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Is this some kind of - out of season April fools joke - ?

Awesome! You found the pro strategy.
I can now add the stealth tag to the game.

That's the point. You are supposed to buy the very "real" microtransactions to skip the grind. 

I don't know if I want to make yet another version, at least not myself, but I want to at least fix the tile tearing that's all over the place in a future update because it's an easy fix and it bugs me a lot.

Oh yeah, I think I know the exit you mean :) . I didn't have time to playtest.
Had to through the level design together in a few seconds, so I'm glad there aren't any super common softlocks at least.

The powerups are indeed not random, but don't tell anyone. You will break the illusion.

The microtransactions are fake :) It is supposed to be a parody of the way mobile games are monetized.

I beat the story and tried the endless mode and roguelike mode for a little bit and I think that the story mode is the best one, because it has the least punishment for failing. The dice mechanic doesn't really make the game interesting and just screws you over sometimes.
I think the super hopper was the most fun enemy since it has the same number of turns you have, making you actually think about strategies instead of hoping to get a high number.
I also like that you eventually get a sword and can give these stupid monsters what they deserve.
overall , while not being that thoughtful , it's still a fun little dungeon crawler. Well done.

Yes sure. You should try exploring in the blue area a bit to get some new abilities and then maybe check out the top right corner of the area  that is currently available to you.

You can either use the hook point to shoot yourself to the left or ,if you got all three shift jet units and the shift jet extender, you can make the jump without it. 

If you have trouble with the shift jet option try letting go of shift to jump further.

I should change it so you can't get the teleport without the shape shifting. It is kind of crazy that you managed to do that. I think to get the abilities in that order you really have to go out of your way to do so. Or I'm just missing something. (oh boy metroidvania world design is hard) 

All the other things you mentioned that could be improved are already being worked on. No worries. 

Thank you very much for the feedback and playing. I'm glad you enjoyed your time with it.

Thanks for the reply. 

I'm very glad you are trying to stick with it. It means a lot. Hopefully you can make the controls more comfortable for yourself soon. 

About the sections where you can fall down a long distance; This is something that I'm very much aware of and that I also did on purpose. In past games I often had segments like this because I think it breaks up the level design quite nicely and I just like the design in general, but I can understands why people don't like it. I tried to not have too many of those sections in the game and also to not make them too punishing.

I thought about implementing controller support before because people complained about it, but I sadly have no idea how I would do that because of some mechanics later in the game. Believe me when I say that this game works really only on keyboard and mouse and you would handicap yourself with a controller if it had the option. 

Also to be honest I have no idea what the problem with the keyboard controls even is. The control scheme is fairly standard for PC games and you don't need to twist your hands in crazy ways like if you were playing monster hunter on the ps2. 

Of course I want to address this concern that so many people seem to have and the best idea I had for it was button remapping. Which is now fully implemented and will be uploaded as soon as possible.

The thing with the wall jump is that the problem with the stairs is just a natural consequence of having a wall jump to begin with. I can try to adjust the hitboxes a bit but it will probably never go away fully and I think people will just have to learn how to avoid wall jumping at the wrong time. But I will change a few things to make it better. I will add a sound when entering a wall and as mentioned adjust the hitboxes for the wall detection a bit. 

Thank you very much for the feedback and playing though. Very much appreciated.

I sadly didn't have enough time to make more detailed backgrounds. Some screens are very empty on purpose to convey the isolation of the station. I was going for a almost liminal space like feeling... didn't succeed of course and I will bring some more detail to the backgrounds at a later point in time. 

Also the taser can absolutely be used on the enemies. Was the feedback for hitting them not noticeable maybe ? Because that's an easy fix.

The range of it IS the particle you are mentioning btw. And it's even bigger than that. Everything the line touches plus some phantom range takes damage.

Thank you very much for playing and leaving feedback. Very appreciated.

Thank you very much for the feedback. 

I personally am extremely opposed to the idea of having the game outright tell you where to go. I find it kills the appeal of a metroidvania for me and I wouldn't want to implement a feature that I think opposes the point of the genre of my game.

The idea of locking past areas in the beginning is however a design idea I can fully get behind. ( as long as it isn't as overdone as in something like metroid dread ) I already have some changes planned to cut off access to the upper beach area after getting into the shopping district. 

Also I find it weird that you say that there are multiple ways you can pick despite the game being kinda linear. (there are some optional abilities and sequence breaks sure, but it is very straight forward otherwise)

But you got a point with the personnel key "ability" . It was mainly meant to act as a bit of setup before getting into the real game, but I probably could have cut it out. 

Thank you very much for playing though.

This has the potential to be a really great game, however I think it lacks polish and a few design choices stand in the games way to be amazing. 

The biggest problem in my opinion is the combat. I think that everything is too small. The enemies are too small, the projectiles you shoot are too small and in addition to that everything is very fast. There is also no reason why I would every want to do combat. It's not fun, you aren't rewarded for it and doing it will almost certainly make you loose a lot of health. 

That wouldn't be a problem if the combat wasn't such a big part of the game. If it was mostly exploration and storytelling with a few combat encounters and bosses I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more.

I really like how smooth you managed to make the planet gravity effect. It feels intuitive and the rotating planets look fantastic. In general the artwork is great. 

Sadly the level design is also an area where the game is lacking. I think that it is very samey all the time. There were no unique or memorable segments or platforming setups. It just seemed very random to me. 

I hope you found my thoughts to be useful feedback. Keep it up.

This was a cute little metroidvania and I'm very impressed how you managed to put so much map in the little game boy screen.

The game itself is obviously not that complex, but the context of the limitations you had make it a whole lot more impressive. 

I have a few nitpicks still.

The boss fight was so unpredictable that I didn't even try to fight it and just cheesed it by shooting through the wall.

And also sometimes my jump input was eaten. No idea why though. 

Really cool entry. Keep it up.

First of all, thank you so much for all the amazing feedback. You have some really good points that I think I can and will tackle to improve in the update I'm currently working on. 

I also wanna say a few things to your complaints.

The air control. I know the air control is a little tight and that is very deliberate. I wouldn't wanna change it too much since I already did all the level design with this amount of it in mind, but I will try my best to make it a little more freeing if I can. 

With the main shift mechanic I think you got an amazing point there. I will see how I would implement that though. But I'm sure I can figure it out. 

About the idea of having the player go IN the direction instead of the opposite I'm not so sure. This is absolutely an personal preference thing and I think if I change it I would probably alienate some other people, having a setting for this may be a solution.

And lastly: the art problem. YES ... I KNOW. It is very empty. I was scrambling at the last minute to get at least 'some' art done. And I only managed to do the crappy little skyline backgrounds. I'm sorry. I will do better next time. 

And the jump you mentioned is just a bit tight. To make it easier you can let go of shift when you initiate a shift jet. This gives you a little speed boost and makes the jump a lot less tricky. 

Thanks again for all the feedback and playing the game. And also sorry for my bad grammar ? It's very late for me and I'm tired so if I messed something up ... oops.

I had some gamer rage moments in this one. Not because of the platforming, that was fine ( even though it's a bit cruel that one mistake makes you fall down all the way to the start of the game. ) but the final boss. The fight is just plain not fair. There were constantly moments where there was no possible way to avoid the bullets. I'm sure there is some way to manipulate them in such a way that you can dodge them, but to expect the player to figure that out themself is just unreasonable. In addition to that everything does sooo much damage. And if there are I frames (I'm not sure if there are) there are not enough. 

I was only able to kill the boss because it glitched out and I was  able to wail on it until it died. 

This alone made me leave this game with a bad taste in my mouth. Despite all the great things it offers. 

The story and world are interesting and the character voices are fun. ( Except nano, the voice is a bit too ....... uwu... for my liking. That's the best I can describe it.)

Graphically this is just amazing, the chromatic aberration, the screen shake and the particles add so much. All the artwork is fantastic. And so is the music as well.

One last thing is that in my opinion the control scheme is all over the place. Having jump on up is one thing but then using space to dash just messed with my brain so much. I think it would have been much better to make the controls more traditional: Space - jump, shift - dash and CTRL - slide ( or something similar) 

Despite that, I still enjoyed it. Thanks for making this game.

I think you mean it IS challenging but not frustrating, because otherwise that would be a failure on my part :)

Thank you very much for playing and leaving the comment. Very much appreciated.

The obvious problem with this game is that you weren't able to implement the shop. 

This would have been fine, but there are a few things that make it really annoying. The first being that coins don't mean anything, and worse than that. They actively hinder the gameplay. I suspect they are physics objects that collide with the player and that's why you get slower when collecting them. But the real issue is that if you jump into a coin from below, you instantly fall back down. In some situations this issue had me stuck in a hole of coins for like 30 seconds without a chance of escape, while being shot at by enemies. 

The second one is how you use the merchant instead. It functions as a story teller in the final game, this would probably have been a great use of the sprite, but the monologues he gives almost always break the fourth wall and just drive home the point that the game isn't finished. 

I think you could have just made the best out of what you got, lets say you pay the merchant some coins and then he gives you a little bit of story. This wouldn't have been a massive time investment and would have made the game feel a lot more complete. 

Another area where I feel like the game is lacking is the world design. Most areas area completely empty aside from coin boxes, which are not really that good of a reason to go there because of the things I stated above. Another thing that makes this even worse is that the entire map, including ability upgrades is visible from the start. At some point I just looked at the map to see where I needed to go next and skipped all the other optional rooms. 

All of these things made the game feel way too big for what it was. When I reached the second map screen I was like "there is a second map ?"

And then after reaching the third one "Oh god there is a third one."

It really is unfortunate, because what good there is, is really good. 

The transformations are really fun to find. They may be your metroidvania ability archetypes, but they were really well implemented and felt good to control. The combat, while simple was very satisfying and the enemy designs too were fantastic. Especially the horse riding boss that throws three projectiles at you. 

The whole aesthetic was fantastic. Very reminiscent of traditional Japanese art.

Don't take this to heart though. It is very hard finishing a game of this scale. I would know, I have failed multiple times during the years. And the fact you have made this is amazing in itself.

Keep it up guys.

Thank you so much. 

I'm already working on an update that will change some things, and one of the changes that I have planned is button remapping. So that everyone can tune the controls so its most comfortable for them. 

I very much enjoyed your entry as well and I think it definitely stands out for me in this jam. 

Art is one thing that I think could always be further developed. So I like to focus on design and game feel a lot more usually.  But I think I might update the visuals a bit later down the line if I feel like it. 

Thank you for playing and the nice comment. Glad to see you here.

I really enjoyed the animations and I also like that the music changes depending on what area you are in at the moment. 

As other comments already say, the acceleration and deceleration are way too much in most forms (I think the flying one is fine). 

I would also add that some of the jumps in the speed form are pretty stupid and you don't really feel in control.

Overall I liked it. Good job.

This game lacks very much in presentation and there is no feedback for most actions you do. 

Despite that I really liked it. More than a lot of other games in this jam actually. The story is super edgy and I found that kinda funny. Also the bosses (especially the drill) were just great. I like how it sometimes goes backwards out of the wall, which makes no sense, but it feels a bit like it's dancing to the banger music in the background.

The little side story with the robot is also super fun.

The idea of having the explosion reset the dash is great and was a neat little surprise.

Also kudos for making such a extensive settings menu with key rebinds. Very much appreciated.

Oh and I really like this screen.

Sorry I don't get this one. I'm in this room and there are orange things flying at me and then I respawn. I tried slowing time but that doesn't seem to work. And the dash is also not really an option. 

Also the game runs really badly for some reason. I have a very decent PC that should have no trouble running this game but I get like 15 fps. 

It's fine though. You said you are new to game dev. Just keep honing your craft and you will surely make amazing games eventually. 

Good luck.

Overall I enjoyed it. You did an amazing job with the pixel art and overall atmosphere. The story was also really nice and I like how cryptic the whole game feels. 

The idea of timed doors is a nice twist on the metroid door cliche. Really creative. The HUD also reminds me of the older metroid titles as well. 

I enjoyed the little optional power ups. Some of them were fairly challenging to get. 

But I want to complain about the movement a bit. I know it's probably by design but it really doesn't feel that nice. The jump is really floaty but also way too short somehow. And in general the speed of the character makes the game feel very sluggish. 

I think it's also an odd choice to have the dash unlocked from the start but only on the ground. I would probably have enjoyed it more if you just game me air and ground dash at the same time when you get the air dash. 

Only one rating btw ? This game deserves far more attention. Thanks for making it.

I actually made a more complex player at some point, but then realized that the player is too small. You wouldn't see any more detail, so I had to scrap the art I had made for it. 

Thanks for playing.

I finished the game now and killed the massive martia. 

Thank you very much for the help with that.

This took me 4 hours... I want to scream. 

good game

believe it or not, but I too thought of that. I think the best way to do it now is to make the transition instant and polish the level design a bit more to make it less frustrating. I will try my best to fix this. I'm already working on it btw.

I played the web version. And I hadn't gotten past massive martia. I was at the point where you get the glasses. A bit later than that maybe. 

Is there a lot more after that point ? because if yes I'm gonna replay it in the download version.

This one was just so bizarre. The rats look so out of place and the rat boss made burst out laughing. 

It's a giant rat that rides on top of two drones. How do you come up with that stuff.

Also the abilities are absolutely goofy. You can fly with an umbrella marry poppins style, ride tiny bubbles and control robots with an xbox controller you found on the floor. 

Unfortunately I couldn't finish it since it crashed right before the end. 

Also I would critique that the movement feels very stiff ( maybe due to the a bit overly ambitious animations ). And the dash ability is a pain to control. I was dashing all over the place even if I didn't want to.

Congrats on fully voice acting it btw. 


It wasn't very long sadly and lacked an ending, but its a game jam so that's excusable.

The movement feels great. The combat feels great. And the style is amazing (but you already knew that). 

What makes this one so good in my opinion is that I actually had to think as to where to go next. The map is memorable and well designed and at the end I knew exactly where I was. This is what differentiates a good metroidvania from a great one. And you nailed it. 

I also really enjoy the little optional heart pieces, with my favorite one being the one where you have to figure out that you can use the momentum gained from the zip lines for a big jump.

The boss was very good designed as well. I just think it had a bit too much health. 

But I also have a few nitpicks:

  • There are A LOT of enemies. I think you could reduce that number a bit to match the peaceful atmosphere and make the early parts a little less intense.
  • I wish just pressing a direction on the weapon wheel would already quip the weapon instead of having to confirm with X. 
  • The hitbox of the grapple hook is a bit too tight in my opinion. It works great if you hit a bit over the pin because of gravity but if you are under it it doesn't connect as easily.

This is my favorite game so  far. Well done.

Oh sorry. I should have tested this better before commenting. But yeah making it a bit less tight is probably not a bad idea.

Yes there is a lot more. From playtesting I figured that the game is around 2 hours long if you only do the main quest stuff.

Sure I can give you a bit of insight.

Every room I have is it's own instance, that inherits from a base room class that defines its coordinates, map icon, and other information. I then have a big map scene where I put down all the rooms and then use a tool script to generate an array that contains the position in coordinates (generated from its global position) and the filename. This array I then use in my main game scene to create the world during runtime. How this works is that there is always a starting coordinate. that gets added first. then I create an array called "needed_rooms" which determines all the rooms that are connecting to the current room. Then I check if any of those are already loaded and if not I add them. 

The camera also gets a signal when the room is updated  (the signal contains the coordinates of the room ) and moves accordingly. 

The map works almost the exact same way, except I'm not loading rooms but map icons instead. (The conversion into 0:1, 1:1 coords is what allows me to have square rooms in the overlay map instead of 16:9 ones btw)

In retrospect it would have probably been better to use a custom resource that contains map data to save multiple iterations of the map at the same time.

I'm not saying the game is bad, the opposite in fact. I just don't find it fun. (also no worries I gave you a rating that reflects that.) 

It has many things going for it. It looks amazing and obviously you did a lot of polishing.

My problem is not that the game is too difficult. I love difficult games. My problem is that if feels cheap to get sent back so far for every little mistake. (some of them not even being my own fault btw. I had multiple instances where the character would just flat out refuse to execute moves I input or get stuck on level geometry.) 

I also found out about the strategy how to defeat the bull enemies myself when I was playing it. My problem isn't that its difficult, its not intuitive and it feels like I'm fighting the game design instead of the enemies. There are a million ways to make 2d sword combat difficult. Look at hollow knight, look at salt and sanctuary, look at castlevania. 

You could, for example, have the enemies send out a shock wave when they smash the ground, forcing you jump over it. You could also make them move forward a lot when attacking, or just increase the size of the attack itself. 

About the collision thing there is certainly an argument for both sides and if you disagree that's fair. I just found it a bit unresponsive to slide of edges. 

But about the double jump I just plain disagree with you here. I can't think of any game where the height of the double jump depends on the timing. Metroid only allows you to double jump in a certain window of time but that is completely different.  (I would like to know what other games you are talking about here btw).
Obviously this is just my take and you know the game a lot better than me. So make of that what you will.

Please don't take this as a personal attack by the way. I critiqued the game so harshly because it really has the potential to be amazing.If you can fix all of these things I would gladly buy this for it's normal price and recommend it to some of my friends who would enjoy a game like this.

(1 edit)

Thank you  for the comment and the great feedback.

I am aware of the camera issue. It's something that was baked in from the start because I wanted to try a new way of loading rooms. In general when I started developing this it was just to try out some ideas I had for tech. (Mostly for one of the later abilities that you probably haven't gotten to yet) But as I went further with level design and story the room loading system got in my way a lot and I had to start designing around it. I did a lot of playtesting for it to make all the transitions as fair as I could but there are still some annoyances with it you are absolutely right. 

Just believe me when I say that using a camera that's centered on the player causes more troubles than it's worth. I have tried it multiple times and never found a solution that I found satisfying.

One thing I can do, that I should have done earlier, is to get rid of the transition. It feels a lot nicer when the camera instantly jumps to the next room. I will probably include this in the upcoming update.

About the art thing you are of course right. The art is nothing special, but that's mostly because of a lack of time. I wanted to pack this game full of content and that didn't allow me to focus on art as well. Basically all of the art assets were done in less than two hours and I used ploygon2Ds everywhere I could to save time. But I paid attention to colors, and I think that's what mostly carries the visuals.

I could have teamed up with an artist but I just wanted to do this one solo. Maybe next time.

Also I have seen a lot of games made with godot in this jam. Nice to see the engine of my choice become so popular amongst indie devs.

What a beautiful little game. It's nothing ground breaking but the vibe it gives out and the gorgeous hand drawn art made me really enjoy this one.

The approach to combat is very unique and the platforming segments are decent. But the sound effect made everything come together for me. ( Even though I think the dash sound is a bit too loud) 

Also the ending is very cute.

This was certainly interesting. The sound effects and music were ... kinda fun. I liked them. 

I also think the dash ability with the wall bounce feels amazing and it would have been great to get to string multiple of those together eventually but it is always limited to only one. 

Also the feeling when you kill a boss is fantastic , so incredibly anime.  You slice through it, wait and then it bursts into a thousand little pieces. Great stuff. 

Two points of criticism I have are that there seems to be something weird going on when you hold down jump and release it at the apex. It makes you do a little mini double jump that I think isn't intended.

The other thing is that the explody bits made the game slow down a lot. No idea why that is though. Maybe just too many physics objects interacting with each other. 

Overall I enjoyed it. Good job.