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Plague of Minds

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This is a pretty good use of the theme, and the platforming was surprisingly good. Good job!

I loved the gameplay loop, and the use of memorization is really great! I had a really fun time playing this, great job!

This game was great! The polish was very on point, and the leniency with the hitboxes made playing the game feel easy and intuitive. I love how you turned the theme into a direct gameplay mechanic in such a simple yet clean way. Great job, I think that this would make a good mobile game.

This is a really cool simple, yet tight game. The game feels great and the visuals are very nice. Great job!

I liked the story but like... was not expecting that language. Otherwise I like the writing and the comical moment at the end.

Cool game! I liked all the different mechanics, and the restart button was much appreciated (its too bad it doesn't work in the final level). The idea of minigames for combat was a cool idea, and I like how the controls felt. They felt pretty slick, and I almost didn't mind having to play through the game again to get back to the final level (I softlocked myself). I don't really know how this relates to the theme though. I think that you could make a really neat RPG with this premise.

So I can't actually play the game.... Just wanted give some advice about .rar files- not everyone has the application to open them. I would recommend making a Webgl version of the game if possible.


This is a really cool use of the theme! The concept is really great and executed well.

I loved the polish and the interesting art/video effects.

Thank you for the feedback! We were originally going to have a whole map to explore,  a more in depth combat system, and more complicated AI's, but we cut it down to what it is now in order to be able to finish. We might expand this in the future, thank you for the feedback.

Sorry about the head thing. We forgot to explain how to control it, and the controls for it are quite awkward. Thank you for the feedback.

Thank you for the feedback. Alas, my worst fear about the art has come true. I will have to fix that in future projects.

The fish rotating while jumping was supposed to be an intended mechanic, although we probably should have made it clearer on how to control that. Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for the feedback. That's a really good time compared to the people who we had playtest our game. Thank you!

Sorry I did not realize that! That's a really unique idea, I changed my rating.

OOF! I commented twice on accident sorry.

I couldn't figure out the climbing system, so I got stuck. The idea is cool though, and I liked the art.

I couldn't figure out the climbing system, so I got stuck. The idea is cool though, and I liked the art.

This is a pretty unique platformer with interesting design. I enjoyed the level design and the bell chime is a cool inclusion. Good job.

This is a really great game. Again just those minor things, although enough people talked about those. I really love the visuals though, they stand out and are so unique that I have to mention them. 

Its hard to understand when players get hit, and the camouflage mechanic seems a bit useless since it doesn't hide the weapon. Red seems to have a massive disadvantage being that they start to the left and can't turn their weapon around to face blue. That being said, this is a really cool idea for local multiplayer game and me and my friend had a good time trying to murder each other.

Although I liked the concept, it was very unbalanced in my opinion. The superior strategy from what me and my brother found was to just spawn the blue box on top of the ship to kill it with ease. Although you can try dodging it, its hitbox is big and you can't outrun the mouse. Overall its a cool idea that just needs some tweaks. I couldn't really figure out how the theme applies.

I really liked the visuals and the music. The gameplay is simple and fun. The only thing I would suggest is a change of controls and a zoomed out camera. Controlling the direction the ship moves with the mouse makes it hard to turn and collect pieces that break off. Great job overall!

This was an unexpected entry, but extremely well done. There is a lot of talent here, and I would want to play a full story game like this. The art is gorgeous, the story is well done, and the music accompanies this perfectly. Great job! 

This was a really creative idea. The mechanics worked very well, and the sound effects were killer. The art was very cozy, although there appeared to be some overlap issues. I like how it played out as a puzzler without ever having the player get stuck (thanks to the 15 sec rule). Overall this was a very good entry.

Funnily enough, we also did fish out of water. I liked your unique take on this type of game. The different paths in the level design were interesting and seemed to reward the player for taking them. I was not able to complete the game however, as I could not get past the two snakes in prickly peak. Overall, your game is very solid and fun, just with a couple of little things, but for a game jam this is awesome.

This is a very cool jam entry. Despite the gameplay being very simple, it was very enjoyable. The dialogue in the beginning is pretty funny, and I like how you literally just carry the nurse to the children. Great job!

I really liked the polish and the music was spot on. The way you ramped up the difficulty with more complex structures was really interesting and unique. Great job!

The art and sound effects are great! I really love the simple premise, and the inclusion of "powerups" to keep you from mindlessly trying to match shapes really adds to the game.

This game is really good. The puzzles are designed brilliantly, and it is well polished. I couldn't finish this one though, it made my brain wish it was bigger. Great job overall!

This is a really good idea, and the game play is very crunchy. My only complaint is that the difficulty curve is a little too steep, at least for me anyway. Overall this is a really solid entry.

Your concept is brilliant, the art is very fitting, and you level design is amazing. Great job!

This is very well done, and the polish is through the roof for a jam game. I didn't find the controls very difficult though, and the hardest part for me was trying to see all of the threats at once since they come from every direction. Overall though, this is a really good jam game. Great job!

This is a really well made game. I really like the art for the game, with a sort of spin off mario character. This was really cool, great job.

Thank you. We were trying to make an adventure game with some challenge, and we didn't really have enough time to do either. We will have to scope better next time.

This is a really good game. I was going to say, "wheres the mountain" and then I looked up at what I had thought was out of bounds wall. You did a really great job!

I liked it! It was really good for a first jam (better than mine). It was a little hard to figure out the controls, but the mechanics were well implemented. Good job!

This is really well polished! The animations are pretty good, and the mechanic of swapping between using your character and the bullet keeps things fresh. It is too difficult for me though, and it took me two hours just to beat the ten levels (nothing better to do). Perhaps some more easier stages to help players get more acquainted with the controls and mechanics might have been nice. Overall, it is a really great entry!