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Cool concept for a game. I think where this could be improved is in the small things. A more thorough tutorial (explaining what the pink guy in the last level does?), a main menu, more than one song, and smoother controls would all vastly improve this game. 

The controls in particular have room for improvement. The bodyguard seems to have momentum when he moves, and also moves fairly slow. Since the player is constantly running around to try and control things, these can be a little frustrating. I find that in games where precision is important, tight controls can go a long way. Additionally, there appears to be momentum when rotating the character to place something. I think it would be better if there was not momentum here, since it doesn't really need to be there and just makes setting up the stage more frustrating.

Overall this is a really cool idea. I think it'd be neat to explore more ideas with abilities, different types of fans, and stuff like that. Great job!