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At first I thought : "this is a bit simple" but then the dices with weapons started arriving ^^ !

Fun idea and very nive execution, from visuals to music, this is a nice polished package for a game jam ! 

Glad you noticed that Dice physics ^^ ! Quite happy with the feel of it even though the game ended up not being as fun as we thought.

Gets fun once you get in the groove of it !

Yeah, graphics are "prototype" level ^^...

Really wish I had a few more hours to work on them, but 48h is so damn short ^^ !

I like the story and design, very fun ! You should show controls at the start of the game though.

Very well polished ! Simple and fun concept, very well executed ! Gets hard really fast ^^ !

The difficulty ramped up fast ^^ ! Nice game ! As others said, could be a good thing to reach the max tether length faster.

Nice Idea !

The concept is indeed really similar to what I did, the execution is quite different though, I really went for action when you really added a strategy element to it. The power ups and friendly damage really change the feel of the game. Nice spin on the idea !

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sorry to hear about the bugs… I encountered none of them. It must have been so hard to play that way ^^!

Good atmosphere. Well done !

The sword feels a bit like goes through some enemies without touching them. Other than that great work ! 

That was Great ! Just needs a little indicator to let you know a blob isn't following you.

This feels really polished !

Good one ! I had to try a few times to get the hang of it, but it gets addictive quick.

Very cool everything ^^ ! Visuals, gameplay... Only thing missing is music.

What a comment ! Thanks for the feedback, I'll give those tips a try once the jam is over ! 

fun game, cool feel on the shooting 

Those visuals looked quite good but then I hit the arrow keys and magic happened ^^ ! It was 3D all along... Cool little story, well done !

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Now that's a fun one ! Being able to push the baddies is neat little touch ^^ ! Although given that your towers are the one trying to kill you, maybe the baddies are just your companions of misfortune and the towers ARE the real baddies...

Very impressive visuals ! As a quite fat guy myself I can relate with the struggle of this hero character ^^ !

How come there are no comments here ???? There is clearly a lot of work that was put into this one. Plus it's fun and original ! Very well done !

The atmosphere and aesthetics are great ! I had an "Another World" vibe from it (or "Out of this World" if you live in the US). Intriguing and eerie. Very well done. (Those monsters animations are so satisfying)

Cool idea, cool execution ! Very impressive, especially for a 48h game jam ! I like that loosing the connection is not really forbidden, it just sends the robot wandering, this adds a lot to the level design options.

36 was my high score. I like the concept and the execution, those little hourglasses are a godsend ^^ !

Very cool feel, well done ! Like the concept too ! Those controls are very refined, a pleasure to use !

Visuals are spot on with your theme ! I wish the enemies would spawn more frequently though.

Out of control it is ^^ ! Took me a while to understand...

Nice idea, I wish the effects would stack up more quickly though.

Really wish I could have grappled the rocks.

Immediately felt like Wall-e, except far less graceful ^^... I need to practice I guess.

The cat in the caddie, music and demons got me so pumped up ^^ !

I sure felt out of control ^^ ! Quite stressful, well done. Makes want to watch Chernobyl again !

I shoved so many controllers playing this game... Games truly allow you to do things you couldn't do in real life !

The controls are a bit fiddly, but I like the 2 phases gameplay. 

I sure can relate, there are gold piles everywhere in my flat...

The cover alone is funny. What a strange concept : a militarized cable car !

Too bad there is no way to loose or win, because the premise and execution are quite good.

That is quite ambitious for a 48h jam ! Kudos !

Nice visuals. The music is deceptively relaxing though ^^.

Rally wasn't expecting this ^^ ! Very fun !