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While I appreciate your strict adherence to our rules and guidelines ZX, I would politely ask that you do not make determinations of this sort and subsequently worry participants.

We do have rules. And we do enforce them. However we also make exceptions.

Please don't worry Seed, your entry is absolutely fine. And now you know for next time! ^_^

Hey Julberg!
On our Discord we usually sort out Late Submission and Upload error issues. If you could hop on the Discord and put in a ticket, I'd be glad to help.

If you're not a Discord user just let me know.

Hey there Also! It's hard to say. I suppose that really depends on what you would or wouldn't show your children. In general though we don't moderate the content to be age appropriate to any specific age group. 

I would suggest just checking each entry before hand and seeing if you feel the entry is appropriate for your kids or not. I hope this answers your question.

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Thank you for playing our game!

We really discussed the whole idea of "allure" for Cynth inside our team a good bit. Our goal wasn't to make her a sex icon by any means, but to let her have a hint of allure as would most certainly be within her rights. Albeit with, what we hoped, would be a classy and tasteful presentation. Really happy that it seems to have come off that way. We also wanted her to be a bit goofy too, which I tried to incorporate in her animations.

There does seem to be a strange bug that players encounter where it resets the game or crashes. That is something we will really need to look into after the Jam. Inconvenient for sure..

If it brings your curiosity some closure there is indeed an ending! And even a 1 off animation on the 3rd and final level. With a sort of cutscene at the end.

Again, thank you so much for playing! I think we might polish it up after the Jams voting phase closes up. Sorry for the inconvenience though!

You guys are crazy lol

Was a fun and interesting little entry. Almost gave up after leaving through the northeast exit. But then I realized there was suppose to be 1 other place too. Found the basement and slayed some rats. A TBS is no easy task. Congrats to you both for managing to even finish in time.

The art was solid. And the mechanics seemed to work for the most part. These sort of games can require an abnormally high degree of balancing, in my opinion.

Well done just the same! ^^

Good cop, bad cop. I get you Z. ;P

I think for the time you all had and the quality you ended up with- the balance isn't bad at all. Just takes some getting used to. If it was too easy, I would just complain about it being too easy lol :P

This is a really solid little solo entry!

The controls felt great. The level layout didn't feel ridiculously difficult. And I was able to get into it, and clear it in just a couple minutes. Which is perfect for a jam game. I'm not sure to what degree you created the assets, but either way- it all went really well together. And I liked the golden glow of the cats eyes, nice little touch.

Most importantly though! You made a game! And no doubt learned a lot. Well done. ^^

Due to a game breaking bug, we have allowed this entry to be fixed. Be sure to revisit it!

Due to a game breaking bug, we have allowed this entry to be fixed. Be sure to revisit it!

Due to a game breaking bug, we have allowed this entry to be fixed. Be sure to revisit it!

I don't imagine it's exactly a world record but- 25k! Lol, was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it. I struggled a bit at first but then I realized it's pretty much a cat-themed version of aimlabs lol. I didn't take the time to read the controls, but that time dilation would have been super helpful I bet. XD

Ah well, was fun. Clean, polished, and the controls worked great. Excellent entry. ^^

Wow, this is a remarkably adorable game!

On my first day it was just a struggle, and I wasn't sure it was even possible. Fast forward to the next couple days and I was on fire lol. Simple soothing audio, very cute art, and responsive controls. Plus! Cute little cats that you can use to distract people! 

Really solid little entry, you 3 should most certainly be proud. ^^

I really like the idea!

Merchanting games are super fun. And this one is no exception. It took me some time to figure out the UI and controls (though I really should have read the guide). But, once I did it was pretty fun. The game didn't really click with me until I saw the "Rest" mechanic.

Sound was good.
Pixel art was great

Though it would have been nice to see the entire thing as pixel art, it's not a bit deal. Mixed styles is a style all on it's own.

Well done you 3. ^^

Overall, I think this was a pretty solid entry. 

I didn't manage to win, but I really tried to. The sound was good, the pixel art was really well done as well. And the controls didn't feel laggy or unresponsive.

As for the wildcard, my cat is still terrified of my son from how he used to be as a baby. Can confirm: baby = cat nemesis. :P

Really fun little game! 

I'm pretty terrible at it, but! That doesn't change the fact that it is super responsive and really well done. Excellent job you two!

Cute and quirky.

The grapple system is a very cool mechanic. While I think it still requires some work, it was still very fun to use. I'm not a programmer myself, but I can imagine it was fairly difficult to implement. You really did a great job with it though.

The assets you used went together really well, nicely chosen.

All around a fun little entry. I hope you had fun and learned some new things while making it. ^^

A novel idea with a pleasant atmosphere.

The game itself was very tough. I typically enjoy this style of game; a sort of physics reliant, static level. Though it felt difficult to accurately jump or aim the pumpkin. I think balancing in some other ways could offset that difficulty just enough to keep it feeling achievable. Having pumpkins sort of "lock" into the cart once they hit inside the basket could be one way. Or indicators for aiming and jumping.

Simple and responsive controls either way. And a very cute visual look to the game overall.

I had fun playing this entry. I think with further refinement and balancing this could be an incredibly fun little game.

Very nicely done.

A very aesthetically pleasing and tough entry.

I liked the idea of static cameras switching as you move. Very reminiscent of the older Resident Evils or even some of the mid-range Final Fantasy titles. The idea was there for sure, though some of the angles were disorienting at times. But I think that may be due in part to not having other visual references in the corridors.

The controls were fine once you get used to them. Though being able to map them would have made it a bit easier I think. The main issue I had was the pistol needing to be out for combat. It sort of gives another step to an already fairly challenging combat system. Stun locking enemies isn't difficult, but neither is being stun locked yourself lol

At any rate, 9 days!? You all were very ambitious. Very pleasing to the eye in terms of UI, models, overall environmental design and artwork. The voice acting and dialog were really well done as well.

A very interesting entry overall. I think each of you should be incredibly proud of how much work you put in. I'm sure you all learned some new stuff along the way. ^^

Well done!

This game is great! With a bit more of a lively/filled out environment, added enemies, added abilities perhaps, this could easily be a game worth buying. Played with my little dude, we had a lot of fun. :)

Great entry!

Let me just start by saying I've never heard of or played Jump King lol. This game has a solid learning curve, but the pixel art makes it feel like a worthwhile endeavor. Great entry! ^^

Fun entry! I like the idea. And it didn't feel overly difficulty to keep up at first. Then it gets pretty tough. I really like the pixel art and the concept. 

Fun little entry! Really solid art and the audio felt fitting. The platforming is pretty tough but once you get used to it, it's doable. Great entry!

I wonder how the trip back down was. :P

Glad you liked it! Thanks a ton for playing Itooh! John really went all out with the polish for this one.

Lol thanks for playing!

Glad you liked it Emiel! Had a lot of fun playing your game as well! I'll be sure to leave a comment when I sit down to play entries tonight!

Really liked the concept myself. It's all John, I just helped make it pretty. He did a great job with the level design, but it was no doubt tough to work with such a unique mechanic.

Thanks for playing our game! ^^

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing our game!

Glad you enjoyed the game! There is definitely a lot more level designs that could be explored. John designed all the levels himself. We'll have to see how he feels about adding 20 more fter the Jam hahah

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing Kyveri! 

Hey thanks for playing! I'm not 100% sure that's a bug. I was having that happen too while playtesting and then I realized I was losing all my evidence at those moments. Not sure if that's what was happening to you, but could def be that. Really appreciate the feedback and that you took the time to play our game! ^^

Really cool concept! I really like the crafting pace in your game. Gather and craft games are, addicting lol. I died a good few times as I was figuring it out, but I think that's expected in any game worth playing. I think my only real issue was that when you start to modify the terrain, you can't really see the depth or ledges or holes all that well.

If you end up adding other craftables or expanding on it further, be sure to give a heads up in the GWJ Discord! I'll definitely check it out! ^^

This was a really cool take on the theme! This isn't so much my style of game, and I still played through the whole thing and really enjoyed it. The artwork was super cute and comfy. The music was relaxing and pleasant. The story was wild lol xD But I think that made it fun and interesting. The controls were responsive and the UI seemed to work perfectly as intended.

Really solid entry all around! ^^

Congrats on your first GWJ entry!!! Well done! I hope you learned a lot and that you keep working with Godot to get better and better. You should certainly be proud. :)

Thanks for participating! ^^

That was different! Really interesting concept! Loved that starting view. And I really enjoyed all the pixel art. The animations are easy to overlook, but I def noticed. The snakes slither into the cave, the bird flying down and landing, the miner rushing into the cave. And all of those done using a pitch black silhouette, very- very cool. Awesome entry! ^^

As I suspected! That's pretty sharp, nicely done!

3:46! Lol, 14 seconds to spare. Are the rock piles randomly placed? Because I lost the first time, completely my own fault, but the second time I felt like there was one in a room that wasn't there before. 

Sound was great. Controls were pretty good, I think having jumping stop so suddenly after releasing the button just took some getting used to. You clearly put a good bit of time and energy into designing your level layout. Really liked figuring out how to reach areas. And! I love math lol

Was a fun game! I bet you learned a good bit while making it. Thanks for taking part in Godot Wild Jam!

Lol well thanks for the endorsement. There seems to be a lot of really good entries this month though! 

Pacman was definitely a pretty big influence on the initial planning. Josh and John had sort of hashed out the idea as soon as the theme dropped and I was busy with work. Then I pop into our jam team Discord and they're like, "So this is the game!" lol. Wasn't a style I've really worked on before so I figured why not! Really happy with how it turned out.

Thanks for playing Endritdev! ^^

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Balance is always tough when it comes to how much you need to focus on simultaneously in a game. Really happy that you didn't feel it was overwhelming.

Really appreciate that you took the time to play our game. Thank you! ^^

Hahah, nooooo! You don't suck! It's a pretty tough game in the later levels, and it would help if we didn't put a bunch of our own runs on the leaderboard lol.  I'll talk to John and see if having it extended is doable.

Thank you for playing our game! ^^