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Amazingly creative idea, love it!

Thanks for playing! Yes sorry for the bug... no idea what's happing and can't update until the rating is over...

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This game is fantastic! You had me with the dancing mushrom in the beginning. The Menu Music is so good. And then the juicy gameplay with the satisfying "confine" mechanics. All around just hats off to you.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback, much appreciated!

Good idea, gives the player an incentive to always mind the ammo... thx for playing!

Thanks for playing! Strange issue, but it's the same with me... couldn't fix it in time unfortunately... Scrolling with the mouse wheel makes the guy move again. No idea what's the issue...

A really interesting and new approach to a bullet hell, i like it!

Very well polished, simple but great visuals, nice sound effects.

Very well polished and outstanding sound design & music!

Took a minute to understand that the player is confined to a circular area, maybe you could add some visual clue? Second, personally I was a bit confused by the debris flying into the player (collecting). It looks really nice but I always kind of thought they are bullets which I need to avoid.

Having said that, very very fun to play, well done!

I agree.

Thx for playing and for the nice feedback! Fully agree about the sideways movement... I wanted to aim for a high difficulty but you still should have the feeling that you actually have the player under control :) 

Thanks, yes in the end I couldn't even complete the game myself which should be a clear sign that it's a bit too difficult :)

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! I agree and I feel the same about the sideways movement

love it!

I love it, nice and simple, but very engaging

Interesting game mechanics, nice visuals and sounds, well done!

The only only thing I'm missing is some juicy feedback when hitting the crab (sound or visual).

Nice and juicy! Very very well polished, nice visuals (I do like pink).

The only complaint I have is that the player movement is a bit too slow for my taste. I would really like to move  faster 

Yes it's important to keep that water flowing into the monitor, otherwise the capacity will drop 😅

Well done for a first game jam! The only complaint I have is that sometimes the bandaids don't stick. Other than that nice & simple!

What a great idea! I like the cute graphics, tha calming music and the simple but interesting gameplay.

Thanks for playing! yes there‘s no pattern just random… one of the things needing polish lol

10/10 game of the year

I love it! Such a simple but great idea and very well executed. I could really see this developed further as a mobile game... some quick ideas: indicate the waiting times and somehow punish the player when some cars have to wait too long; more levels with more complex crossroads, add some trains, add people crossing the streets... etc etc huge potential there :)

Did play single player only, but I like it! Multi player could be really fun to play as well

I like that you add many different mechanics, doesn't get boring!

Cool thanks so much for playing!!

thanks for playing and for the feedback!


I though about it but was too lazy in the end lol… thx for trying it out!

Thanks for playing! Yep thats for sure the main weakness of the game design, 100% agreed

Fully agree, thanks for the feedback! 

Nice take on the theme, why didn't I think of making a game about fans or paparazzis with this theme? The platformer "physics" and controls could be improved a bit... but hey, I'm not complaining :)

nicely polished, solid submission!

I love the art and the music is a perfect fit to create a certain mood.

Short but sweet, just like a banana

That's  a great mechanics with lots of puzzle-potential, well done!

Extra bonus for making me anticipate the skiing season. Nicely done! Just a litte polish and you have alto's adventure ;)

I like it!  Personally, I wouldn't even need the timer, it's even fun to play without it!

Nice one, well done!

I love it! Great game, looks and feels really nice and fun to play!!

Nice take on the theme, I like the mashup of trivia and platformer!

Not a big fan of the jump feel (it's a bit floaty and unpredictable), but that's my only complaint :D

Wow short but sweet! Such a cool concept!