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The game where you have to control the controller
Submitted by Priomblazer — 3 hours, 40 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
Since time immemorial, the game controller has been the method through which players interact with their games. This game aims to fit the theme "Out of Control" by taking the controls out of the players physical hands and thrusting it into the game screen. Control the little astronaut around the controller to contol your ship.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all audio during the game jam

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Love the simplistic art and the music+fx, both excellent! Great execution for that idea!


really cool concept!

only thign is i wish the shoot button wasnt so far away, but very interesting idea


Fun game! I love the concept of controlling a character who is controlling another thing. It creates a very meta experience that just feels fun and novel to play.

The sound effects are all great and the art fits the game play super well.

If you wanted to continue building, it would be cool to see more-complex controls along with some form of local or online multiplayer. This would force teamwork and could lead to some really fun situations. 

Overall, fun game! Best of luck on your future game dev!


Thanks and to you too!


Really nice jam game.

I've seen a couple games with similar concepts to his so far (controlling the character by walking around a controller) but this is one does it best in my opinion.

Love the juice. In particularity the explosions. Nice graphical effect, nice sound, nice level of screenshake, and i love that the pitch increases with each consecutive hit against an enemy to signify how many more hits are needed (this also has the added bonus of making the sfx much less repetitive).

This game could have easily been too hard but i think you got the difficulty just right for a jam game. I appreciate that the enemies on the first few levels don't shoot back so you have a safe environment figure out what to do.

Good job!


Aha, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And indeed I spent a lot of the last moments on game feel so I'm also glad you noticed that.


Pretty fun game, the actual walking around the controller is real fun. I really enjoyed trying to step on the shoot button as fast as possible to see how many missiles I could fire at once! Something that could be neat if you do a post jam release is a jump button. Being able to just hop over the top or bottom button could save some time and I think just having a little animation for it could be cute.

I am a big fan on how simple you kept the art, I almost feel like you still could have kept it at two colours and still got your point across, but it would be much harder! If you want an example of what I mean feel free to ask and I can post one. :) 

The background music is a real jam by the way. I quite like it. Only time I noticed any odd issue with the sound was when I assume the track ended for the first time there was several seconds before it started back up again and it kinda through me off. I thought something with the game bugged out, you never know what can happen during a jam, but it came back so no worries.

Overall the game was real fun and I think it fits well with the theme. One of my favorite interpretations so far. I actually do feel pretty out of control running around the controller trying to get to the next ship to shoot. Good job, keep up the good work! - Deer


Aww, thanks a lot! I really do appreciate it. I never noticed an issue with the sound before that's definitely something I need to check out. Also, I have seen some great games really making use of the 1 bit aesthetic. But sure if you want to share some examples I'd be happy to learn from them > w <

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This of course would only be if you were really trying to go full on with only two colours. I think you could make it work though!

- Deer


Ah yes, I did initially intend to do that. But ultimate decided that the players health and which buttons they're on need to be very quickly and easily readable. Will definitely keep this in mind though, thank you!


This is a great implementation of a controller controller.  Nice art too.  Good job.  


Nice concept! And I really like the minimalist art and music. Well done!


Really clever implementation of the you control the controller.   The challenge was definitely all in the player and that made it great.    Love the concept and implementation.   Not sure what was up with the window size issue, but ctrl+mouse wheel up did not work for me, still playable even at that tiny size.


You need to be on the browser for that to work. But I'm glad you enjoyed it regardless!


Ahhhhh, app bites me again!


This is a very simple but cool idea. Maybe there's a limit to how much I'd play this before getting a little infuriated, but that;s part of the fun! Great job with the audio and graphics too!


Haha. There aren't that many levels actually


That's a good idea. I never thought I'd be in control in the game in the game.

It's a little weird at first, but you get used to it.


The idea was super clever! It was fun controlling the little guy to move the space ship! Perhaps if you work on it some more change it so the enemy ships take only 1 shot to die.  I feel like that would help the game pace.  Still, congrats on submitting a cool and clever game to the jam! Please check out mine if you haven't :D


Cool idea! It's definitely tough at first, but eventually you get the hang of it. Could be a really solid foundation for a large more polished game for sure!


Nice concept, fits well with the jam theme! I like that there are many enemy designs, it keeps the gameplay fresh. Good choice to make the background a dark grey, it feels easier on the eye than the regular black. Nice entry!


All these types of games where you need to control the character to control something are just begging for multiplayer mode! :) 


Great concept and execution! It's a little challenging to look two places at once but the game's chill pace mitigates that. Well done!


This game is fun and the art is great ! The concept is a nice, but in-game it’s hard to move because when we leave a key sometimes we walk in another and it changes the rocket’s position, making the game hard. Also, the fire button and the move buttons are a little too far so it’s hard to move and shoot quickly… Good job, loved the aesthetic !


I didn't think it could be fun, but I was wrong :)

Interesting idea and well executed. Also the astronaut is so cute, I liked it. Well done :)

Actually, It's possible to have massive rate of fire by triggering fire button rapidly rather than standing on it, is that intentional? 

And if you had time, I'd be thankful if you try my submission <3


oh ya. I knew that exploit existed. It was indeed left there intentionally


Wow, this is a really clever concept. The visuals are also very well done. Good job!


I liked it ! The only complaint I can have is that the player’s hitbox is a bit too high (perspective would place it only at the player’s feet) and the movement a bit too slow sometimes, but else it’s great, good job !


Cool idea, a bit tedious to walk around for the control, but I get it because of the theme restriction. It's original, I will grant that !

Overall presentation is good, simple low detail pixel art, music fit and sfx were well done and integrated. Good job overall !

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