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yeah there is a sensitivity option, but it is hard to know before you start playing what a good sensitivity is

great game. my only complaint is that the enemies took too many hit to kill making them more boring than anything else. other than that great work!

Will do! I'm glad you enjoyed it. it was nice to see what parts were and weren't challenging

dang. I removed the music from the levels to highlight the other sounds. That was clearly a mistake 

yeah I had a hard time balancing accuracy and speed since different mouse scroll wheels have such different sensitivities even just on desktop vs web. maybe that's why people don't often use it as input lol 

absolutely, i just wanted to offer my justification. It doesn't even sound like we disagree much

I disagree just because it has three inputs  doesn't mean its not one button. It is called the middle mouse button afterall. The way i saw it is i wasn't really cheating using it since a lot of games used mouse movement along side a button which in a way is far more inputs

if you aren't full screen pressing the middle mouse may sometimes put it in auto scroll mode. Unfortunately i have no control over that

i actually took out the music right before then end so the barrel could be heard. but maybe i should have kept it in

Really nice art. The mechanic is also very creative

Yeah lol this was my second game for the jam that i made as a joke. it better not get anywhere near the top

thanks! I'll be sure to check it out

Really clever take on the theme! I'll admit I assumed collecting the coins was bad at the start. These twisted jam games are doing a number on my game sense. Really nice work!

just a solid and fun experience all around. no weak aspects of this game

I used text mesh pro

really impressive scale! Maybe less isn't more ;)

loved seeing your playthrough!

really great mechanical polish!

this a such a clever take on the theme!

really short an sweet game! the visuals are fantastic and hilarious. Great idea and great work!

really good art and i love the opening where it keeps making you press buttons! great work!

love the art and polish! this is well put together

nice game! great art and game play. One thing i noticed is the wolves can hide a little too easily behind the walls

nice art and take on the theme!

really interesting take on the theme!

really fun and simple game! i love the art and sounds


cute little game with a fun, not so innocent, story!

simple yet satisfying! feels very polished

Really polished and juicy! i love the art

Yeah honestly in hindsight i agree with you completely

that's a good idea. And in all honesty just doing light research on what constitutes needing an epilepsy warning my game probably doesn't apply. Even the opening is relatively tame compared to most screen color flashes. A low contrast mode would be a much better idea and could be dome with post processing. Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the detailed feedback! You are definitely right about the greyscale level. Multiple of my play testers also said it was not needed and that i was doing too much in one level. I think that's a case of allowing myself to become to heart set on a feature for its own good. As for the epilepsy warning. It definitely is a bit clunky but i kept it in as a precaution incase the flashing effects later in the game are bad on large or high contrast screens, just to cover my basis, and I tried to make it more of a joke at the start since it was most likely unnecessary otherwise.

i love the simple art and take on the theme with the limited sight

love the art and music! nicely polished

challenging but fun! love the simple art!

love the art!

so polished!

interesting take on the theme!

interesting take on the theme. simple yet fun. good work!