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Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing. About the controls, i might have forgotten to use delta variable and i haven’t tested the game on a low end device, sooooo it’s my fault (obviously xd).

Thank you for hosting this Jam!

Thank you so much. This is one hell of a feedback, and even tho it’s mostly negative, I can’t help but agree with everything you said. It as a huge mistake leaving the level design for the last day and I regret it a lot now. Thanks again for playing the game and taking your time to leave such a big review, because size really matters when it comes to feedback xdd.


Fun fact, the playground was my test level for 99% of the game, i made the other levels on the last day before submitting xd

Thanks for playing!

There is one, i use the default one. Really small in the bottom right corner. Thanks for the feedback back tho, I’ll add a more visible button to my next games.

-> Quick tip for the comment readers, there is a hidden trick in the 4th level.

.level ht4 eht ni kcirt neddih a si ereht ,sredaer tnemmoc eht rof pit kciuQ <-

Thank you so much! Getting the car to feel good and combining it with the changing size was really challenging for me so it could always be better.

Thank you for playing!

Oooh, i didn’t know that

I guess my problem is that I have to spend a “skill point” to change my size, bcs every other upgrade gives only positive stats, but size give positive and negative bonuses at once, thus you basically gain nothing when you spend a skill point on size instead of the other stats

Very cute art!

Good idea, but way too little gameplay for my tastes..

The game looks great! It’s a shame there is no web build..

I instantly fell down the hole and couldn’t get out or reset xdd

I like the short story. The puzzles are nice too!

Thanks for playing! I wish I could make more interesting levels :D

Not bad for your first game!

Very cool take on the theme. I love the pixelated 3D graphics and the music is comforting too. Sadly the game is really short because there is no goal to work towards. I partly disagree with the other comments, as i instantly understood why the size matters. Good job overall!

Very cute game, I like the art a lot. The gameplay is a bit repetitive for my tastes tho. Good job tho!

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The game is very hard but very enjoyable. As a fan of Magica, i love the spell switching mechanic. It opens up infinite combos the player can make. But the player isn’t forced to change his size, which isn’t a bad thing, but it just doesn’t really feel like the size really matters? (I also have the same problem in my game lmao). Other than that, very good game!

Pretty interesting story! Sadly I don’t think it fits the theme of the Jam at all? Please do tell me if I missed it, if that’s the case i am sorry. Story dragged me in real quick but at the end it just felt like press Enter simulator. I would love to affect the story a bit more. The design is really well made and fitting for a horror game. Great job!

I did try excacly that on the second level, but it doesn’t help at all? Even if I am small, I am not floating or jumping higher or anything. What is suppose to happen when you turn small?

I didnt expect to see any jrpg this jam lmao, great work. But I may have missed why size matters? Please do tell me, I am interested! The game dragged me in and I had to finish it.

I cant jump up in the seconds level. also why is the movement QDZ and ARROW keys? Its very confusing. If I am missing something please tell me, I’ll wait with my rating :D

Amazing work! Controls are easy to grasp, and mechanics are fun to combine. Can’t believe you managed to make this in just a week. I wanna see more games from this team!

I clicked on the game expecting a comfy fishing simulator. Boy was I wrong. I like how the game progresses into a boss fighting minigame. Very clever. Very good art.

Very cute and clever game. (PS choose a better font color for your site, the text is unreadable.)

I didn’t know i could walljump until i read the comments. Also i don’t see how the Size matters is implemented in this one and whats the point of collecting sodas? Lot of questions. Enough with negativity tho, the movement with sliding felt really smooth and the game overall looks pretty good. Just more clear instructions could help the game a lot! I could see this being very enjoyable experience.

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it.

Thanks for playing! I know the delay sucks, I found it on export last minute and couldn’t figure it out. On the other hand, it’s like a real car, that has to completely stop before shifting into reverse :D

I waited 5 minutes, but the game isn’t loading in browser… Just a spinning loading wheel.

Cozy game. I enjoyed it. Maybe make the hue difference a bit bigger, otherwise someone with even slight colorblindness will mistook the ball sizes like I did :D

The game looks great, but i don’t understand many things. Why do i wanna get bigger? Why are the spears homing in on me,.. Maybe a tutorial would solve this. I am sure it’s just a skill issue xd

This game is a winner. Both in my heart and in the jam too (i hope). Really cute game. The puzzles are so well crafted and secrets are creative as they should be. I am usually the one who brings a bit of critique into the comments section, but I just can’t, because there isn’t anything but praise I have for this game. Amazing job! (5/5 on all categories from me.)


Thanks for playing my game! I know the game can be beaten without changing the size. However, the challenge of this game isn’t in beating all the levels. It’s about beating them fast. And for that, changing size helps you a lot. I explained this a bit in another comment reply so I wont go into detail. I recommend trying to play the game again and beat your previous time with changing your size! Anyway, I really appreciate any and all feedback on my little game, and I hope this reply won’t come off as “angry developer noises”. Thanks again for playing!

I noticed this pretty late into the jam and didn’t have much time to add it. However, there is in level 2 bumps on the ground, that requires you to get bigger to drive over them smoothly, bcs the small car will crash. The same goes for level 3. And in level 4, there are some sharp turns that are very hard to do with the smallest car. The main idea is, as you said, you don’t NEED to increase the size to beat a level, you NEED it if you want a better time.

Thanks for playing my game in the first place tho. I really appreciate all feedback and the time players spend playing my little game. If I ever come back to this game, THIS is the thing I am gonna focus on in my levels. Thanks!