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Turbocharge Your Weapons, Outgun the Countdown in this High-Octane Showdown!
Submitted by tharmoth, Wild Beard, AnonFood — 56 minutes, 12 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#24.4214.421

Ranked from 19 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
3 - Indigo Singularity, Wildbeard, Anonymous Food

Software used
Godot, Aseprite

Use of the limitation
The game level is "on a timer", and the timer is your health!

Cookies eaten

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fun game, I really love with the animation.

good job.


Loved the game! The interactive start screen and fast, exciting gameplay were addictive. The variety, including tough bosses, kept it thrilling. Excellent sound effects and music, with a clever rewind effect for collecting batteries, really brought the game to life.

The roguelike elements and the integrated timer added a great challenge. Overall, it was a fantastic and fun experience. Thanks!


This was an absolute blast to play!

The knobs on the start screen were already fun to play with. The main game itself was also nice. It feels snappy and addicting. There is a lot of variety for a Game Jam entry. It even had some bosses. 

Soundeffects, Music, Art, everything turned out really good. The effect with the music rewind, every time you collect a battery is a nice detail.

Overall, super solid entry. Thank you!


Oh man, firing that “laser” feels so good! Very nice Roguelike

Submitted (2 edits)

yoooo I love the roguelike mechanics! The way that you can kill things to push back against the clock yet the enemies get harder and harder is masterfully done! I can really feel the juice (sfx, screen shake, particles) bringing this one to life, well done! My high score is 392! I lost in the end since I accidentally grabbed a weaker weapon whoops


as others have said the use of the limitation was great :3 gameplay felt good and I was impressed with content, having some weapons and upgrades made it more interesting :D


Awesome, I love how the timer is built into the level itself - very unique idea!

Really nice game, especially given the time they put into it.  Love all the little touches they added.


I absolutely love the literal interpretation of the theme that you went with. The game feels really good with the feedback on firing the gun and I like the variety of guns and upgrades. Great job!


Super creative take on the limitation! The gameplay felt really great with a lot of impact and juice to the laser gun. You really feel each upgrade as well. Love the entire concept of the timer arena! The spinning during gameplay was really interesting. Amazing work!


The gun play felt great! I loved the Lazer feedback. Pretty great game so far!


I am ON A TIMER! So clever! Weapons need a bit of balancing as i just picked up the chain lightning and could go forever, but I enjoyed the game a lot!


So good, best uses of the limitation ive seen


fun shoot game


Very fun! Loved lining up the microwaves for some double kills with the + bullet penetration. Nice one


Really good jam entry! Its a nice game.

but it took me longer than im willing to admit to start the game ( i didnt understand that i have to turn the clock 360° degrees). 


So far it is a love or hate feature!


super fun and super cute. love the 'gun not ready' sequence and mini-stress


This game is extremely fun. Great job!


I really liked that original HP combo with the timer.

The visuals are weird and don't go together, at first they were off-putting and the game feels worse than it actually is.

Bosses and all those power-ups, a lot of content for a 72-hour game jam.
It's fun, I had a good time playing it. Not having any clues or randomness didn't stop me from enjoying it at all.


This is awesome!! It’s oozing with charm and polish, and it’s a hilarious/mechanically cool take on the theme. I especially love the sound design choices on this too

(Also I love spinning the menu timers :P)