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Tower defense meets bullet hell! Defend against waves of enemies with towers that also attack YOU!
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We created a tower defense game where you don't have control of your own towers. Meaning they'll attack everything in sight... even YOU! Turning a classic game genre into a bullet hell.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all audio during the game jam

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like the game a lot, but i would like if there was a barracks that spawned blocking units that also atackked the enemies and the player


This sounds interesting! Thank you for playing! Can you elaborate a little more on your idea?

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well, they would be robots with a limited range that would stop enemy robots, but if the player got into their range, they would chase and attack the engineer, but you could kil them with projectiles from enemies and towers.

they would have 5 "health" like the player and they would deal 25% of normal tower damage, but there would be 4 per barracks.

they would look something like this:

edit: thanks for replying and sorry for bad grammar

also, nice that you reply to comments


My six year old son loves your game! Thanks for the great times!


This is one of those wholesome pieces of feedback that makes our day. We have a big update coming soon, so stay tuned!


This just made our day! Thank you SO much for this. Tell your son the Two-Timin' Towers dev team thanks him :)


love the balloon tower defense concept its great! good game


Fun game! I included it in my GMTK Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


When I realised the mechanic and everything started attacking me, I exclaimed "Ooooooooh!" Excellent work, the character feels really good and I like that the character has 10 hearts rather than being an instant death or having only 3 hearts. Allows for some good mistakes but also creates a lot of tricky situations later on in the game.


Awesome twist combined with brilliant execution.    Love the graphics, music and pretty much everything about the design of this game.     There is a pretty big difficulty curve in trying to avoid the lock-on tower and almost all the other towers (I experienced).   Might be worth making that a more expensive tower or altering it's target selection.   Loved this.


What a great concept adding a character to a tower defense game, and the execution really makes it work well. 5/5 all around


Loved the concept of having your towers be as  damaging to you as they were to your foes, definitely became manic the more of them you put down. Enjoyed the aesthetic too. Controls did feel a tad floaty for a bullet hell game which often requires precision though, and it was odd not being able to even see the image of placing a tower more than a few feet away from the character. Still enjoyable though, and probably the best TD game I've seen in the jam.

Submitted (1 edit) (+4)

It’s a easy game as a tower defend, but hard as a action game :D

The higher the price is, the harder the game is, so I think I should build all 10 coin towers


A really interesting blend of tower defense and bullet hell, the sprites were great and loads of replayability. Thanks for popping into the stream yesterday, good luck in the jam!


Literally a 10/10 entry, don't know what else to say


Extremely clever entry. Art style and game feel was amazing, probably best of any entry I've played so far. I personally didn't like that the controls were a bit drifty for the player since it is a bullet hell, some more precision would have been preferred, but great entry overall!


Extremely fun and challenging. The pixel art looks great. I would want to play this forever.


Super cool idea! Great art, audio and polish, the game looks and sounds amazing!

My one criticism is that the player movement is not responsive enough. I think for a bullet hell you need fast deceleration when you let go of a key; the player feels a bit too slippery for my taste.

Great job overall!


Et tu Brutus-lock-on turret? I built you, gave you life yet you betray me!
Solid game play, lots of juice!


Hello! I played your game on stream! If you want to see your game played with live feedback, you can find the VOD and watch from this sheet:


Very cool idea!  It was fun/stressful having to collect building materials while also dodging your own towers! Awesome sprite art and animations as well!!  Congrats on submitting a tower defense bullet hell game to the jam! Please check out mine if you haven't :D (it is also a tower defense~)


Hey fantastic game! It's a beautiful combination of tower-defence and bullet-hell. I think this concept could go on to make an actual full on title, and you have developed an extremely solid base for it! Really just needs more levels and a few more features/enemies/towers etc... but just looking at what you guys did in 48 hours makes me think you could easily make a full-fledge indie game in about a month.

A few comments (though honestly the game is great as is!):

  • Audio seemed a little low. Sounded good! But I had to turn my laptop pretty high up to hear it.
  • Game seemed relatively easy, though it's better to have a game to easy than to hard! Seems like you can build several barricades for protection and then just run behind the enemies for cover when most of the bolts drop to retrieve them. 
  • There's also not a ton to do during the attack phase other than collect the bolts. Maybe some power ups or weapons that you could use would be nice.
  • Not sure what the different colors of enemies mean? Are they stronger or just for variation? A tool-tip explaning what's special about them might be nice.

But yes the game is already in a very nice state, especially in the 48 hours you guys had to make it! Very polished and fun! You definitely deserve to be in the top 100 games!


Great take on the tower defense genre! It has a lot of strategy on placing the towers! Good thing the enemies drop heath, it makes the game well balanced! The enemies dropping screws instead of coins is nice, it helps making the game more unique. Music is very good too and the graphics are cute! Great job, 5 stars!


love the art and mechanics, great game!

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