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Hello, im Aidan mcdonald i know some untiy c# but have only done 2d, id love to join your team if yopu have space :) add my discord aidan1771#7856

only scratch is allowed

VaporJam community · Created a new topic waddup

how yall doin

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Hello, just wondering how long the voting time is for this? im good with whatever just seen lots of varying voting times. hows your guyses games doing?

this game is really well done, impressive for sure that it was made in a jam. the story and twist are very cool. i really enjoyed the boss fight and its many phases (though the lasers felt a little unfair). would also be a small qol improvemnt to allow holding down space. all in all very well done

hey, sorry you had these troubles. After throwing the gun it rotates by itself. You can move the character still and get out of the way of the gun and let it rotate so you can hit the button. If you hold down the RMB time will slow down and you will get a laser sight. Hope this helps if you get the chance to try again :).

My discord : aidan1771#7856

it for sure takes a little bit of practice. but once you get the hang of it its quite rewarding

Thank You!

thank you. i appriciate it. unfortunatley we didnt have time to flesh everything out properly and may have made it too difficult. 

this is really well done good job. i started using unity recently (my only to games were this jam and the out of place jam). if you wanted to work on a project together sometime send me a message aidan1771#7856

this is a really cool game. i really like the art style. some animations on the charecters would add alot of life i think

this is a really cool game. i really like the art style. some animations on the charecters would add alot of life i think

this is a really challenginjg game. feels really rewarding to beat tho

this is a really challenginjg game. feels really rewarding to beat tho

this is really cool. the best score i got was 875

one thing i noticed is its not worth it to charge up the disc shot much because your fire will keep getting shot. maybe make the fire invincible for a bit after the disc shot if you charge it up enough to make that more viable because i really liked watching the disc fly around and hit a bunch of cannons!

this is beutiful, all i can say

sounds great! cant wait to watch it!

could be that? is the person running the jam online?


really cool concept. found it impossible to play the tutorial or beat the big enemies (my bullets just bounced off). i might be missing something as im pretty sure i couldnt see stuff due to me having an ultrawide monitor?

Appriciate the feedback, would have liked to add a hud marker to show nearby enemies but didnt have enough time or the know how. will look into it for the future

thank you for the feedback, im continuing to work on the game even though the jam has ended. i did often notice watching my friends try it that the peices would sometimes be hard to collect. looking at ways i can change the controls to fix this currently :)

for anyone playing or who has played this game. some feedback on the difficulty/weather or not you reached the end would be great :)

wow this is an amazing mix of two games types i love. rts and puzzle. and it firts the theme so well. 5 stars

my first game jam ive done in unity. just started learning last month, would be interested to hear what you think

Could have maybe been something with my computer but I can hear the music? I'll give it another try after work

thank you! Sorry about the gun going out of bounds, this was noticed during testing but I didn't have time to fix it before the game. Planning on adding an upgrade system between levels one of which being a magnet that pulls your parts back together

wow the art in this game is spectacular, the sound design and darkness made me think i was gonna get jump scared the whole time. great job team

I'm in the exact same boat, started learning unity about a month ago (kinda learned game maker a couple years ago) and this game jam as taught me so much and I can feel I've improved. Not to mention actually made me finish something lol

lol I get it I'm excited too. Worth waiting for though so more people can play and rate and we can play and rate more people's games

the game jam before this I didn't get finished. It happens to all of us my man there is always more jams :)

thank you i really appriciate the feedback :)

thanks man i really appriciate it! just played your game and was shocked to see all those weapons and then a boss fight on top of it in nonly three days!

this was my second game jam and this was so much fun. its been a year since ive been in a game jham and i started learning a whole new engine for this, thank you so much

this game is great for being made in only three days, the glitch that ranged weapons hurt you was fruturationg until i realized it didnt happend with swords and just didnt use the guns which added to the challenge and made it fun

thank you :) a friend of mine helped me out with some art assets he made for the game