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Thank you so much, glad to know that I inspired you :) good luck and have a good life as well!

Thank you so much! I am happy to know that you can relate to this post. Good luck in whatever you are doing!  

Thank you so much for the nice words! I am trying my best with this game!

Nice survival horror game! The monster is interesting but it's kind of dumb sometimes xd 
The environment is nice but also feels like a total maze
The game was fun and I enjoyed it, it just takes too long to find all keys 

If you have some time I will appreciate if you can check out my game and rate it!

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Thanks for playing! The game didn't end up actually being horror but that wasn't the main objective of the game anyway

Yes, you can just stay outside the map but you have to protect all sides so that doesn't really help lol

Did you get to trigger and fight the final boss? We almost ran out of time making it xd

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Lol it got me good because I did not expect that jumpscare at all, that was the most random jumpscare ever xd

The game has a very nice build-up, it has a creepy (and ambigous) story, the environment is simple and the monster is original. It all creates the perfect horror setting. But I felt like the build up was for almost nothing, but for a game jam this is expected so I don't blame you lol

The music and the people around were... comforting and it lowered the fear factor. Also the fact that the "jumpscares" were very often drastically reduced the fear level, but I think this was intended. When you took away the music the game became 10x scarier, in any horror game hearing just your footsteps is enough to make you fear what could happen. When that happened I instantly wanted to see if there are still people around, and they were.

Like I said the ending lacked, because all the build up just goes away. I expected all the people to dissapear and the lights too power off or the people turn against you and attack you or some event that will really make the player feel on the edge. I never really felt on the edge mostly because there were people around, and the people were actually alive, I wasn't scared of them because they felt like actual people, like they talked to you, so that made me feel safe. And in a horror game you have to make the player feel safe and then just take that away. This is the best way to build up for the ending.

Anyway, It was just unsatisfying for the player to end the game like this, because we play horror game to get scared xd

For a game jam I think it turned out really good! I really liked that you kept your style and didn't just copy others, the game feels original! Good job and I hope to see more horror games from you :)

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Nice work! I really think this game has some strong aspects and has room for improvement.

Let me start with the outstanding features of the game:

  • Engaging and progressive storyline, easy to catch on and follow. The cinematics are short and easy to understand, the notes give interesting details and leave room for more to come
  • Sound design is perfect (or at least better than most indie games). Every action gives audio feedback and I can see that you really spent some time on it. 
  • Great enemy design. The "silly" design of the enemies works really nicely with the games aesthetic.
  • KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) design. I don't think anyone will have any problems understanding the mechanics. The mechanics are simple and fun and that is just perfect. It was really fun for me to stop the time and circle around the enemies while throwing banans.
  • Relating to the last point, the UI is also well made, it's kept simple without troubling the player with many elements. Also I like the UI animations, small details that give the feel of a completed game. Also I was wondering why didn't you put the watch timer directly on the watch screen.


If you were going for the calm / chill vibe it works perfectly. It's great for a fun game like this one and does not distract the player. 

But if you would have prefered going for a more action fast-paced gameplay then it doesn't fit. This is the case for the bosses where the music doesn't really cope with the gameplay.

What can be improved / changed

  • Level Design. Following the signs is an easy and intuitive way for the player. Also I think this really works with the story, because the writer wants you to follow the rules. But what if you don't? Well the writer doesn't care at all, so breaking the rules has no effect. Now what if the rules were actually strict and the writer doesn't want you to break them. Well, just add an invisible electricity wall that damages you when you get close. This way you solve one critical issue that happened to me. You have to acknowledge the fact that players, generally, don't like to follow rules, they like to break the game. And that's what I did. I just took another route. Of course this means that I didn't take the notes in order and had to come back for some of them. You can see how this kind of ruins the whole game progression. Ok, for a small game like this maybe this doesn't matter too much, but it's an improvement that makes a big difference on how players see your game. Also some levels can be open (like the bridge one), but don't leave the player confused.
  • Combat. I don't know how many people playtested the game before release, but for me at least, the combat isn't always great:
  • Enemies HP. It becomes frustrating. All enemies have a lot of hp. In most shooter games there is the low hp enemies which you can basically one shot, and the high hp enemies which are less frequent. But here there are no low hp enemies. I think there should be a balance, otherwise the gameplay just becomes repetitive. In most cases I didn't even bother killing them anymore because when you have 3 enemies following you it will take you over 20 seconds to kill them. This is just not fair for the player so he will just run away. A simple fix for this would be to split a level in areas which will be locked once you enter (invisible / electrical walls). To progress you have to kill all enemies. This also helps with the level design. When you let the player wander around, most of the times he will just ignore the enemies. Another suggeston I got is to make smaller variants of the current enemies. For example the flying-eye can have a smaller variant which can be killed quickly in 1-2 seconds. Then just pair the smaller flying-eyes with the big ones. Edit: I realised that the bananas actually do a lot of damage, I was not using them very often. But still, when fighting multiple enemies you won't have enough bananas.
  • The Laser. The major flaw I noticed at the first moment is that there is absolutely no visual indicator for dealing damage. This adds to my other point, and makes it even more annoying to fight enemies. My suggestion is to either add a hp bar above the enemy, but this can clutter the screen too much, or change the enemies color as he is damaged. Secondly the laser cooldown is inneficient, you can just spam click and it works the same, so it doesn't stop you from defending yourself. It's like in a game where you have stamina, if it reaches 0 and then just goes back to 0.01, you can start sprinting again. Of course this means that you can basically sprint for as long as you want. To avoid this problems just add a recharge cooldown. When it reaches 0%, before using it again you will have to wait until it recharges to 20%.
  • Stop Time Watch. This mechanic improves the whole gameplay. The cooldown has the same problem as the laser. When I was playing the game I just spammed Q and Left Click and I was invincible. That's what I did for the last boss fight. I didn't bother killing any enemies around me, just spammed until the boss was dead (oh and also why not adding a boss hp bar). Anyway, this mechanic was a lot of fun, like I said, stopping the time and throwing bananas while circling enemies was great. But I felt like there could be more than just this. Like imagine enemies coming from all directions circling you. You stop the time and throw bananas to kill all of them. Events like this would be really fun, but here comes the problem with the enemy hp, you can't fight more than one enemy at a time since they have too much hp.

Overall something the game needs is more playtesting if you want to make it perfect. Right now it's a fun game and most people can enjoy it as it is. But some might stop playing in the first minutes because of the overall design. Keep the game simple as it is, I am not saying you have to over-complicate it to make it fit for everyone. If the game is simple, the design has to also be simple. That means it should always be clear what you should do and what you shouldn't do.

I hope that some things that I said here will help you. Also some things I said might just be my opinion and maybe you have a different point of view, that's why you need a lot more feedback before deciding on what to change. It is up to you if you want to further improve this game or work on a new project. But at least keep in mind what can be improved for your next project if not for this one.

we should try and get a lot of people until the server can't handle it, that would be cool lol

I've never imagined that my simple game will turn into this! It's so fun racing with others in a game like this, amazing job man!!

I guess the steering felt weird for me at first because in my version it was very different but it's fine

yes of course, I think your intention was to make people drift more than just driving around, but while I was driving around without drifting the steering was slow that's all i was saying

Amazing features!! good job! the steering is slow and a bit hard at first, but you get used to it after the first few playthroughs. Can't wait to see this on day 6

This is very cool! but someone has to bake the lights at the end or else the lighting will not be very good

Good job!! This is amazing! I really like the adventure mode. I also realized the AI was tough to fight against but didn't have much time left to tweak it. Thanks for keeping this game going and hopefully we make it to day 6! Also maybe add the HTML and JS logo on the game thumbnail :)

lol yeah but it ruins all the drifting, it's impossible for a car to rotate like this, even if the driver is very drunk. If you hold A or D it just rotates

Nicee, let's make it to day 6! I think the steering angle is too high, the car moves right/left at the slightest press of the key and rotates like crazy.

Man this looks insane! maybe someone wants to work on this for day 4 but very unlikely. Still amazing job!

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yes it would be cool, I still can't understand how you just decided to turn a unity project into a html game but nice lol. Also I learnt a lot while working on this since I was a beginner in java script mostly, I worked on simple apps but not on a game like this one

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Hey, maybe you are interested in mine, it got a lot of cool improvements since day 1. There are 2 versions of it:

Is anyone interested to work on a game for day 4 made in pure html & js. It is very unlikely that this project makes it to day 6 but it would be pretty cool.

Is anyone interested to work on a game for day 4 made in pure html & js. It is very unlikely that this project makes it to day 6 but it would be pretty cool.
I actually worked on it for day 3 :)

I actually managed to expand it a bit :)

anyone wants to work on a game made in html and javascript for day 4. Very unlikely that this will make it to the end but it would be funny

Man this is amazing!! great job! hopefully there are others to pick this game up for the next day but there is also another version of this project :)

lol I had my headphones turned off didn't realise you also added sound effects. wow you really did a lot in this short time frame :) 

Nicee! This is amazing thank you so much!! hopefully someone will also add sound effects

Oh well I love code refactoring, I am not new at all. Maybe I will look into it :)

:) If you want you can work on this on day 4, hopefully this can make it to day 6!

Bro this looks awesome, thanks for expanding the psx style. Sadly I don't think the initial car controller script works well for this kind of driving xD hopefully someone is interested in tweaking it a bit

hey, why didn't you just upload the whole game files? I can't really get it to work if I only have the assets. I have to make a new unity project and then add the assets but it will not work correctly because it doesn't have all the packages installed.

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You can possibly add features from your original day 1 game xD but I think it will be hard

... yeah you have to get lucky, even if your game is good is not guaranted it will be picked up, thank you! I hope we make it to day 6 :)

if there are questions regarding the code I can answer, or any similar functionality just to explain you something. No communication is suppose to mean no sharing ideas and stuff like that mostly.

Hey it's not using js in unity. The game was completely remade in java script and html. I might try and continue this since its faster to make than an unity project since I don't have much time today and I have a bit of experience with java script.

I want to but not sure if I have time today ! I like the project, I usually make horror games anyway.

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Hey, you said the project is more than 1gb but did you try to remove the library folder in the project that is automatically generated by unity? That takes up most of the file size and it is ignored by github as well

Also I think this is amazing, I saw really cool projects in this jam and I am so happy that they are all open source. Even if I don't have time to expand time I will keep the files :)

Anyone interested in continuing this game. I created the project on day 1 and someone added a lot of cool features on day 2. It's a neat parkour game with cool mechanics and it would be very sad if it gets left behind. If you have time check it out :)

Someone continued my game from day 1 and added a lot of cool features. It would be very sad if this project gets left behind since I and the person who worked on day 2 put a lot of work into it. It's a 3D first person parkour and physics game: