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A jam submission

Washed UpView game page

Platformer Created for the Completion Jam [December 2020]
Submitted by Plague of Minds — 3 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline
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This is so good!

The controls are the worst but when you finish a level it feels so good!


Wow this is such a good game! It reminds me of platformers I used to play when I was little ;D Great job man! Also the art was lovely!

What a nice game! Really enjoyed it. The controls felt slippy but at the same time really consistent, which made it really fun to play. Good job!




This was all around a really fantastic game! and even more so because of the 72 hour limit. Really impressive! 

The art was fantastic. The controls were surprisingly solid for something that feels like it should be so uncontrollable. And there were a lot of levels which were all fun to play through! 

Wow, the visuals are extremely impressive! The sound also really adds to the atmosphere. If I am not mistaken, you also changed the music for the last level, which was a nice touch. The physics are fun to play around with and the levels are short enough to avoid frustration.
I used a controller as recommended. My time was 593 seconds. Great game!


Thank you for the feedback. That's a really good time compared to the people who we had playtest our game. Thank you!


The art is pretty good and also the theme is well done. The gameplay is sometimes a little bit difficult because of the fish rotating while jumping. But overall well done


The fish rotating while jumping was supposed to be an intended mechanic, although we probably should have made it clearer on how to control that. Thank you for the feedback!


the game is really fun. sometimes it was hard to see where I was because of the black on black. but still really pretty  and fun  5/5


Thank you for the feedback. Alas, my worst fear about the art has come true. I will have to fix that in future projects.


Loved the art! Sometines feeled frustrated to not beeing able to control the head direction. But it kinda liked the character physics.


Sorry about the head thing. We forgot to explain how to control it, and the controls for it are quite awkward. Thank you for the feedback.


Wow, the art style in this game is absolutley beautiful. and the concepts are great. love the uise of the theme.some levels were difficult to due due to the way your tail would swing infront of your body when you jump, very interesting mechanic makes for interesting gameplay. add some more enemy variety and play testing and this is a game i would gladly pay for


Thank you for the feedback! We were originally going to have a whole map to explore,  a more in depth combat system, and more complicated AI's, but we cut it down to what it is now in order to be able to finish. We might expand this in the future, thank you for the feedback.