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This was one of the most frustrating games I ever played. Not because of the hard platforming but because of some of the FUCK YOU moments, like the sign after the section where you get the speed upgrade. It is hard to get there and I died and had to do the section all over again just to read a little congrats message.

Other offenders like this are some of the pits you can jump down to find yourself back down at a earlier platforming segment that you now have to repeat just because you fell down into a checkpoint. 

And as far as I know, the corridor with the sawblades that go up and down is just completely useless. WHY ?

Some of the platforming is a bit too tight and goes on for too long but its not a big deal.

Overall a worthwhile experience and I especially loved the art and music. Also the switch power up, while not very original, is awesome and I wish you would have done more with it.

8/10 -you really FEEL like batman. 

found it

I would love to play this but I don't have paypal. Could you maybe make paying with card an option ?

Yep difficulty is a difficult thing to get right. 

I tend to enjoy it when game jam games are a bit harder but that is subjective of course. 

The ideas you had sound interesting and I wish you all good luck with the post jam version :)

I think mouse aiming would probably slow down the gameplay a lot and make is overcomplicated. 

Thanks for your comment tho :)

Yep , there should be a bit more level to ease the player into the difficult setups.

I don't think the difficulty is too high. The game just needs some more levels to give the player more time to learn the main mechanics. In fact, I want to go even crazier with the difficulty if we make more level.

Yep this game needs a death animation.  

I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

The main mechanic in this was just so masterfully explored. This game has outstanding game design and it never got boring. 

The music was beginning to go on my nerves after some time tho. But other than that this is probably the best game I've played so far. 

this game has very fun mechanics. The smashing guys together , kicking stuff into enemies and joining them together feels amazing. 

My criticism comes with the level design. It feels like you where just putting some enemies and objects randomly into the rooms. I think this  could have been so much better if there was a short but intentionally crafted campaign to play through with interesting enemy encounters and levels. 

All in all a solid platformer.  The stealth adds a nice tension to the game. 

But the theme is used only in the setting/story , what I find to be a waste. You could have made the light source attached to the player character for example. Just any mechanic that does something interesting with the theme. 

The game was also very short and easy for my taste. I wasn't caught once in my playthrough. 

I appreciate the art and music a lot in this game. But the core gameplay idea needed a bit of work I think. 

I never felt like I could predict where the frog would jump to. This and the fact that the frog also has collision makes the platforming (at least for me ) a bit of a pain in the back. 

this was honestly a very cool idea. First I thought it was just the usual pox pushing puzzle game but the idea that the whole map is one gigantic puzzle is pretty awesome. 

I somehow finished the game even tho I was thinking that I would softlock myself at any moment now but somehow it never happened. 

the jump isn't that tight. Its even possible to overshoot it without even landing on top of the platform. 

I guess my level design just didn't make the best setup obvious enough. 

Basically just stand next to the wall and throw your horse at the wall while jumping and zip to it when its above you. 

You got all the upgrades then. But the flying one is optional. 

Maybe we'll go back to this project at some point but I think we would have to remake large parts of it I think.

Glad you enjoyed it.

It's helpful . Isn't it ?

I guess you mean the wall jump is a bit tight I guess right? 

Im fixing that issue after the rating period so I would recommend coming bach to this one as soon as the new build goes online. 

Thx for playing and the comment 

Yeah a lot of people complained about the wall jump and I get why. I will release a post jam version after the rating period where you will get some extra frames to make it easier. 

thank you for commenting :) 

the heart is the ending scene and not the beginning if you mean a literal heart. Just try reloading the page.

 If you cant move you probably need to click in the window once. 

This game really surprised me. I had a lot of fun figuring out the fastest way to get to incredible amounts of money. The game even had a nice story. Great work.

Yeah the colors are aggressive but I think it fits the game. Thank you for playing :)

thank you for leaving a comment and Im glad you enjoyed it.

thank you for playing, glad you enjoyed it 

I made some changes to the game, mostly minor details, but I also gave the wall jam a bit of a grace period so they are easier to do. I will upload the update after the voting period for this jam is over.

there was a volume slider when you pres esc 

but thanks for the comment 

That is a really great idea for a game. There is so much you could do with that concept. I imagine a game where your plant grows on a skyscraper and you need to get water from water pipes , find places to climb that have enough edges to offer you support so the plant doesn't fall down but that also are exposed to sunlight. 

But im not understating your execution. It is really well made aside from a bit of a UI pain. very short and just a relaxing experience. 

great work keep it up.

(1 edit)

nope sorry its still way to slow for me 

thanks for the tip, i will definitely make a few more variations next time. 

And btw I added a tutorial on the itch page in response to all the feedback maybe that helps 

no but I can try that later again 

Sorry I can't really say much because I stopped playing after a few levels because my frame rate was so bad. It took me ages to drag the cards and buttons and then trying different solutions with the very bad performance was just extremely unfun. But that isn't your fault. It's just that I don't have a good PC and Unreal games usually run very poorly on it. No worries I won't drag down the rating because I think the puzzle design from what I played was very good and it looks beautiful as a bonus. great game, just can't play a lot of it sorry

The reward for using less tiles idea would have made this game so much more replayable but yeah in game jams you can only do so much before time runs out. 

In regard to difficulty I don't think game jam games have to be easy , they can obviously, but in my opinion it shouldn't be a rule to make all games easy. It's important however to ease the player into the experience with an slow start and then slightly increasing the difficulty to the point where you want it to be. The problem in my game however was that the mechanics aren't clear enough for some people, even if the platforming is easy, the mechanic needs to be understood. The reason my game isn't that well explained is because of speedrunning reasons btw. 

glad you liked it :) 

and thanks for your comment

oh man I dumped like 4 hours into this. where did the time go ?

really enjoyed it. The idea of making a MMO tycoon game is very appealing , but I think it you could change the theme to a normal theme park and it wouldn't change a lot. Maybe lean into the MMO idea a bit more with quests that you can design, making dungeons and so on. But I know that this was probably a HUGE amount of work and Im surprised you even finished it in time. Congrats

Hard to learn. Hard to master. 

Yup the controls can be a bit "unique" in the beginning that's true.

and isn't the theme song eerie enough already ? 

Thank you for the comment. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


ah yeah another completely broken platformer. I love these. I have no idea why but you can just grab the blue platform from the right side bar and drag it into the scene and then you have a mini platform - cute. Also the dragging platforms while moving the character is a great feature ( if it is intended ) I played through it twice

the first time without all the little weird things and once with them and the weirdness makes the game so much fun. But I also think that there is also a lot of enjoyment to be had in the game without cheese. Keep making games :)

an hour is completely ok. my brother and my cousin tested the game and both took about an hour :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it

yeah I get that. That was pretty ambitious idea. But I'm impressed by how much you got done.

I had to restart the game once because I didn't realize that resources are deleted when your inventory is full. But aside from that this game is really amazing. It is very linear for a game of this type but I like it. The art is very fitting. Only the sheep noises where beginning going on my nerves .