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Oh wow! This is so cute and insightful!
Thank you so much for taking the effort to write up such a concrete guide! I can't wait to try it!

But you also added shaders and pixel outlines! Thank you so much again aurora!

Lovely game! Chill music, interesting loss screen, cool puzzle with nice visuals! Great work! Really enjoyed playing!

hehe thank you for trying to remember! 

That does happen, I should program them to not stack so much the models wouldn't be visible :D


thanks for checking it out! 

Had a bit of physics there that make it hard to stop, indeed! Hopefully the duration was short and you got some juicy berries to help through the ordeal hehe

Thank you Calchera! 

I had to try this mechanic, it was my priority!

Heyo! Thanks for dropping by and playing the game!

The art isn't mine! I'll have to update the description hehe sorry for the confusion. 

For the moose on the ball, I have to thank Mario Party Chomper mini games hehe

I have to thank family members who gave me feedback to add continued jumps (I had it: jump, stop automatically after the jump)

Do check out the artist for the track!

Oh wow! I never thought to let the egg bounce hehe thanks for the hint!
A shark you say? Will definitely have to look for that!

Such a great game! Love the monster design inspiration!
They are creepy no doubt!

The fact I could blind monsters before they approached was even more appreciated!

Finally, I have to admit I was scared as Icoso-monster got me in the end while I heard their footsteps...

I managed to snap this before getting jumped on

(I can rest in peace now)

The lore is strong with this one.

Great to see friendly faces. Your humour always gets me. 

The foreshadowing techniques you use for your writing the dialogue is well crafted and fitted perfectly with this game! The dark spiced up the mechanics nicely.

Have to say, those cliffs that were pushed around took me forever to clear. If it is any consolation :D

Really liked the "hold to channel" power ability. Nice touch.

The artistic animations also give an abstract look.

Getting mowed down from the bullets, but was nice that you allowed me to sample all 3 levels!

Huehuehue this was so fun! I love the particle effects, the unique sounds and the stories that somehow developed because of "egg":

I call this: "Naturally"


and then "love at egg sight"

and my favourite: "a typical day in school"

Amazing story telling! Also, couldn't make it past the crab with my egg tossing...

Hey Marlin! Thank you for checking out the game! And thanks for the kind words!

What kind of bugs please? If you are referring to the song stopping after 5 minutes and the going back to the first level, that was the initial idea, just executed poorly hehe

to be honest, I think yours is the most creative response. You showed your skill adapting the game (and thus how you could easily replicate and increase the amount of platforms vertically) but more importantly, you showed humour, storytelling, and presentation. Not to mention your levels of music and meta. 


haha thanks for taking the time to draft another amazing comment! And as always, your support on my work.

I did get to see your stream afterwards, thanks for the effort, the comments and timestamp! 

I am seriously considering your comment, to transform the game a bit more towards player freedom seeing your response hehe. 

I was happy to see you using Lasso for this challenge, it felt nice going through submissions and seeing the friendly horns of a bull stuck upside down on the ceiling, with the targeting box enticing me to lasso my way out.

thank you for saying so! I am happy how it came out, but as you said, more could be done :)

same with you hehe! Great work on sticking with the "fireballs baby!" guy! Feels right, doesn't it?

Yep, wanted to stay away from the brutal harshness of the original Leaper.

they were DYING for a swim!

please do check Aurora for the music! Her work is great, and she is a great person, reach out if you like her work!

And of course I am here for the animations, stick around!

the library is big, it takes a while to fill :D 

Just wanted it to be an excuse so you would move quickly and not notice any bugs of standing still in the air while the platform moved beneath your feet hehe.

I hope it was a ... beeutiful experience 

The art style is great!

The jumping is a bit weird. Seems to jump only when I'm beneath a hole in the platforms and then very slowly climb up. By then a skeleton gets me. Cute skeletons by the way.

This lives on the side were nice, but they didn't update when I died. Good usage of effects!

they are  ANGERYYYY

Yes it's true I couldn't figure how to fix it even after hours of work. I used a state machine and the idle state just didn't want to fall when the ground disappeared.

Hehe, yeah the goblins were made to just add quirkiness with the sound effects and dropping from the sky to swim!

They did to me too when I was testing found it the nice random touch. Thanks for playing!

Yeah I couldn't figure how to solve that issue. Tried it for hours…

Oh my God I completely forgot about the last level! it was the sound book submission from before just linked it there and did they remember to deactivate the wrapping! Oops!


Thank you for checking it out! Yeah my aim was not to make it too difficult, more like quirky with the goblins. Wanted to have a bear and other forest creatures but you know, time.

Glad you enjoy the beekeeper!

Indeed!  XD


but I couldn't figure out infinite scrolling hehe…

thanks for playing!

Thank you! it is a reflection shader!

Awesome work with the third dimension!

Very smart keeping the concept the same. I liked the vertical jump and the bullets.

But I really really liked the art design. Also the health pool was forgiving, and made it easy to adjust the distance from the walls. Great work!

Awesome idea having a reason to go back again through the platforms in slowly evolving and progressing.

I smiled when the weird clothed rabbits called the rats “strange creatures”.

Nice little rabbit community you've got there music would have definitely helped this game a lot!

Great idea, great work with the mechanics!  

Interesting idea bringing your own demise by moving the bad boys!

(even more fun that the bad boys stay after you die)

Thank you for having difficulty spikes on the levels, nice one!

Interesting take on the theme with the birds and fruit!

the jumping was a bit clunky but great work on the animations!

Great work on submitting!

The sound effects were cool! Really challenging to see the platforms I suppose that is part of the difficulty hehe

failed to get 13 again ...

solid work, great usage of the platforms and the SFX. Congratulations!


What did I just witness?

Sick dance beat and showcase!




Then I play the game… this art… this beauty… I feel like I made a friend. Or just come out of a movie theatre. Happy I was credited for the “moral support” category.




(I liked it. I stayed.)

  Goodbye fren




Interesting implementation of the mechanics. The fact that ghosts turn rogue what is an interesting twist.

was waiting too long for the platforms to appear and once I got stuck between both baby ghosts were moving alright though.

I love the poem!

“This remake was so true to the original I waited half a minute to climb the first platform.”


Great work on the effects! I'm not gonna lie, I seriously thought you were just trolling just having super true effects and no way to actually climb the platforms hehe

Just 8 minutes? This is amazing!

Great work on submitting regardless the animation is full of PONK!

You delivered.

Love the idea with the lighting of the letters!

The art style was unique. There were some issues with the platform sometimes, but I know from experience what a pain these can be. Some music could be cool to have!


Hi hi bonjour bonjour!

Very clever take, awesome execution!

Very well polished and quirky characters. I especially liked the game balancing you did even though I kept getting Leaper’s legs lopped off all the time.

I really like the simplicity and the retro style of the art!

The little effects were nice as well. Because the spikes and arrows were a bit chunky, while it did add to the whole style, compared with the small screen size, it was a bit difficult to traverse. Still great work on this chunky game!

I had the same issues. Seemed to work only when I screen wrapped then jumped upon entering the frame.