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Thanks for playing :D

There is a wall jump. Just press jump while sliding down and you will be able to scale any wall.

Hope that helps :D

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This was so fun. I love the artwork and the way you made this in 2d. It absolutely achieves the feel of a 3d shmup like star fox. Really impressive.

Took me a decent amount of tries to beat it but it never feels overwhelming. I like how the stone arches fade out after you pass them, nice detail. 

Great game. Thank you for making it.

Actually I think the beginning was where I struggled the most. Some of the early platforming segments with the switch state blocks are pretty precise and I found them fairly difficult because they have the timing aspect to them in addition to just getting the angles right. 

Later on I think the platforming was a lot easier but that may just be a result of the enemies not being an issue.  (Or maybe I just got used to the physics I am not sure.) 

But I would love to check out a full version if this if that ever comes to be. 

Some really good points here. 

The concept is a little messy you are right. We started off with a slightly different idea to what the game eventually became. In the initial concept we had more of a focus on puzzles and more ideas like having to make use of different enemy AI or different geometry. 

However when I experimented with some of those things I wasn't really liking them anymore and the mechanics had shifted more towards a precision platformer with a "modify world" button.

And yes the streamer concept was also left to the wayside a little. It was always supposed to just be the theme and the meta narrative but there were a lot of ideas that we didn't manage to implement or decided against, like typing in a streamer name, some dialog lines for certain game events, etc.

About the movement:

the wall jump is a little too sensitive yeah. I think I should have made sure the player is actually holding the direction towards the wall to initiate the wall sliding state. 

And the double jump should probably add momentum and not overwrite it. It can feel a bit awkward when you are double jumping out of a staff bounce and it eats all your momentum. 

Thanks for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

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I'd say shift to switch between mode is pretty intuitive, at least that is what I defaulted my game to. then everything else can be bound to space, that being the jump, wall jump and dash. (dash is only available in dark mode so it shouldn't overlap with double jump) 

Obviously it would be perfect if you had key rebinding and controller support but just having one button for switch mode and dash and wall/double jump on the jump button would make a huge difference alone. 

As for the wall jump, I noticed that you have to wait for the slide but sometimes I still got a double jump instead. Maybe I was pressing the opposite direction to early or I wasn't close enough to the wall and was pressing walljump without entering slide state. 

Whatever it was I think that having to wait a second to enter sliding feels a bit weird. I assume you can only enter wall sliding state from falling and that may be the issue but I could be fully off base here.

Fun little game. The mechanic is really simple but it made me think about how to traverse the world in an interesting way. Great job.

I pretty much agree with what other people are saying. Too many buttons, inconsistent wall jump. 

It feels like you need three hands to play this. 

playing with WASD doesn't work because Q and E are right above it. making for example jumping to the left and changing to dark mode extremely awkward. But arrow keys don't work either because Q E and J are just way too far apart to press them with one hand. The best way to play this I found was to use both WASD and arrows at the same time and switch between them depending on the situation. 

Aside from control layout there are some other issues here. There is one platforming setup that comes up quite often where a moving platform needs to be jumped on in one mode while only visible in the other. Meaning you need to time it because it is fully invisible in the other mode. Combined with the wall jump sometimes not working and the poor control layout this was very awkward as well. 

I like some of the level design you have going on here and the art is great but unfortunately I can't get past how awkward everything feels. Would love to try a version with those things fixed.

Really clever idea that I think could have some potential for iteration. 

At the moment I think the way you interact with the dungeon is a bit too simple. There should be more reason to switch between the modes. The best way to play atm is to get a really short path to the dungeon and then just rush through it while skipping all the enemies. The actual dungeon and the combat is honestly the one part that I enjoy the least in this game, but if there was a way to tie it in more with the match 3 puzzles than I think there is potential here.

Great proof of concept tho and extremely unique. 

lovely game, however I don't appreciate the inverted x axis. That shit should be illegal. jk

The movement was kinda jank but in a funny way. Especially loved the "death" animation. I got all the upgrades (with the movement speed upgrade being the last one - yes it was painful) and I think I got all the audio logs. 

The intro was really well done and I love that you can visit the real world from inside the game. Idk what lore implications this has tho. 

Overall I would rate it a ... 7/10 I guess

I finished the full version of the game and I have to say that I really like some aspects of this and others I think could use some work.

First of all the artwork is insane. The detail in the backgrounds, the colors, the little animations for the smallest of things like the rats turn around animation - all of it superb. 

I like the level design in a sense because of the way you wrap around the game world and how spaces connect to each other. It never really comes into play in the actual navigation because it is quite rail roady (except for one section in the end but even that wasn't too much of an issue), but it gives a nice idea of how the two worlds are connected to each other. 

The actual level design is a bit hit and miss tho. I am not the biggest fan of the endless enemy tunnels and strings of floating blocks that you need to jump on. The approach to the setups is quite linear in the sense that you always interact with the game mechanics in the same way. Some more experimentation would have been very appreciated. 

There was never a platforming segment that I found really satisfying to beat even tho some were quite long without any checkpoints. 

The character movement is also not really something that appeals to me personally but I can see what you were going for. I just don't like it when the jumps are this high and there is a lot of horizontal speed. It feels very frantic and volatile to me. Also I think the areas for grabbing ropes are a bit too small. 

Keep in mind that those things I critiqued are just my take tho. This is clearly very well made and this may just not be the kind of platforming I prefer. The presentation, music and storytelling already push this a lot in my opinion. So ultimately great job.

I haven't seen a first person survivor game yet so props on that idea. I think this could have gone wrong but the map kinda makes it work. 

I also really like that there is some actual aiming involved in the beginning of the run. Generally the beginning was the most fun because you actually have to look out for enemies trying to swarm you. Later on when you have all the upgrades it becomes a little repetitive but I guess that is just an inherent problem I have with this type of game. 

I found most of the cards to be not that impactful except for the death card.

Generally this was quite fun honestly. I got all the upgrades in my second run when I knew what the colored upgrades meant and got to level 110 at the end. 

Fantastic game. Keep it up.

This was so fun. The chaos was really satisfying in the later rounds.

There is a decent amount of missions with a lot of different objectives and it somehow always felt achievable despite the high amounts of gunfire everywhere. 

Amazing job on this one.

Damn I played this for a really long time and it was amazing. I think the dice roll animation should be able to be skipped because it drags it out a lot. 

Lots of options here, so many items, abilities, enemies and dice options. Really well fleshed out game.


Loved the visuals and story. Just had to overcome the initial confusion because the antenna section was a little unclear. After that I got stuck in the first puzzle because I missed the controls section.

The puzzles themself were really good. I just wish the movement was grid based because the slippery running was making lining things up with multiple characters a bit annoying. I also got soft locked because my two characters got stuck in the same space at some point and I couldn't get them out. 

I like what you did with the ending tho and the whole premise was very clever. Nice job on this one.

wow props on starting with hard mode. and congrats on your normal mode time, very impressive. 

I was actually thinking of doing an extra level based on the platform momentum but decided against it so we could do some more polish in other areas.

Not sure what the phase skipping of rotating platforms could actually do tho. It's more a result of finding a solution for how quick mode switching should be handled in an intuitive way. 

Thanks you for the kind words and thanks for playing :D

you are 100% right there with saying that a lot more fun interactions would have been possible. I had a bunch of ideas that I thought were cool but that we decided to not go with because of time constraints so there is still a lot unexplored territory with those mechanics. 

Also thanks for the bug reports. I was aware of the second one where the staff still kills enemies when not flying anymore. (I was just too lazy to fix it -_-)

Thanks for playing

This was probably the most absurd game I played so far in this jam. 

I liked when there were suddenly a bunch of penguins and I was just sitting on a plate spinning with a blade slaughtering my way through the hordes.

Very entertaining.

Decent take on the shoot to move/ rocket jumping thing.

I really liked the boss battles. The artwork for those was great. I feel like the game was giving me a freebee a lot because it felt like I should have died a lot more than I did to enemies. But I assume they cannot kill you ? 

The platforming was actually kinda fun towards the end. I was a bit unhappy with the movement in the beginning but when it began being more about just moving around big rooms, dodging spikes and using gravity inverters and less about the switching blocks it became a lot more fun. 

Movement is generally a bit jank but the game is not punishing at all so I think that is fine. There were a lot of cool moments and unique setups to keep the gameplay fresh and sometimes that's more important than sheer polish. 

Liked this one more than I had expected to. Great job.

I can see what you were going for but I don't think it really works. The normal jumping is somewhat slow and as soon as you get to pistol it becomes very easy because it basically lets you fly. 

The sound effects are also a bit grading but I like the music. It also looks nice.

I think I didn't play long enough to get to the mode phase or whatever that was going to be. But I unlocked some stuff like the guards and the map. Not sure what those do but I think it's neat. 

Nice pun tho. Hope to see ogrewatch 3 in a few years when ogrewatch 2 starts loosing players.

Damn those effects go so hard. 

I found it a bit hard to tell to what lane I would switch and the rhythm was a bit hard to make out sometimes when there was too much going on at the same time. 

But just wow. It was seriously impressive how into it I got and how good this feels to play. Great job with this one.

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Actually a great bullet hell. I might spend some time getting good at this later on to get a 1CC. Really good job with the sound design and patterns. There is no downtime and all the patterns are really fun.

Just wished I could have an option to reverse the speed increase from having it speed up to  slowing down when pressing the button.

The drifting feels really good and the jumping is a lot of fun. Hard to get really high scores. I liked it. 

Also nice job with the grass shader.

Great idea with the time stop mechanic that also reveals some puzzle elements. It's a fun combination of ideas that works really well together. 

I think I cheesed some of the puzzles but I'm not sure. The last one was a bit tedious but it's fine. 

Great entry overall.

Love the physics and the sound. The game is a really nice take on SMB2 (game of the year btw) and all the mechanics were implemented really well. 

I think the level design is a bit unfocused tho and there are a touch too many enemies but aside from that it's really good. 

Great job.

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Oh that's what you mean.

I guess this is just a preference thing then. Some games have wall jumps that let you go infinitely up others don't. We decided to have wall jumps be relatively strict with the push back because it encourages using the stick throw to be used more instead of wall jumping. Basically a way to separate the two abilities within their function. 

Also from the perspective on how it feels and what you expect we had some inspiration from games like ninja gaiden and messenger that have really sticky movement.

Not saying everyone has to like the direction but it is what we decided to go with.

Thanks for elaborating tho. And also thanks for taking the time to leave some feedback :D

I think the idea of having random effects is fun and the rotating attack makes you approach combat a bit differently than other dungeon crawlers. 

My main criticism is that it is a bit too slow. Moves should probably be either really sped up or just straight up be able to be skipped. Right now it feels a bit sluggish to play and after I died and got reset a few areas back I had no drive to redo the last few floors. 

Intro was really nice tho and I like the UI. 

Thanks for making this.

Fun idea but I think it needs some limitations to turn it into a fun platformer. 

Despite that tho the trolling was really fun and there were some hilarious fourth wall breaks. Really added a lot to it. 

The movement is a little much but you have a lot of space to make it not feel awkward. But if you were to go further with the idea I would suggest turning down the speed and jump height a bunch 

Thank you for making it.

Fair point on the cave entrance.

Thank you for the feedback.

Thank you so much :D

Thank you. Yeah the staff throwing was kinda difficult to get right but aside from one little visual glitch in the beginning of the first level I think it worked out well. (at least to my knowledge). 

Thank you for playing

Thank you. 

Yeah hard mode is pretty brutal but at least you get some "compensation" for beating it ;)

Glad you enjoyed it :D

Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it :D

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

I left some feedback on your game :D

no one can hear you .... too much plinging drowning out the voice

Decent platforming game but I have quite a few problems with it. 

To be upfront, I didn't beat this I got stuck in this section

(itch won't let me post an image so I will describe it. It is after the wall jumping section where there are three icicles and a switching block with spikes on the right bottom corner. I don't know how to progress because the only thing I can think of is jumping over the first icicle with a double jump and then wall bursting but that doesn't go high enough)

I tried this for a good while and I am not sure if I am missing something like a statue effect that hasn't been communicated, or if this is the wrong way to go or if it's just really precise. But after the previous section I didn't really want to continue anymore.

So here is my feedback:


  • it overall feels a bit too frantic in my opinion. it's difficult to tell what is happening by just looking at the movement. Nothing has any weight to it. It feels floaty and not precise (despite it being precise).
  • wall clinging and wall bursting feels bad. It is hard to tell if you are in a wall clinging state because the animation is just the character turned around and the difference in fall speed while on a wall and in the air is very small. You also have to press into the wall to wall burst and there is no push away from the wall which makes it feel a bit unpolished. This also makes jumps where you have to chain a wall jump into holding right really painful because when you hold right too early, the wall burst won't come out but if you do it too late the way too fast vertical speed gives you no time to course correct and you end up just bouncing your head. 
  • normal jump has a good amount of coyote time and I appreciate that, however there is no input buffering (not a big deal just wanted to mention it). As I said. I think jumping feels too fast and it leaves very little room for correcting mistakes. 
  • the double jump feels ok for the most part but I have an issue with the interaction between wall jumping and double jumping. You loosing the ability to double jump after wall jumping is not very intuitive and I think you knew that because the page clears this up. Without this hint I probably wouldn't have figured this out. There are ways to convey this information with sound effects, particles or UI. May be worth taking a look at. 
  • The statue effects are communicated very poorly. The first time it happened I thought the game was bugged because I lost my double jump but sometimes there would still be a little air hop instead. I thought it had to do with the spinning things offsetting the collision or something but then again you put it in the info section that statues do something.
    Most of these effects I did not mind but the only wall jumping one was just painful. 

Level Design:

  • Level design was decent for the most part but the movement hinders it a lot.
  • The main problem there is the lack of frequent checkpoints. They are very rare and the game is not afraid to throw new mechanics at the player without introducing them first so you are forced to do a decent amount of trial and error. 
  • Despite that most mechanics are explored in interesting ways, like the thwomps looking guys which have some really interesting setups. I just wish they would have been introduced in a save environment first before diving deeper into their mechanical depth. The only mechanic I encountered that I thought wasn't that great was the rotating platforms because they felt reallllly janky. 

Some other thoughts:

I think the music was a bit grading after a while. It is nice in the beginning but either the game should have been shorter and easier or there should have been some new music every now and again. 

There is pretty much no context given for anything. In the beginning I was just collecting or activating things that I had no idea of what they were doing. Explain yourself. 

Despite all my feedback I think this is still well made and I appreciate the exploration of the different mechanics. Don't let this discourage you, it's just as jam after all.

Also if you could tell me how to beat the section I got stuck on I would gladly continue and see this one trough. 

Thanks for making this game :D

Thank you for playing :D

The boss has a little white flashing effect but it is a bit hard to notice, yeah.

wow that is really cool. Thanks for the breakdown.

seems like it was a lot of work to get all that stuff working correctly. It payed off tho. The final game is awesome.