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Plague of Minds

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An absolutely amazing puzzler, in both execution and concept. The character not being affected by gravity adds so much in combination with how many mechanics there are. 

The main gameplay loop was very fun and unique. I also liked how difficult hard mode was, it added a nice extra challenge.

I really like the art! I like the level design a lot too. The platforming was all very fair and fun, and the falling platforms spice up the game so much. It's also really satisfying to break the walls with your shell. I would recommend creating a playable browser version of your game to make it more accessible for game jams. Since your using Unity, all you would need to do is go to file-> Build Settings, and then change the platform to Web GL. Anyways, great game!

Rain world has been one of the biggest inspirations for most of the games that we make. Glad someone noticed!

Really amazing first game jam game. The upgrades give the game a really fun loop, although I think you should have to be near the base to purchase upgrades to make coming back more meaningful. The arrow is also a nice touch to make sure you never get lost. Great job!

I'm sorry, I couldn't figure out how to play the game. What do you run in the files?

I like the level design, and the music is great. The mechanics are solid, and the art is simple but good. I do wish there was more, as I liked the level design, it was very creative. The animation at the end is also great. That being said, the usage of the them ended up feeling more like it made the game harder to control than anything else (although I assume that was the point, you really feel like your tethered). Since your using Unity, I would recommend making your game playable in browser. It's simple to do, just go into File-> Build Settings, and then change your platform to WebGL. There are several YouTube tutorials about it. Anyway, good entry! The lots of little details, like the two hands and the chain tethering the characters together, the police swinging their baton, the main menu-- they are all really good for the game.

I had a hard time with this one. Maybe I'm just bad, but I always ended up messing up and it was frustrating to have to restart from the very beginning every time. The music was great, and the mechanics were solid. My mind was blown by how much you were able to do with such a simple idea, as similar games for this jam didn't have nearly as much variety in levels. Whoever did the level design is quite talented. I would probably recommend having a way to play your jam games in browser, as that helps the amount of ratings you will get. Since your using Unity, all you need to do is go into the build settings, and change the platform to WebGL. There are several tutorials on YouTube. Overall, this is a good entry.

I like the balance of the game a lot, especially later on when it becomes a full on bullet hell because the top box closes (and it takes a while to open up again). I found the mechanics somewhat confusing at first, but was able to figure it out. I like this game, it's quite fun, however I would recommend including something to indicate where the enemy boxes will spawn, because they can spawn so close to you that you can't avoid them with how cramped the game area will become. Fun mechanics overall. If possible, you might want to look into creating your game in a format that can be played in browser, as people are more likely to play your game that way and rate it. It took me 2 minutes to download and extract, and most people aren't willing to wait that long. Overall this was a fun entry, and the usage of the theme adds a nice twist onto a bullet hell game.

This is a really great concept and the programming for this game seems super difficult, and it was really well done. Cool game.

Really neat interpretation of the theme! The final boss is also great, my only complaint is that it takes a long time to get back to the town, but I really like that the lasso doesn't shoot towards the cursor, and must be timed right by yourself. Overall, a really great game!

I like the concept, and the beginning is great, but I got stuck after getting the mask. I hit X, but nothing would happen. I like the music, and the art is simple but good. 

This is a really accurate dog simulator, really great and fun! The bears felt a little unfair, but the polish and art was great, and the design was really good overall. Really great game!

I like the concept, and the beginning levels do a really good job of teaching you the mechanics. I feel like it takes a little too long to restart levels, but overall I like the game.

I like the idea, but I don't completely understand the projectiles. I got to 451 as my best, but felt like it was impossible to defend your sheep at that point. The polish was really REALLY well done, and I like the music and art. Great job!

This was really good, and the balance was AMAZING. It felt really fair and fun. The polish was a bit lacking, but the music and sound effects more than made up for it. Great game!

Thank you for the feedback. I agree, I think we needed some more movement options to really flesh out the gameplay. Thank you for playing the game!

I like the art and music, the mechanics are unique, but I hate that you always get sent back to the beginning. There were also two paths to go down, which was confusing because I swear one of them ended in an invisible wall but I couldn't tell. I like the take on the theme, of joining the coins to get heavier.

I couldn't get the two slimes to combine in the very first level. I hit space while the slimes were next to eachother, but they didn't combine. Am I doing something wrong?

The music was great, and I liked the simple art. I tried to survive to some sort of ending, but couldn't get there is there was one. There was a glitch I kept encountering that made it unfair sometimes, where a character would get stuck on the ground. I think I know the problem, if you were using Unity's tile system. When using hitboxes on the tiles sometimes characters can get stuck on what is supposed to be flat ground, so its better to avoid use the hitboxes on Unity's tileing system, if that is what you used. I liked the game.

Very cool mechanics, needing to pick up elements forces you to move with purpose and learning all of the different combinations was very fun!

The art, music, and sound effects were amazing! The polish and mechanics were really well done, and the character meditate animation is like the best thing ever. My only issue with the gameplay is that it encourages you to just run around shooting for a bit, then getting back on, over and over and over again. I think it would be neat if there was something to encourage the mount to have do something without the player so that there would be an incentive to split up sometimes. Otherwise it just feel like a normal shooter where you can only move or shoot, not both. I liked the wave system a lot, and this is a really good game overall!

Holy heck this game is really well polished. The sound effects are awesome and crunchy, and I love how you have to make sure your buddy has enough room to shoot at the targets. Great game!

I really like the use of the theme and the music! The puzzles are very fun, the only thing I wasn't sure about was if I was using intended strategies or cheesing levels. Overall a really great entry!

I like the music and graphics. The clear sound effect was a bit too loud for me and high pitched, but I'm probably just picky. I liked some of the puzzles, the only problem with some of them being that they were just the same solution of sticking one guys head up a wall over and over again. Overall I like your game though!

The visuals and music are absolutely stellar. Really enjoyed watching the world spin as you moved along, and the coins add a nice spicy incentive to not just stay at the edge spamming jump. Great entry!

The use of theming is very cool. The only complaint I can really make is that there isn't more. I love how there are always the cows to combo off of if you need it, and the shooting enemies to provide the challenge. Very nice entry, had a good time with this one.

Hey! The concept is very cool and the art is impressive. You should be proud of what you made, even if you didn't get to finish it. The first game jam our team made was an absolute mess, and what you have here is much more polished(and probably better). The theming is also unique and it would be interesting to see what kind of story you could develop around it.

This is a super cool take on a turn based game! I really liked how you made use of multiple mechanics other than damage, like self harm and healing. It really made each wheel feel very unique. One thing to change, maybe have a speed up button because some fights get very long with healing. Overall, this is an amazing entry!

This is a pretty good use of the theme, and the platforming was surprisingly good. Good job!

I loved the gameplay loop, and the use of memorization is really great! I had a really fun time playing this, great job!

This game was great! The polish was very on point, and the leniency with the hitboxes made playing the game feel easy and intuitive. I love how you turned the theme into a direct gameplay mechanic in such a simple yet clean way. Great job, I think that this would make a good mobile game.

This is a really cool simple, yet tight game. The game feels great and the visuals are very nice. Great job!

I liked the story but like... was not expecting that language. Otherwise I like the writing and the comical moment at the end.

Cool game! I liked all the different mechanics, and the restart button was much appreciated (its too bad it doesn't work in the final level). The idea of minigames for combat was a cool idea, and I like how the controls felt. They felt pretty slick, and I almost didn't mind having to play through the game again to get back to the final level (I softlocked myself). I don't really know how this relates to the theme though. I think that you could make a really neat RPG with this premise.

So I can't actually play the game.... Just wanted give some advice about .rar files- not everyone has the application to open them. I would recommend making a Webgl version of the game if possible.


This is a really cool use of the theme! The concept is really great and executed well.

I loved the polish and the interesting art/video effects.