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I didn't even realize the combo system existed. These updates look really awesome though! :)

By the way, your Scratch journey and Gamemaker games have inspired me so much to do game dev :)

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Woah! The minecarts/tracks look amazing! I couldn't tell if cows were included in this update, though.  Thanks!

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This isn't necessary, but an idea for a future pack version would be an extra-large goblin/troll boss. Also, a future update could include chests where users can store multiple items (similarly to Minecraft) or use them as extra inventory space...

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Hey, is it possible to add minecarts and tracks? I have some ideas for games requiring minecarts, (rail) tracks, pickaxes, etc. Minecarts would allow the player to move quickly over the level... Awesome update, though :D

Seriously awesome game!

Amazing project! But the game has so many comments that it would probably be better with an discussion forum/topic structure. Right now the scrollbar is tiny due to all of the comments!

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I actually created the feature after GMTK jam, because during the jam I found it frustrating when I had to export several builds and reselect all of the configuration options manually each time.

Oh, and by the way, if you use the same project file (name/path), the packager will remember the last options you used. :)

Also, have you gotten to use the Export/Import Packager Options yet? (I helped develop those features and I'm wondering how many people actually use them.)

Awesome game and concept! If you made the art a bit sharper and polished up the game a bit, this could actually be a really great full game! Also, I noticed you used the Turbowarp Packager :D

Could you add a new plain burlap sack resource? For example, in my game burlap sacks wouldn't be worth as much as gold money bags. It would also allow more probability in mining (you don't get gold every time) and make my game more interesting. The sprite would essentially just be a recolor, though. Thanks!

Also, could you upload Just Passing Chapter 2 to itch? Thanks!

I eventually had to purposefully die from 2 hearts because the game got unreasonable slow. My high score was 223, though!

This definitely should have won. Congrats, though! :D

Thanks for playing! I'm planning to improve the menus a lot. I only discovered the crate/bridge glitch after the deadline, as it was somehow not detected in playtesting. I'll be sure to fix it soon, though!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for playing! I am planning to streamline the inventory system sometime after the voting period. You can follow me on itch to get devlog updates on the game's progress, though :)

Thanks so much for playing! I am definitely planning to continue development on this game. Most of the issues you addressed will (hopefully) be resolved by the time the final version is released. I am planning to create several devlogs in the meantime, however!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for playing and leaving feedback! I was planning on streamlining the menu by adding auto-equip and auto-close inventory (as well as a UI-based close button)

Thanks for playing! I'll definitely look into the mouse controls, though!

Thanks for playing! In the final game I'm going to add Input Remapping, so hopefully that solves some problems :D

Thanks for playing! That's actually a really great idea! I do agree I definitely need to streamline the roll/equip/throw system, though.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much! :)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much!

Thanks for playing! And yes, the game is made in Scratch and exported using Turbowarp Packager. The Scratch project actually has over 4000 blocks! :)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks so much for playing!

Haha... The collision issues only came up in the last ~2 hrs of the jam, so I didn't have time to fix them. The menu system (rolling, equipping, etc.) is going to be updated (hopefully improved) after the voting period, though. Thanks again for playing!

Thanks for playing and giving feedback! I am planning to add an auto-equip dice feature after the voting period, though.

Thanks so much! In the final build of the game, I'm planning to add Input Remapping, so that might help!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing. After the voting period ends, I'm planning on adding auto-equip dice and auto-close inventory/chest options that will be preselected by default. Again, thanks for the feedback!

Cool game! Really challenging concept, nicely-executed. Well done!

The pixel art was pretty good. The theme could have been implemented better, but nice work, overall!