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5 stars in everything!

MAN this was good.  Brings me way back to playing stuff like Gun Metal and having to take apart huge giant flying ships, destroying its cannons and shields to get your way to the core.

Or even destroying military bases in Mechwarrior games, having to take out turret control towers and key buildings!


more of this please, seriously.

Maybe moving the almighty dot with the mouse? Randomly generated bases? Bigger ones (of course) or regenerating ones?

Please do give alternate controls though, couse the keyboard ones were quite weird indeed, maybe something more streamlined like ZXC could do the trick!

also, maybe scalating the Core's life with the amount of terrain left? So there is not much "already won, but just have to take out the core" scenarios. Or maybe add one of the superturrets to the core, so its kinda final boss-y.

Anyways, gonna keep this one downloaded in my pc. One of my favorite games so far!!!! Huge props!!


Thanks  !!!

MechWarrior 2 was my childhood on DOS ^^, so this is very appreciated.

Good suggestions for the core, this would give the game a better rythm and more intensity overall !

Plus the idea of Boss-inside-a-boss is just badass ^^. This could even be the way to progress from one level to another : when you destroy the core, the camera zooms on it and reveals the core as another Boss to destroy. Adding phases to the whole thing !

We'll add this to the list of features we unforntunately didn't have time to include  yet ^^.

I agree on the mouse controls! :)

Maybe adding life to the boss in exchange of boids? (I'm in love with boids ; then boids-oriented suggestion)