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Thank you for checking out my games! Keep up the videos!

Thank you for playing and thank you for the support :)

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Hello, yes I am planning to give more keys when I will release it on steam. You can join the discord server and you could win a key when the game launches on steam :).

The other version was some sort of "demo" but now I am making it into a better game :).

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Thank you for the feedback. I am aware of the fact that the levels are too dark. I will fix that in the next update :) Thank you for the support!

Finally, I can be a YouTuber!! Amazing :D

Haha thanks for playing again :)

This was so cool! I loved this. I played the whole game and it was amazing!

 I didn't really like the controls at first, I don't usually play top-down games so probably this is just my opinion but it was weird that "D"  = going forward. Even if the camera was tilted, for me that felt weird, but like I said I usually only play first-person games so probably this is just my opinion

And also why were the guns letters? I just thought it was weird xD

Overall really nice game, loved the boss fights, the gameplay was smooth, I didn't understand why I died in some cases because there is no health bar but it is fine :) 

Also, the music was soo good! I loved it and also the sound effects were really nice!

Keep it up, man! This was a great game! 

Haha :) This game was made in like 3 hours  xD Thanks for playing, I also have a new horror Christmas game if you want to check that out :)

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Thanks for playing and sorry for the bug. We actually updated the game to 1.2.0 and added a lot of stuff also fixed the bug you encountered :)

Thank you for the feedback :) and you are right most of the things found in the drawers are useless but it isn't necesary to open them :) 

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Great :) Yeah, I released a few games. If you want you can check out my newest horror game "Unwrapping Christmas" or anything else you want :) And if you could check out "The Facility Project" and wishlist the game on steam, it would help a lot :)

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Nice man! Keep up the good work :) I will definitely play when it gets updated :) Oh and also are there going to be new weapons? Like an AR maybe?

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Really cool fps shooter, it was really fun :) I didn't really like the blood splatter particles, they were looking weird. I also found a few bugs. I opened my inventory and press ESC to close it but the cursor stayed on the screen and I had to click/shoot to make the cursor disappear, just a small bug. And also after finding the fuse I heard zombie noises behind me all the time but there wasn't anything behind me, a really weird bug. Also, the gun and hands are not affected by lighting and I know that is because they are not rendered on the main camera because they have a separate layer but I think it just looks weird.

Overall really nice game, I enjoyed playing this and I love fps survival horror games :) Keep up the great work  can't wait for the continuation / full game 

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I love survival horror games and this one didn't disappoint me. The concept was nice and I enjoyed playing this :) The game wasn't that hard so you don't have to struggle too much. The game is just perfect! Good job!

This was amazing, I don't usually like narrative games but combining a narrative game with a driving game makes the best experience possible. The game kept me engaged and I loved the concept. The ending also left me with a lot of questions. Really nice game. Hope to see more from you :) Good job!

Short game with a really interesting story and twist. The idea was well executed. I can't really complain much about this game since it was short and had an interesting story. Good job on this one!

Cool game, the concept was really simple and straight to the point but it was a pretty good game. I enjoyed playing this short game! Good job!

Haha, amazing cinematics and terrifying monster. This was fun and terrifying at the same time. Of course, there are a lot of things that could be improved like the graphics, especially in the outside area it looked really weird, but the game was really funny and it had an interesting storyline xD The ending was the best :) good job!

Just amazing, really short game but so good, the models are really nice, especially the monster :) It was the perfect atmosphere build-up. I loved playing this and most of the time folklore legends horror games are really good. 

Even though not everybody will agree to this, I think allowing more exploration in the other rooms would have been more interesting, but it is not such a big deal since it isn't really necessary to go in all the rooms.

Good job Jonny, another great horror game :)

Amazing game. I was so scared when I first encountered the Nun. I managed to get 3 endings and I am still playing to find the others.

At first, I didn't understand the objective nor the map, the Nun killed me right away and the game just closed and I had to start over. I know it is supposed to be like that but when playing for the first time with no experience and no idea what to do it is weird to die and to close the game. After I got past the first part I had to look at a walkthrough because I was too scared to die and lose the progress but realized later that after you learn the map and all the stuff it actually doesn't take that much time to get your progress back. 

One more thing I didn't know is that you can hold multiple items and I thought my items just disappeared and had to restart the game, but I realized later when I looked at the controls. Maybe after you pick up the first item (the lighter) a text should pop up that says "Press Z to open inventory". That could have saved me a lot of time since I had to restart the game after playing for like 15 minutes because I thought the items disappeared xD

Of course, these things may have happened just to me because I didn't read the controls before playing or other things but this could happen to some other players

Anyways, overall the game was really nice, I loved it and would recommend it 4.5/5 :) 

Best horror experience, scared me so much that I had to buy a wireless mouse and keyboard so I can stay 5 meters away from the screen.

Keep up the good work! :)

Really creepy game! The graphics are amazing, I love everything about the graphics. The player movement feels really good, I don't know how you made it but it is really good :) I think the jumpscares and sounds could be improved a bit. I was scared while exploring the mansion but the jumpscares didn't really get me. The atmosphere was really good but I think you have to improve the jumpscares. I also really liked the twist at the end.

Can't wait for the full game to come out! Keep up the good work!

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Hey thanks for playing and sorry for that glitch. It rarely happens and we didn't really find a stable solution to fix it, but we will try to find something and update the game as soon as we can. And yes there are multiple endings, you have to do different things for each one. Thanks for playing :) Keep up those videos! :)

Thank you for playing :) I am glad that you enjoyed the game and that it scared you xD Also the story is explained more in the other endings :)

Hey thanks for playing, yeah we actually updated the game adding more jumpscares, remaking some endings and adding more stuff :)

oh ok, I understand, thanks 

Ok but can you fix this, is there anything the staff can do to solve this problem?  Could you contact someone that can help me out?

Oh, any idea what should we do?

Hello, I recently launched a game and updated it just a few minutes ago. Before updating the game, I saw that it was on the top games page but somehow after I updated it, the game just disappeared.


I can still see it when viewing all tags but it doesn't show up anywhere. I just thought it was strange. Was there any error?  I accidentally uploaded a .zip without the game that was 22 bytes and only saw that after a few minutes and then replaced it with the game. Could that have been the cause?

The game is

Thank you :)

Thank you for playing and you get the second ending by helping the reindeer (you have to take something from the presents)

Thanks for playing :)

Thank you so much for the feedback, we are glad that you enjoyed the game :)

Thanks for playing :) Glad you enjoyed

Thanks! I will check out your game too!


Really short and sweet game. It was spooky, the ambiance was creepy and the jumpscares were pretty expected/predictable but still managed to get me :))
The PSX style graphics were really nice :) I always like games with this kind of graphics. 
There was a bit of backstory that I think could have been improved/expanded but it was fine. It was weird how the father wanted to kill you or something because you just blocked him, I mean, of course, there was more going on, maybe he was a psychopath or he just escaped prison. A bit more explanation would have been really nice. 
I really liked that you could interact with stuff like the TV :) It was a really nice addition.
I figured that was something to do with the father from the first moment I saw the text on the phone but I did not expect the father to be an actual pig xD.
The ending seemed a bit too incomplete. I mean, does your father actually want to kill you or it was all just a dream? The game is fine as it is but it would have been so much better if after the dream that stuff actually happened in real life to tell the player that the father actually wants to kill you (even if you kind of can understand that).
In conclusion, I think you did a really good job on this game, short game, horror, creepy and it was just perfect :)

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Really fun and creepy experience. I really enjoyed playing this and I think it is actually a pretty fun game :) The jumpscares were also pretty nice and the twist with the gun was pretty interesting. I only managed to get 2 endings. Is the other one also by taking the gun because I couldn't figure it out. 
The only thing that could be improved is maybe interacting with more props, more secrets. Also a night ambience would be really nice.

I really don't have much criticism about the game since it was an actual fun game to kill a couple of minutes. It had no story/backstory but I think it was fine :) Also, why are the people in that neighborhood so rude xD

Edit: Just figured the last ending nvm :)

Thanks for playing :)) Keep up the videos!

Haha :) Thanks for playing!

Haha :) Well, I put random food in my every game, some of them have a meaning but mostly the food is just random lol :)

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed :)