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thank you for the response!

haha that happens so many times with game jams, forgetting something like that!

Enjoy your rest!

solid work on this one! Truly well done!

Amazing work! Echoing the other comments on this. 

PS: I also missed the sound the first time until I saw the comments here.

Really love the characters and the art style you've went with this! Unfortunately I suck at these types of games... gave it a few goes, but I just can't coordinate well enough! :D

Great workaround with the diversifier, doubling both letters to cover either side of the screen. Always nice to see how fellow devs handled the challenge!

Congratulations! As the other comments have also pointed out, a solid and beautiful game!

Really like all the personal touches and work you've put into this! Great usage of the checkpoints system!

Hello! Thanks for an awesome jam!
May I change the thumbnail of my game? I know maybe its too late now, but I hope maybe people might give the game a chance now :D had no time to update through the week and now I am wondering if its okay?



cool! It is always difficult to find a balance in such short game jams between how easy and hard a game could be and how much time people invest in playing it and trying again. 

(I have to admit, thank you for these checkpoints I did die a few times hehe. Long haired enemy got me a few times with that nice attach animation)

thanks for dropping by baylight!

Glad you enjoyed it! I'm so happy it felt this way, I tried my best to do justice to the songs. 

Cheers again!

hey Sid Fish! Thanks for dropping by!

Glad you enjoyed it, yeah the diversifiers led to this creation. It had to be somewhat broken and brutal I guess, sorry! Like many games, you can probably get a better result by spamming around, making more checkpoints and pressing space to activate their watering ability.

Thanks again for playing! 

Very enjoyable shooter! I especially enjoyed the home made SFX you had, these are always great to hear people being creative!

You made a very horrifying atmosphere, with the limited ammo and HP, and I thought it was especially cool how you could move the flash-light further in, or closer, depending on the cursor. The variety of monsters was also greatly appreciated!

I was trying to piece up if you applied the theme in any other way that I missed? I have some ideas with some paths leading to "nowhere", but I am always looking to hear fellow developers approaches and designs!

Thanks for playing Xanderwood! It is an amazing song! I kept hearing it for years, I am so happy I managed to create a cool concept around it.

Cheers for dropping by, thanks for the support!

PS: It was so cool to have you as a fellow contestant instead of the mastermind game organiser :D CANT WAIT FOR GDKOOOOO

A fantastic game malek, I was so happy I got to witness parts of your creative process and troubles throughout the way. Amazing work, and so happy with all the variety, jokes and fun you managed to pull along the way ("push up" is my favourite). And of course, great use of the cross path theme!

Congratulations truly, one of my favourite games, hands down.

Great work on this! Nice interpretation of the paths theme.

I am unfamiliar with reading music, so I appreciated your inclusion of AI, so I could try to follow in parallel :D

Amazing for just your first game jam! Congratulations overall for such a quality and original game!

thanks for playing Malek!
127 should be a bit less than a half, so you did good! If it was coded better it could have been easier to play with.

Cheers for dropping by!

Great work on this guys!
I agree, the art is beautiful, and the execution was fantastic. Amazing work on such a complex game. Really liked all the effects with the boxes opening and closing, as well as the permission to visit any level.

I have to say, this is one of my favourite games! It was so addictive, easy to pick up, yet great depth!

Congratulations on a great arcade game! I loved the colours and the effects!

It was so much fun to get one shot 2 kills when timing things perfectly!
Great ways you thought to expand the mechanics with the mirrors, portals etc.

Well done on the collaboration guys! Great work!

Thanks for giving it a try and sticking to it!
It did have to be a bit abstract to fit the numerous constraints.  Of course, it could have actually been a better game hehe

Thanks for playing Waysneighborgo!

Hey Brainfart!
Thanks for playing! Yep, the point was for the shot to get stuck on the paths, as by then you would have created new checkpoints I imagine :D

But I was toying with the idea of slowly removing some points so it didnt get too crowded. Oh well!

Thanks for dropping by!

Great work on just the two buttons!
I loved how the mechanic worked!
Especially I was impressed how you pushed it with the moving platforms, and having to get down a ledge before you could jump up again!

Some dudes kept getting into hard places, but overall I loved the variety and fun experience!

Sick sprites as well, amongus. One thing I did notice was the music stopped playing after a while.

hello nomiiuwu!

Thanks for not giving up! 

If you use the arrow keys and approach the machine it all should work fine.

From there, its mouse time only.

Hope this helps!

PS: if you click the fullscreen, it might cause issues so you need to click back in again 

hey Thoozee! I can sense your excitement, please do not hesitate to suggest more! 

I am so happy you can see the potential as you have already gave examples of some possibilities that emerge through play.

I sure hope to work on this mechanic again from September onrwards, would love to chat again.

Thanks for playing!

Very nice stylistic choices in the art, storytelling and presentation departments!
The menu was a nice addition as well.

Very unique combination of architecture, the picking-up mechanic (very helpful prompts of "E") and the vases autoplacing themselves on the pressure plates.

Great work, and  thanks for the checkpoints!

very unique art style!
I slowly became more proficient at the systems and learning the cards.

Love the storytelling and the cutscene work! Well done!

hey channel1776, glad you enjoyed it!

I wish I had time to start with a simple level of just dragging one fraction to one node, then building up with the different representations and the recycling nodes. 

Thanks again!

hello Jebus! Thanks for dropping by!

1. You need to move the player to the malfunctioning machine on the bottom left.

2. Try to find three fractions with the same fraction (magnitude). Place them on any of the three triad nodes. Repeat until all three triads are full. 

PS: you can use "R"-key to reroll all, or any of the 4 recycling nodes to help you with changing representations or rerolling just one fraction. 

Hope this helps!

hey Frousen! Thanks for playing and leaving this helpful comment!

Nice that you found out that way of bypassing the system :) 

I had to rush many parts of the coding and that shows (e.g. couldnt properly introduce a "winning state").

Thanks for chilling on the bench, and thanks for playing!

you "win" by fixing the machine, completing the 3 trios of nodes and seeing the cat jump around in the machine vats

Hey Nomular!
Thanks for playing and leaving a comment, sorry I got back to you so late! :D 

True, I need to work more on readability and providing feedback to the player.

Thanks again!

Hello rsdnrs! Your experiment works great!
Slowly slowly working on games yes. You?

Came for the frogs, stayed for the commentary! Really sales the whole competition vibe

Looking cool! Love the animations on these!

Thank you for this font! Nice and chunky!

Hey GameFavorites! Thanks for playing and leaving a comment! Glad to see you appreciate the work. Hopefully I'll work more on it this weekend! Fractions are always useful hehe

Hey andyman! Thanks for playing, and thanks for leaving a comment! I still have a lot to learn about player experience :D for now I am just happy things kinda work! Happy you didnt have a completely horrendous experience!

Genius game, perfectly executed, love the juice, love the details, congratulations!
Like it even had the tutorial monster saying random blurbs before leaving its shift! XD
Great usage of the theme, while typing this I still find more and more details you managed to include that make me smile (hehe burned meat goes brrrrrrrr). Amazing work!

Very nice tutorial! I got to go back and forth to read what I wanted as many times as I wanted to :D 

Took me a while to figure out how to shoot, but luckily for me I lost all my HP yet could still play hehe.

very cool weapons!

Hehe this was so much fun! Amazing work for your first game! So many mechanics I have no idea how you implemented (the "follow" mechanic I was especially impressed)
Great use of dialogue with options, as well as using the same map to expand the story and the world. Of course minimap helped a lot with everything :D

Hey Drentsoft!
Thanks for playing!
Yep, you got the fraction part right! The Z item is for you to collect the cats, turning the gameplay around.

I will need to work more on communicating that to the player. You can use the wheel to place fraction benchmarks to help you on your estimations (you can use the buttons beneath the wheel)