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Submitted by Malyven — 10 hours, 29 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
You are at the mercy of the wind. You can give your seedling a slight nudge but ejecting one of your seeds but that's it.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing art

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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A lot of fun. Great work

I liked the balance of having to use your seeds wisely and decide which dangers are worth avoiding

I enjoyed the instructions and the nature theme. Cloud-wetness is a creative concept. And I love that you called it a raven instead of any other kind of bird.

Maybe it was just my PC but the game got a little choppy when playing in full screen. Also, it doesn't hurt anything but I realized I can spam the space bar for a ton of jumps.


Checked out the window to see if it was really windy outside after launching this game... Cool and fun little game, main issues I ran into was the instructions/tutorial didn't seem to be skippable once you click it so you need to sit through it. (could use shorter delays before changing instructions or a click to continue option), some of the text was also clipping off the screen.

After playing through a few times and getting what I thought were decent high scores, I found that if you leave it to just float you can get pretty far (170m or so) without dropping any seeds.

Quite a fun game, few bugs but that's to be expected.


I love the simplistic game design! It's a surprisingly relaxing game to play. Great job!

Submitted (1 edit)

My best score was 95 :D


I don't really like how this game mostly plays by itself, with random wind conditions, it's not really fun for me, but there are some interesting mechanics, e.g. at first you want to shoot when facing left so it moves you to the right, but at the end you want to shoot to the right to get the seed as far as you can. I see that you've put a lot of work into this, with the birds catching you etc, but once again, it's not really my cup of tea ;)


This game is very original and quite pretty. I appreciate the tutorial, but being able to read at my own pace would be nice for comprehension. My biggest complaint is that player input is essentially irrelevant. You only have 5 boosts and you don't have much control over direction and are pretty weak given how limited they are.In addition, the wind has such an overwhelming control over you that is entirely random between extreme edge cases, you either are slammed relentlessly into the ground or end up over 100 meters in the air. My case and point is that I alt-tabbed to talk on discord and got a score of 240. I could see this becoming one of those games where you slowly upgrade your character to get further and further, but right now its more of a simulation than a game.

In summery, you took "Out of control" a little too extreme. 


A very interesting approach to the theme. My highest score was 80.08 Meters! I think I would have to agree with the person below my comment, some soothing music would be very nice for the game. I also think you need to revamp the instructions a bit, like I don't think transitioning to another instruction automatically is a good option. With a bit more polish, and with more interactions, this game would be superb!


This could be a great game to relax to! I think some calm music would really complete that experience. I loved the simple but engaging gameplay, and the visuals. It did feel a bit random regarding whether you got a good start, since the gusts of wind at the beginning could easily make you lose right away, or give you a great head start. Firing seeds as thrust was a really fun mechanic, and the decision to make them limited really puts weight on the decision to use one. I did notice a bug where after firing the last seed and essentially becoming that seed, I could repeatedly fire an unlimited number of cotton balls.


Nice game and really quite addicting!!


Simple and peaceful. To me this is basically "Kitten Cannon" meets "Flower" haha. Very zen, and quick enough to be addicting.


  • Make the tutorial "pages" skippable, to speed it up for faster readers.
  • The momentum gained from each seed ejection didn't feel like it made complete sense, although I might have just been misunderstanding the mechanic a little bit. My best strategy was to eject all but one of the seeds one after the other, in quick succession.
  • Might be worth stealing some ideas from Kitten Cannon, and allow you to upgrade your "tree" to have improved seeds, based on the distance you reached. Gives the game much more long term playability.

Well done on this zen experience, keep up the great work :)


This is a really simple game with a nice chilled out atmosphere. You could experiment with adding different wind currents that will carry the seed further! Great job!


Such a clever idea, and fits the theme well. Not sure if this is a glitch or something, but I couldn't here any music during my play through. I liked the consistent floaty physics of this game.


This was cute to play, and loved the music (when we got it working ;)) Thanks for sharing on the stream, got me nostalgic about my old flash games!


very calming atmosphere and chill gameplay. only thing this need is some ambient background music and SFX! great job :D


Very relaxing and quite nice looking! Well done. 


Certainly a much more relaxing experience. With some nice chill music this could become a meditative experience!


That was an interesting take on the theme. Your game was really calming, it was fun trying to see how far I could get! :) 


What a beautiful game. I can't stop playing. I never thought if there was a game like this one. This is so cozy, zen, and unique game play.  Couldn't like this game more.


Simple yet fun game! It is a nice take on the theme!

Suggestion- UI can be improved.

Nice Job!

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