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Ok, I played some more.


  • Feels surprisingly atmospheric for such a simple game.
  • weapon abilities are cool.
  • Sound/Aesthetics are great.


  • Control scheme (Feels needlessly complicated, It seems like a lot of things that use separate buttons could just use one single context sensitive button. Example: why is it F to view items and then E to equip? Why not just press F to view items, then F again on the item you want to select?)
  • Text boxes (I found it hard to navigate the text boxes, those little icons to indicate which thing you were viewing did help, but it still felt kind of messy and confusing. I'm sure it'd gotten easier if I had played it for longer but i feel like there would be a better way to do it).

Overall I found it pretty cool, I would totally pay a couple dollars for a mobile version. Seems like the perfect kinda game to play on a long flight.

I really like the art/animation. Even the way you move around feels fun because of the presentation.

Bug report: The game crashed when using the 'press B to skip text' thing.

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Apologies. I messed up when I submitted the game page. This is a browser game, it doesn't require a download.