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Extreme WarehousingView game page

Entry into the Completion Jam, 2020
Submitted by Let's Talk Game Design (@ZayneDoesThings) — 58 minutes, 27 seconds before the deadline
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Very good for your first game with Construct! I felt quite like a sheep herder getting the boxes in the right place.

The quick respawning of the enemies was a bit annoying but luckily you don't die so easily so you can just continue to play and it made the game a bit more hectic.


Wow what a great experience! So much content, well-polished and addictive! Great decision to respawn the robots and bouncy balls quickly over and over again - so you never lose your actual goal out of mind. The REC light in the lower right corner is brilliant, the thought that some managers of evilcorp watch me desperately trying to shoot boxes around made me smile :D


That last level took me a while. the bouncer kept slamming my boxes out of place ;)

the top down shooter vibe was real fun, and the progression  of the levels felt very natural.  Overall a pretty solid game!


Great into sequence and effects! While i know the game was designed to be frustrating personally i felt it went more into the bad realm of frustration (of course each person will see that differently) i would recommend a way for the player to somewhat more reliably control the level of frustration. For example, being able to shoot and disable the enemies temporarily is a good mechanic and gives the player some breathing room to deal with the physics of the boxes head on. Increasing the time that the enemies are disabled may help make the frustration more engaging and strategic.


oops forgot to mention that with my suggestion of disabling enemies for a long period of time would likely decrease engagement with the game, as the player would have less to fear or do. To correct this and improve engagement it would make sense to have more enemies to prevent the player from easily disabling every enemy every time they power back up. Another change that would fit the game would be to have the enemies remain stationary when disabled instead of being destroyed completely. this way they could act as yet another obstacle and make the play engage with them even when they are in a disabled state


Very polished and nice audio.


I loved the polish and the interesting art/video effects.


Wow, this game is a lot of frustrating fun! It looks good and the mechanics are nice. It is very impressive, especially for your first time using the engine. There are a LOT of levels, and they take a long time to clear, so a lot of content. Anyway, the game is great. 

Also, your youtube content is great, been watching the videos for a long time.


I like that one runs around all the time and just holds left click (most of the time). Also there are the right amount of different Objects in the game, I only could't really differentiate between the signs that point to a color that have collision and those that don't


so I have just finished the game and it took me like an hour . The last level was pure hell thank you for that. But that doesn't mean the game is bad . I don't remember the last time I got so mad about any videogame . very impressive ! 

sound design is great . The explosion when you kill one of the purple balls or soldiers feels great even though you know they will be back in a few seconds. 

I also like the visuals . The way the game is viewed through a camera is very creative and I love the level transitions.

Also the emails at the start and the end where a nice touch. Great game

btw can't wait for hitman caretaker  


Thank you! I apologise for that last level, but I knew by then, if you'd made it that far, you could handle it. And you did! :D


It's funny I thought of a similar idea for my game, but ended up doing something different for no particular reason, but it's nice to see them implemented, keep it up!


I like the skater like movement, it felt great once I got in the boxes in. 


Fantastic game! I loved the clear Hotline Miami homage, one of my favorite games. Main criticism is that the character movement is very haphazard, like there's a lot of momentum on the character, making precise movement challenging. This was probably intentional to make the levels feel more chaotic, but I would prefer an easier to control character. Overall amazing job!


I didn't really like the controls of this game, I thought both the boxes and the character were quite floaty, making it hard to control and move boxes, but the game art and music were both great.