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Plague of Minds

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This is a really good game. I was going to say, "wheres the mountain" and then I looked up at what I had thought was out of bounds wall. You did a really great job!

I liked it! It was really good for a first jam (better than mine). It was a little hard to figure out the controls, but the mechanics were well implemented. Good job!

This is really well polished! The animations are pretty good, and the mechanic of swapping between using your character and the bullet keeps things fresh. It is too difficult for me though, and it took me two hours just to beat the ten levels (nothing better to do). Perhaps some more easier stages to help players get more acquainted with the controls and mechanics might have been nice. Overall, it is a really great entry!

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I have not played the adapted game, but this is executed well with great polish.

We didn't have time to make a proper tutorial. After you use a symbol for  a spell, it will turn tan. Tan symbols do not work for white spells. Tan symbols work for spells that take tan symbols. Thank you for the feedback.

I don't know if anyone got this word yet:

31- realizes

I found this a very original idea, and atmospheric. I do think it lacks a bit of game play though.

Thank you for the feedback, in future projects we will work on the controls.

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I liked the game but I found the miss system too punishing if you just bought something expensive. I like the art a lot though and the atmosphere is great.

This is really amazing, never mind it being your first game! There is so much strategy that comes from never drawing more cards, and each card you start with is unique and useful in some way. There is a lot of synergy between cards too! Keep up the great work!

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I really liked this game. Despite the acceleration sometimes stopping you I felt like the movement was really good feeling compared to other jame games. I also really liked how a combination of unlockable doors allowed you to progress with certain powers and come back later with others. I feel like the map does look the same too much and think you should add in decoration in different parts to fix that. Overall this is an amazing jam entry!

I love all of the ways you can use the grappling hook! It would have been great to have music, but what you have now is very fun and unique. I found various glitched movement options as I played, not sure if phasing through walls is intentional, and accidentally soft-locked myself while I played. Great job! I wish I could have finished it but it crashed, and I'd already gotten soft-locked once, so I quit. Keep up the good work though!

I really liked the concept and the art was amazing. The music also felt really good to listen to. I think that the best strategy though was to always use guns because melee got you hurt and did so little damage. I think enemies should not be able to do touch damage for a little bit after getting hit. The final boss was to easy to find by just skipping rooms and was too easy. I also couldn't figure out what shop keepers gave you.  Overall though the game was really amazing.

I found the game too easy and beat it on my first try. I didn't actually need the boom box and only learned that you are suposed to take it with you after reading the bottom text. I don't think you should be able to see zombies in the dark. You could do this using sprite masks or the light weight pipline. Otherwise you can just run straight through without the boom box. The art was great though and I really liked the sound effects. The bridge moment was also very nice. Awsome job!

I liked the concept, but I think the stage should have been more drawn out. I also feel like the music was more distracting than it should have been.

I really liked the concept and and how different collecting coins and shooting enemies replenshed your actions in such a different way. I found the stage though with five enemies and two coins too hard to continue, though I am not much of a puzzler. Overall I think you did a really great job!

This is cool idea! It is well executed and a good challenge. I do wish the health of the player and enemy is displayed on the screen.

The game play is really good, challenging and fair. I was surprised by how many uses you fit out of one button. This would make a really good phone game! I do feel like the game is a little too challenging in the beginning.

I liked the gameplay, but I don't think its a good idea to place enemies so close to checkpoints as they will immediately run into you. I also could not figure out what to do at the locked door. I went back to the one at the start but couldn't figure it out. Overall though the game feel felt very nice and the game is very nice looking. Good Job!

The controls felt a little weird, but I found this idea very original. Good job!

Thank you for the feedback.

Thank you for the feed back.

I really liked how peacful and calm it was. The gameplay was fun with nice difficulty, but it felt to punishing to be sent back all the way back to the start of the level. I also feel like I had to employ trial and error to figure out what was below me. That and restarts sending you back so much made it difficult to get anywhere in the final level. Overall though I think it is incredibly impressive how much you were able to do in such a short time.

The mechanic was well done! I liked the technique you had to learn. It was fun to learn and master this technique! The game has a lot of depth, and the difficulty was spot on for me! Great job!

I really liked how crazy the boss gets and his dialoge. The graphics though simply were very easy to understand. The dificulty curve though I think should be changed. In my opion the jumping phase was the hardest and I beat the last phase on my first attempt. I think this is due to that phase being the only phase where the target moves up and horizontally. I really liked the over the topness though and really enjoyed it overall.

I really enjoyed this game. The game feel felt very crunchy and nice. And it was very satisfying to finally take down the final boss. I had a hard time understand what some items did though. Very nice game overall.

I really liked the art and how the level spins. Something that I had a hard time understanding was what kills you. I belive it is running into a wall but sometimes you seem to be fine when you run into one. I really liked the player animations and the controls felt good, except that you had to push the opposite direction to go that way. I don't know if this was intetional, but I did not care for these sort of controls. Overall, it was a very nice and relaxing experience.

I really enjoyed this game. I think it would be helpful to know what enemy buffs do. It was hard to get past room 10 due to crashes, but I really liked how strategic the combat and choices were.

This is great for what it is. Too bad it couldn't be longer. That being said, the mechanics were great and had a lot of potential.