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Very cool, very polished !

Such a nice touch to be able to design assets ^^ !

The moment both candles lit up, I realised how deep this simple concept could be.

Great idea !

Very cool idea, and excellent polish !

Love the feel of the whole experience, the cars speeding by, the radio...

Very well done !

It seems we started with the same general idea but went with different gameplays. I really like the fact that you can stomp the blocks, very satisfying !

Well done !

Takes some time to get used to but that is a good idea and a great execution.
The falling blocks clearing rooms is a nice touch !

Good job !

I love the nice little gotchas like the 'not implemented' files ^^.

Very cool aesthetics !

Simple and effective,

Well done.

Good concept, very good execution !

This has a lot of potential.

Chaotic is the word ^^ !

Cool concept and so fast-paced !

Although once I activated slow-motion, the game never returned to its original speed unless I rebooted.

The game restarts every time I touch a cowboy.
Don't know if I'm doing things wrong...

A simple idea so well executed !

The infinite falls make for a good panic ^^ !

Nice and simple idea, well executed.

Some sound effects would have added a lot to the experience.

Good job !

A bit hard to understand at first but interesting once you get the hang of it.

Nice overall finish !

Such a cool idea !

The second phase arrives as a twist which makes it even better.

Well done !

Cool idea and atmosphere but I couldn't interact with anything...

Extremely cool !

Very well executed !

Well done,

Someone had fun with the ending dialog ^^ ! It peaked my curiosity so I waited until it looped.

Nice concept, very well made !

I tried a few times before I understood how to end up with "You ade their day".

Very well done ! Nice polish.
I got 227 on my last try.

Good concept ! Gets hard real fast ^^ ! Well done.

At first I thought : "this is a bit simple" but then the dices with weapons started arriving ^^ !

Fun idea and very nive execution, from visuals to music, this is a nice polished package for a game jam ! 

Glad you noticed that Dice physics ^^ ! Quite happy with the feel of it even though the game ended up not being as fun as we thought.

Gets fun once you get in the groove of it !

Yeah, graphics are "prototype" level ^^...

Really wish I had a few more hours to work on them, but 48h is so damn short ^^ !

I like the story and design, very fun ! You should show controls at the start of the game though.

Very well polished ! Simple and fun concept, very well executed ! Gets hard really fast ^^ !

The difficulty ramped up fast ^^ ! Nice game ! As others said, could be a good thing to reach the max tether length faster.

Nice Idea !

The concept is indeed really similar to what I did, the execution is quite different though, I really went for action when you really added a strategy element to it. The power ups and friendly damage really change the feel of the game. Nice spin on the idea !

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sorry to hear about the bugs… I encountered none of them. It must have been so hard to play that way ^^!

Good atmosphere. Well done !

The sword feels a bit like goes through some enemies without touching them. Other than that great work ! 

That was Great ! Just needs a little indicator to let you know a blob isn't following you.

This feels really polished !

Good one ! I had to try a few times to get the hang of it, but it gets addictive quick.

Very cool everything ^^ ! Visuals, gameplay... Only thing missing is music.

What a comment ! Thanks for the feedback, I'll give those tips a try once the jam is over ! 

fun game, cool feel on the shooting 

Those visuals looked quite good but then I hit the arrow keys and magic happened ^^ ! It was 3D all along... Cool little story, well done !

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Now that's a fun one ! Being able to push the baddies is neat little touch ^^ ! Although given that your towers are the one trying to kill you, maybe the baddies are just your companions of misfortune and the towers ARE the real baddies...