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Incredibly exciting. Love your 3DObject already, so this is going to be a gamechanger. 

Oddly specific request, can you somehow make it do that 'wobbly' thing that PS1 graphics do? Or is that just not possible?

You absolutely can, yes. Whatever works and is in the 'spirit' of the not-theme. You're all good. 

Got to the last level, rolled a minus two and failed. Loved it. 

Oh my god, this is awesome. It's like Gunstar Heroes. Love it. Good job.

Presentation's amazing, really polished. Love the idea, very well executed and I love putting the onus on the player for whether they WANT to chase a score or not. Well done!

Secret little background fact: The turret thing is under the floor in *every* level, it's just placed near the front in the last one so you can 'see' it. It's very hacky because I wanted it shorter.

There's also a thing where you can lose steps by walking into a wall. Couple of bugs I couldn't get around to fixing, tbh. 


The presentation on this is absolutely incredible. Good job. The level design is a bit sort-of... samey, but you only had a weekend, so it's fine. Really robust and polished thing. 

Excellent usage of the theme, wrapping an existing arcade-style loop around the randomness and resource management of a dice roll. Really liked it, good job. 

Very slick. Well presented, good concept, well executed. Good job!

Loved that noise filter! Very smooth little game, think it's got a lot of potential if you felt like taking it any further. 

Really well presented, and I can see you were down to the wire on submission so I think you've done a great job to 'get in' there. Very smooth to play, too. 

Thank you! Really wish I'd come up with the idea on Friday instead, so I'd had time to do more with it. but I think if I get the time in the future, I might take it a few more steps along. I think there's a lot at the 'core' I could do with this, hopefully.

I'm only adding further context because you mentioned 'higher profile', and although I'm not 'upper echeleon' Big Indie or anything, this game was devlogged successfully on YouTube to over 200,000 views, and is currently the most popular thing on a YouTube channel with over 8,000 subscribers. It released recently, on 13th January, and this is the first (and only, I'd imagine) 'bundle' it has ever been in. 

It's only had a single discount before, 10% during launch week, so this is the most available that this game has ever been. 

It's also 100% Positively reviewed on Steam, with 31 reviews, so is of pretty good quality (I think, anyway). 

Hope it helps. 

Simple to pick up, deceptively complex to play. I like it, shows a lot of promise.

The car doesn't respawn after my head explodes. Is a sentence I've just written.

Really clever. Took me a solid minute to figure out what I was doing, then I was hooked. Good job.

Mmm, hats. Love hats. 

That is INCREDIBLY satisfying. Love the Shang-Chi-ness of it all. Please send me your project file so I can rip off  study your grapple/swing system, thank. 

Neat! Reminds me of the old Flash game era, where you'd get some really addictive little toy things to play with that you'd spend six hours on when you were meant to be doing school work. Nicely done.

I can see this is getting more and more polished and refined as the rounds tick by, and if I don't see it on Steam in like six months, I'll be very sad. Incredible. Love it.

That's fantastic. Really nice use of time manipulation, smooth physics, very nice. 

Wow, some real thought has gone into this. Devilish, and far too much for my brain sometimes, because I'm an old man, but the concept underneath is so simple yet executed so well. 

This is going to get really hard, really fast. And that, I love. Really satisfying, very original, love it.

Really clever. Lot of room for complexity in your designs later on, very satisfying to use just 'as it is', so I think that's a solid start. 

That poor bouncy slime's face when you bounce on it looks like agony. Brilliant idea, well executed, lot of room for expansion. Good stuff.

Excellent. Tron meets Captain America in a game I didn't realise I wanted, but now I do. 

Great stuff. Team Fortress 2(D), with just an engineer. Brilliant idea, so far the implementation's good, lot to build on going forward. 

Love it. It's quick, accessible, simply presented but opens the door for a lot of complex scenarios later on. Incredibly satisfying. Excellent work. 

Already looks absolutely beautiful, mechanic is brilliant, lot of potential. Love it.

I think I can see where this is going, and I'm on board. Exactly to the brief of creating a character with a unique ability, did that very well. Nice job.

Need a VR version with a Kinect where I can score points by actually doing this in real life, which I then attempted to do, and did quite well at. It is absolutely completely original in the field of videogames. 

That was infuriating. In a good way. Brilliant little message, mechanic, presentation, right down to the 'run scam' button. A lot of thought has gone into a very little thing. 

Nice starting point. Very retro, with a pleasing little feel to it. Nice job.

Hello! I'm looking to make a two-player local co-op sheep herding game. I don't suppose you'd be interested in making a dog, would you? Or have another pack that has a dog sprite in?