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Hey thanks for playing! I'm not 100% sure that's a bug. I was having that happen too while playtesting and then I realized I was losing all my evidence at those moments. Not sure if that's what was happening to you, but could def be that. Really appreciate the feedback and that you took the time to play our game! ^^

Really cool concept! I really like the crafting pace in your game. Gather and craft games are, addicting lol. I died a good few times as I was figuring it out, but I think that's expected in any game worth playing. I think my only real issue was that when you start to modify the terrain, you can't really see the depth or ledges or holes all that well.

If you end up adding other craftables or expanding on it further, be sure to give a heads up in the GWJ Discord! I'll definitely check it out! ^^

This was a really cool take on the theme! This isn't so much my style of game, and I still played through the whole thing and really enjoyed it. The artwork was super cute and comfy. The music was relaxing and pleasant. The story was wild lol xD But I think that made it fun and interesting. The controls were responsive and the UI seemed to work perfectly as intended.

Really solid entry all around! ^^

Congrats on your first GWJ entry!!! Well done! I hope you learned a lot and that you keep working with Godot to get better and better. You should certainly be proud. :)

Thanks for participating! ^^

That was different! Really interesting concept! Loved that starting view. And I really enjoyed all the pixel art. The animations are easy to overlook, but I def noticed. The snakes slither into the cave, the bird flying down and landing, the miner rushing into the cave. And all of those done using a pitch black silhouette, very- very cool. Awesome entry! ^^

As I suspected! That's pretty sharp, nicely done!

3:46! Lol, 14 seconds to spare. Are the rock piles randomly placed? Because I lost the first time, completely my own fault, but the second time I felt like there was one in a room that wasn't there before. 

Sound was great. Controls were pretty good, I think having jumping stop so suddenly after releasing the button just took some getting used to. You clearly put a good bit of time and energy into designing your level layout. Really liked figuring out how to reach areas. And! I love math lol

Was a fun game! I bet you learned a good bit while making it. Thanks for taking part in Godot Wild Jam!

Lol well thanks for the endorsement. There seems to be a lot of really good entries this month though! 

Pacman was definitely a pretty big influence on the initial planning. Josh and John had sort of hashed out the idea as soon as the theme dropped and I was busy with work. Then I pop into our jam team Discord and they're like, "So this is the game!" lol. Wasn't a style I've really worked on before so I figured why not! Really happy with how it turned out.

Thanks for playing Endritdev! ^^

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Balance is always tough when it comes to how much you need to focus on simultaneously in a game. Really happy that you didn't feel it was overwhelming.

Really appreciate that you took the time to play our game. Thank you! ^^

Hahah, nooooo! You don't suck! It's a pretty tough game in the later levels, and it would help if we didn't put a bunch of our own runs on the leaderboard lol.  I'll talk to John and see if having it extended is doable.

Thank you for playing our game! ^^

I could possibly be considered biased lol, but honestly that's what I love about GWJ. It feels like the perfect amount of time to create something.

Thanks for playing our game! And for participating in Godot Wild Jam! ^^

That is incredibly kind of you to say! Thank you! We're definitely proud of what we managed to put together this Jam. 

Thanks! ^^

Regarding the sewer entrances, I 100% get what you mean. And it even crossed my mind to have the entrances stand out more. I think it slipped my mind. When uploads open back up after voting, I'll def modify that sprite a bit to help it pop more. Appreciate the feedback!

Thanks a ton for playing our game! Was a lot of fun to work on. Super proud of the whole team. ^^

Woo! 4:57! That was much more fun than I expected! I think that was largely due to the great audio and very comfortable controls. I really liked the Metroid-esque environment also. This was a really fun little entry! ^^

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing! ^^

Phew, some of those were a bit tough, but I think that's what you want from a puzzle game. Puzzles are a lot harder to balance than some people might think. I feel like you did a good job balancing the more difficult ones, although some didn't feel very difficult at all. 

Moral of the story: We all need vacations lol :P

Really cool entry, thanks for participating!

Thanks for playing Endorth! Glad you enjoyed it. We had a lot of fun making it. ^^

Lol, this game looks like it was probably a lot of fun to make! I really liked the lighting used in the initial scene of the graveyard. Didn't feel too long or too short, and I made it to the end and shut that party down! 

If I were to give any pointers on things that could be improved, only one thing really comes to mind. The cardinal directions for the arrows seemed to be even in all directions. But when using an isometric environment, you actually move faster left and right than you do up and down. That's the sort of perspective that isometric environments try to emulate. I'm not sure what the exact math would be, but if you were to make the up and down movement speed 50% of the left and right movement speed it would likely give a more natural feel to the movement.

Either way,  nicely done! Proc-gen is no easy task! Thanks for participating Philou! ^^

Fun entry! I really enjoyed having my attack become more and more powerful and having it change (won't spoil). The graphics were pixel art and I admittedly love pixel art! The way the hands were done were very impressive! I liked the overall setting and enemy designs. A really cool entry all around!

If I had to suggest some things that could be changed to improve the overall experience, 2 things come to mind: the sensitivity seemed to reset upon changing levels, and the levels themselves felt a bit too large. 

Overall, fun entry! Thanks for participating!

You can thank John for that reflection. He's great with shaders. And Josh our sound guy really did an incredible job also. Thanks for playing! 

Glad you enjoyed our game! Thanks for playing!

Really interesting entry VonVolt! And for a first solo game, very well down. It didn't feel terribly difficult to pick up and play. There was plenty of tool tips to inform you before each action. I managed to get myself stuck with parks taking too much income, but it was really easy to just remove a few, suffer the minor drop in happiness, and get my growth back on track.

My only question is, what is the win condition? Or perhaps there is none? Once you get the flow of things you can essentially just click non-stop lol, which was really nice.

At any rate, excellent little game. ^^

Hey Elektito! This was a pretty interesting entry. I really liked the core concept. It's crazy how much just balancing some numbers can change a game completely. I think the game starts off pretty strong. And then you hit this super grindy mid to end game. At any rate, I destroyed the planet lol. Winni- wait a second. :P

Yes, that's right, cute. And that's when they are most likely to STRIKE! xD

Thanks for playing Guladam lol ^^

Pretty sure I had 22:49. Was going great up until crystal #7 where it's like.. Waayyyy above your head lol. All in all, was fun! I like how you had a parallax FG with close up objects, really clever. ^^

Really glad you liked it! We had a lot of fun making it. I think my favorite thing from this entry is probably the Scuba Bunny lol. Finding a wetsuit reference image and applying that to a bunny rabbit and fitting it with a snorkel, has to be the highlight of my jam career hahah xD

Sorry about the camera issues! What was happening?

Excellent entry! It was great all around. It didn't feel too easy or too hard. The abilities gave a nice added level of complexity to a classic game. Given that it is based on a classic game makes it feel very familiar too. Which is great when you're trying to focus on learning abilities.

Really well done! ^^

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It was at this moment, that I knew playing the browser version may have been the wrong choice. xD Really fun little game once you figure out how it works! It's got a really clean look. I like that the pumpkin vines clearly indicate the proceeding pumpkin. The map edge seemed to be a bit off towards the back of the map, I noticed. 

All in all, kept me occupied longer than what may be considered reasonable. ^^

(EDIT: The point counter kind of gave out on me a few cycles back. I'll never know my score lol T-T)

Very abstract use of the theme, which certainly isn't a bad thing. I would have liked to see a bit more of a puzzle aspect. Maybe finding clues and presenting those clues as evidence. But for your second JAm entry ever, I think you did pretty darn good.

Looking forward to your next game! ^^

14!? Damnnn hahah!

That was tough lol, super tough. xD But! That makes me all the more proud to have gotten to 12! I think it could use a bit of refinement to give the player more of a sense of control on the game, while still keeping the growth fairly uncontrollable.

Either way lol, it was fun! Awesome entry! What's your best score so far? ^^

The game is pretty straight forward but in a good way. If you have experience in an RTS than you can play this pretty easily. I set up a bunch of little "farms" pretty quick for the resources and then started to spam destroyers. My favorite way to play an RTS in PvE is farm way more than needed lol. So I queued up just about 50 destroyers. xD  For some reason though it would only give me like 1 out of 3 produced, I think some may have been getting stuck under the main cell? I'm not sure; either way, the ones I did get were plenty to take down the enemy cell. ^^

50 would of just.. Looked more epic lol

Great entry, was fun!

I really like this idea, and I don't even like tetris lol. I think I would have liked it even more if the blocks didn't feel so slippery. Just being able to really build geometrically sound monstrosities lol. But that does suit the Theme pretty well if you ask me. ^^

My best was 25.8. I couldn't help but chase that high-score. Great entry! 

Glad I stuck it out. Was having a pretty difficult time at first. But! I ended up winning eventually lol. The system takes some getting used to. But once you have everything figure out, it's pretty fun! It did feel a bit long though. But overall? Was def fun; sounded good, looked adorable, and seemed to work as intended.

Thanks Nisovin! :) I felt really good about my work on this one. The whole team was outstanding. ^^

Hey Urodela, thanks a ton for stopping by and playing our game! The guys did an amazing job with the interface and controls eh? All that dialog and text was Willowblade's handiwork. He did an insanely good job with that. Thanks again! I'll be sure to check your game out! ^^

Thanks Wolfy! Really glad you liked it lol. The bunnies were such a random idea during the brainstorming at the beginning. Jonas1426 is the one who thought it up and we all thought it could be pretty hilarious. xD

Hey Ngong, thanks for playing our game! Sorry about the crashes. :/  On the bright side, levels are relatively quick and you can select any from the start. Crashes definitely still suck. Hope the game was still enjoyable for you!

The whole RTS aspect was in the plan from the start, but it seemed to be a ton of work. Carto (Jonas1426) did an amazing job putting it all together in just 9 days!! And Willow took care of all the menu's and UI aspects, including a good bit of polish. Isabella Lau was our composer and SFX creator, I feel like she really outdid herself this Jam. Was a great team, super proud of all of them! ^^

You even came back and commented! Hahah, you're awesome! And def a huge thanks to you for taking the time to help us work out the kinks right before our release. You were instrumental! 🙇‍♂️