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Hello! I'm looking to make a two-player local co-op sheep herding game. I don't suppose you'd be interested in making a dog, would you? Or have another pack that has a dog sprite in?

Really well polished. Very simple to understand, great use of theme and looks lovely. Easy to control, well executed, good job.

Really neat idea. Could do with some expansion, but for just a day? Awesome. Loved it, good job.

Really neat. Fun little experimentation thing to play with for a bit. Tutorial's broken, but I enjoyed just kinda mixing stuff up anyway, to be honest. I was less into the 'game' and more into dragging around food things. Enjoyed it! Great theme interpretation.

Clever. Well executed, thoughtful, original concept. Very good! 

Incredibly good-looking game, with presentation far beyond what I'd expect from 48 hours' work. Clever mechanic, well utilised, easy to understand and difficult to master. Brilliant.

Oh that poor little robot. Really creative, nice use of the theme, and incredibly challenging (for me, anyway). Cute, well presented, excellent.

Loving the weapon combo system, I'd like to see that expanded into something larger (but maybe with a slightly less abrasive background). Good job!

Clever, pretty, easy to pick up, little bit devious towards the end there. Great job.

Absolute stunner. Stylish, clever, perfect implementation of the theme. A joy to play, honestly. A level of polish that you wouldn't expect from 48 DAYS of development, let alone hours.

LOT of Juice. I stand corrected. Incredibly juicy interactive DVD menu. I have been officially proven wrong. Well done. 

That was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. Deceptively simple really. I'd like to think there's something you could do to give the player more of an element of control but I don't know what it is... 

I dunno what Ventus Celer means, but I hope it means "juicy racing game", because that's what this is. Little jaggy on the movement but very smooth otherwise and the UI was super squishy.

Definitely had juice in it. Got a lot of clicky goodness out of it, love a bit of particle effects. 

Kind of haunting, honestly. Are you okay, Em? Really engaging experience to play through. 

Absolutely fantastic. Perfect interpretation of the restriction, suitable amount of juice. Given the time constraints, I can see how it ended up where it did, but I think if you were to take this further, having the actual strings move with the button presses might add an extra juice 'element'. 

Sometimes the timing was a bit 'off' but I think that's just a byproduct of trying to make an entire rhythm game from scratch with a suitable note chart in three days. Beautiful experience, wonderfully executed, well done.

Adorable sound effects, and a nice interpretation of the restriction. Particles and screenshake abounds, which gets your juice in. Good job! 

Yeah, I think that's fair. I think a big problem was I kinda spent the Bank Holiday Monday doing nothing. But also, my ethos with it was to focus on the juice, rather than getting too into the complexity/purpose of the game itself. Once I'd got something that technically passed as a gameplay loop, I sort-of just stopped and started juicing instead. Worthwhile experiments though, I think. 


Utterly great. Very polished, very clever, doesn't outstay its welcome and an incredibly satisfying set of puzzles. Good job.

Visually, it's ideal. Brilliant contrast, great aesthetic, very nice and appropriate use of particle effects for some added juice. The controls feel good, and you've got a very solid base for a platform system here. I like the premise, and it executes that well. It is obviously very short, but I'd rather play something short and polished than something that outstays its welcome. 

Overall, I think it's a really solid effort. Good job

This is so clever. Brilliant little idea, very well executed, perfect use of the theme and just so  polished. Easy to understand, incredibly hard to master, but very addictive and a lot of that 'one more go' feeling. Excellent job

Absolutely adorable. Competent theme use, great and simple mechanic, very easy to understand and a lot of polish for such a short amount of time. Good stuff.

This game is adorable and incredibly polished. Excellent job, with a lot of 'juice' poured all over it.

Very neat little mechanics, very 'tidy' game with a clear purpose and a lot to like about it. Accessible, pretty well polished, and just a very good entry all around.

Pretty clear use of the theme, nice and simple, executed very well and a very neat little concept. Good job, Spacespy. You nailed it.

The presentation is juuust right. I was worried it might get over the top, but it stayed just on the right side, and aesthetically, this is one of the nicest games I've seen in the Jam. Excellent production.

Really enjoyed this. Nice and simple, controls well, love the aesthetics a lot. Excellent job.

Thank you! I was kinda aiming for that 'very quickly jump into an almost-disposable gameplay mechanic' thing that Newgrounds used to be so good for. I'm glad it came across!

Aesthetically, that was really lovely. Solid presentation and nice simple gameplay. Excellent job, very friendly and approachable.


I spent ages thinking that the shifting walls were going to kill me. Turns out they were the background. Controls are really tight, I get the theme, really very nice indeed. Love a good top-down shooter with some glowy art. 

My god, that IS hard. Good job though. And I now have more pancakes than I reasonably know what to do with.

Yes hello, I will be over next Monday morning to start at this job that I was meant to flub but, have to admit, would actually really like. If you actually ever do find yourself hiring and you want a game/narrative designer, as long as the interview's like that, i'm in.

Gotta be honest, I didn't do brilliantly at first. Thankfully, failure is progress. Really good job, and captures the essence of Detroit without having to deal with David Cage's scriptwriting, which is always a plus.

I very much enjoyed this survey that was both simple and, indeed, a survey. 

No but seriously, that was fantastic. Had a great time with it, nice and relaxed, and I feel sufficiently chastised now. 

I mean I'm gonna judge it. It's brilliant. The gameplay is simple and approachable, the theme is direct and front-and-center in the design, the aesthetics are lovely, the music is great. I judge it... favourably.

Mechanically diverse, strong and clear interpretation of the theme while presenting aesthetics that wrap the whole thing in a mirror sheen of polish. Approachable but with later depth that presents itself at a reasonable pace, and an absolute pleasure to play! 

Somehow both dark and sinister, but simultaneously utterly adorable. Beautiful art as always, and the theming and gameplay ties together with immediately accessible simplicity. Builds nicely in challenge and variety, and has presentation that is most likely going to go unmatched. Congratulations Noa, it's a masterpiece.

Sorry, Theo - Didn't mean to cause offense. It's all presented affectionately, I assure you.