so much for your kind words :)