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The music is a bit loud to me, but the game itself is nice. The mansion is nice to explore and the npcs are quite interesting !

Nice job !

Interesting concept and nice execution !

Very gameboyee ^^, I like it !

Very good one !

Nice job on the parallax trick, this makes the game feel much bigger without breaking the GB limitations.

Altough I don't know how you could achieve the moving ceiling of the second level on a real GB. Does the GB have horizontal blank interrupt ?

Anyway, impressive amount of work in such a small time !

Takes me back to the back seat of my parents' car, playing DK Land during long trips ^^ !

Simple concept, excellent execution !

Takes me back to the back seat of my parents' car, playing DK Land during long trips ^^ !

Simple concept, excellent execution !

nice colors and graphics, well done !

That was over so quick...

Very nice spritework though !

Gameboy-ness is flawless on that one ! (Except maybe the title text which seems a bit out of place with its gradient and antialiasing)

God job on the visuals, especially the screen space dithering, that just blends it all together !

Very juicy, catchy soundtrack, beautiful time of day transitions... Very beautiful game overall !

Feels like a game on the game boy if the gameboy had the processing power of the SegaSuperScaler ^^ ! I love those games that go for a "fantasy gameboy" more thant an "authentic gameboy".

I just wish the planes were 2D... But I'm just nitpicking here.

Impressive amount of work ! Very cool game !

Nice graphics too.

But that music juste stole the show for me ^^ !

Little tip : You should try and render your game in a 160x144 RenderTexture to get a truly authentic game boy screen look to your game.

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Couldn't get past the Huge bird...

Those graphics were great though ^^ !

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "pip south park"

That one's quite a challenge !

Great atmosphere !

Good job there !

You achieved a lot in so little time... Truly impressive !
Gameboy-ness to the max ^^ !

Wow thx !

Yeah I have to try to make something out of this gore mechanic...

I did the same thing ^^ !

It's kind of the fun of this jam : having a dream GB boy game even if you bend the hardware a little !

Nice graphics and animation work !

This really has a gameboy vibe to it !

Well done !

Wario Ware RPG !

I love the absurdity of the concept itself ^^.

Wow ! Impressive amount of game there !

And very nice combat system !

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Nice art !

Aside from Sprite rotations, this feels very gameboy to me !

Nice visuals, great audio !

Well done !

Really nice one !

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Well, that escalated quickly ^^...

Strange world you created here, very nicely done !

Only regret is that I ended up so focused on the "notes" that I missed most of the animations and dialogues. Every time something happened I could see it in my peripheral vision and thought : "Man I'm missing all the FX ! ^^"

Yeah I agree, it really needs more interesting enemies or even challenges. In fact I originally planned a more complex gameplay, but ended up not having time for it... Partly because I spent way too much time making pixels of the GB LCD Screen have shadows and all ^^. Not a very smart move, but I had so much fun that I don't regret it !

I also spent one full day on the song which, again, should have been done after the gameplay was finished...

The fill algorithm is quite simple, when an enemy dies, I search for the closest tile that can accept gore. Meaning a tile that has less gore than the current one but that has neighboring tiles at least at the same level of gore. That way I end up having a pile that "spreads".

Visually it is just a tileset with 4 levels of gore per tile and 3 backgrounds to chose from (all ofthis in 4 variants).

This is the complete Level TileSet, It's quite limited due to the gore system limitations, but I didn't really mind as in the end the level just gets obscured by gore.

This mechanic of body piles is actually quite fun, I'd love to find a good idea gameplay-wise to make good use of it.

Nice way to adapt a twinStickShooter boss's inputs to the single DPad of the GameBoy 

Some people know how to promote their game in the community forums and get dozens of ratings and comments, which has nothing to do with game design... As long as a game has more ratings than the median, it feels right to me to consider their score valid.

To me, voting shouldn't be public. 

There could even be an option for a dev to be presented a random game to rate, and that rating could have more weight than non random ones, that way you ensure fair rating.

What a comment ^^ !

You truly got our intention with that game !

Nice idea !

Very cool visuals and sound !

I would like it to be faster though, more tense !

Anyway, good job !

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Very cool idea, and very cool execution (pun intended) !

so many levels, how did you get the time to do that ^^ ???

One thing that could be cool in the future is to add "failed clones" which wouldn't be the exact same as you. Maybe a different weapon, walk speed or jump ability...

Anyway, very good job !

Such a shame that some games like this one don't get more attention, I have tested about 200 games this far and this is one of the good ones !

Wow that's a nice one ! Quite compelling !


Well executed, nice music !

Having to commit to the direction you choose is an interesting idea.

Very interesting !

The fact that you create your own bleeps patterns really adds a lot to the immersion.

Very well done !

Flappy bunny in SPACE ! ! !

The fox is a nice touch.

Mark mark Fun !

Mark Juicy Markmarkmark.

Love the jingles and language selection menu too ^^ !

Cool world, nice idea !

It needs a bit more punch to the grapplingHook in my opinion though.

PunchGun ^^...

Now I need someone to make a fake WW2 footage with a tank equipped with a punchgun !

Now that made me laugh ^^ !

The sound effects and the concept itself... Good job ^^ !

I got the fish ^^ !

I kinda wish I was supposed to catch the mermans, those were quite funny ^^ !

Nice touch having the music ramp up the deeper you get.