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Very cool game! Really well polished and super interesting concept. Only bug I found (and this is super minor) was when you would kill an enemy and jump onto the tile they were on, if the death animation hadn't finished the game would register it as the enemy still being there and kill you. Overall this was really well done and very fun to play :D

Glad you enjoyed! :)

The highlighting is a great idea! And yeah, I totally agree -- some of the positions need fine-tuning as they are a bit too challenging. Thanks for playing :)

Thank you for the feedback!!! :D 

Glad you liked it! :)

It was intentional, although after getting some feedback it may have been better to have it stay on :) Glad you enjoyed!

That's strange, was it the main menu one, or the pause menu one? I know the main menu is a bit glitchy right now.

Great job! This game is super fun and the concept is really clear and quick to grasp. The levels are designed pretty well, and I only had to hard reset once. I'd love to see a feature where you could rewind moves endlessly, and between rooms, to prevent softlocks. Overall, this is fantastic!

completely understand, gameplay can definitely be slow. but glad you still liked it! :)

Thank you so much! We're glad you liked it :)

thanks for playing! glad you enjoyed :D

thanks so much for playing! glad you enjoyed it :)

I did not, I coded it from scratch. I wrote out the dialogue out in creately to develop the tree system/visualize the flow of dialogue (I used a flowchart template). Once I'd written the text and figured out what I wanted the characters to say, I coded a Heap which I stored the dialogue lines in, where each node's children were response(s) to a given line of dialogue. Outside of the structure I tracked whose turn it was to speak so I could just pull the top lines and put them in the right spot. I then had to put all the dialogue in by hand, adding each node to the heap manually. Not the best system, I know, but I thought about it for awhile and given the time crunch this felt the most feasible. The text effects that you then see (expanding dialogue box, colored/live typing, rich text) were all coded from scratch as well, using Unity's TextMeshPro. They were actually not too hard once I found the right part of the TMPro documentation, and are decently modular. 

I've never made a dialogue system on this scale before, and given the time constraints I definitely had to cut some corners to make it work, so not the greatest code. In the future I would probably use an external dialogue system asset, or spend more time and really develop my own dialogue system that would be more modular and expandable.

very cool idea! neat blending of two classic games. great work :)

very cool concept! was a nice challenge, great job! :D

wow, very cool idea. i found it fairly challenging to warp the enemy's bullets into them, but this is certainly a neat concept. Great job!

thank you :D !

thanks so much! glad you enjoyed it :)


thank you! and yes we agree, with more time we would have done textured dialogue boxes with sprite masks, maybe make it look more like speech bubbles. thanks for playing :)

thank you! :D

thanks! :)

fun game! Love the concept, wish there were a few more levels. Great job!

Very fun game with a cool concept for movement! Reminded me a bit of this game:, which had a similar movement strategy. Great job!

Very funny game! Great flip on traditional RPG-adventure games.

Great concept! I liked how the music distorted when you shifted into ghost mode. I just wish there was more we could do with the ghost once we shift modes. Well done!

Wow, I love this game! Simple, to the point, and very polished. This would be a great mobile game. Well done :)

Nice game!

Fantastic game! I loved the clear Hotline Miami homage, one of my favorite games. Main criticism is that the character movement is very haphazard, like there's a lot of momentum on the character, making precise movement challenging. This was probably intentional to make the levels feel more chaotic, but I would prefer an easier to control character. Overall amazing job!

cool game!

Glad you liked it! We're in the process of revamping the game with tons of new content, and a better health item is being added to balance the difficulty. Happy to hear you've been inspired :D Thanks so much for playing and leaving a comment!

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Wow, that was really fun and surprisingly addictive. Beautiful art, audio, and very fun gameplay. But there were a few things I think you can do to improve.

Enemy variety would vastly increase the replayability of this game. That and attack variety/items. More stuff to spice it up.

Challenge wise this game was not particularly hard. I think making it a bit harder would really make it more fun. I got to 31,600 (see pic) and gave up because I got bored. I think there's also a bit of a prevailing strategy that makes the game really easy: hugging the bottom of the screen. Since enemies don't spawn there, the player can just sit there and wait for the right spells while dodging enemies and racking up a huge score. 

Overall though this game is a really fun and addictive arcade puzzle/strategy game. Great job!

Thanks so much! The joystick boss actually should be dropping attack (A Button) drops every time he finishes the dash attack (so when he comes back on the screen and is "dizzy", not moving). But sometimes they can get covered by enemies or spawn underneath him, which can be a bit annoying or make it seem like they aren't there. We'll work on that in the future. Thanks a bunch for the feedback, we're glad you enjoyed the game :D

Cool concept for a game. I think where this could be improved is in the small things. A more thorough tutorial (explaining what the pink guy in the last level does?), a main menu, more than one song, and smoother controls would all vastly improve this game. 

The controls in particular have room for improvement. The bodyguard seems to have momentum when he moves, and also moves fairly slow. Since the player is constantly running around to try and control things, these can be a little frustrating. I find that in games where precision is important, tight controls can go a long way. Additionally, there appears to be momentum when rotating the character to place something. I think it would be better if there was not momentum here, since it doesn't really need to be there and just makes setting up the stage more frustrating.

Overall this is a really cool idea. I think it'd be neat to explore more ideas with abilities, different types of fans, and stuff like that. Great job!

Great game, quite fun. I found the movement very smooth and loved the model of the spaceship used. But there is room for improvement.

As others have mentioned, the asteroids need some more contrast compared to everything else, and I think the background could stand to be less busy. Right now there's tons of little white stars flying around which are decorative, but altogether a bit distracting, so toning those down might be nice.

Additionally, the game needs more of a challenge. Right now I'm not finding it all that difficult to get past asteroid cloud after asteroid cloud. There's many ways you could do this, maybe with a variety of challenging items/enemies, increased speed, etc. One way I thought of that might be interesting is if instead of flying through some asteroids, then getting empty space, what if it was just constant asteroids? Could be fun, perhaps.

Something small I noticed was that the music restarts every time the level restarts. This is small but makes a pretty big difference. It can be fixed using the singleton instance model and using DontDestroyOnLoad() with your audio manager.If you're interested, Brackeys has a great tutorial on how to do this in just a few minutes.

Overall, fantastic job and very clean. Quite fun to play.

thanks so much for taking the time to play and review our game :D im glad you enjoyed it!

agreed, thats something we'll be adding after judging ends. thanks for playing and the feedback! :D

cool idea! great game that is simple to play, challenging to master :) good work!