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Thanks for the reply.

The output stealing focus repeatedly  would only happen while the game is actively compiling, so you might only notice it if compiling a large project that takes a long time. After compile is done it was no longer a problem.  I have checked with my girlfriend if she is also experiencing the same issue and she confirms that she is (we do work on the same project though).

The big issue for me though, was more that it auto focuses at all. even on small projects when you compile it will open the output window and focus it when you initially hit F5, which can be quite annoying if you don't need to see the output and want to continue working.


Thanks for the constructor rec, I will try it out.

I'd love it if there were an option for the output window not to steal focus.

Often i'll hit compile and have to wait upward of a minute, during which time i might wanna be doing other things within GMedit, but the output tab will continuously steal focus.

I'd love to be able to just hit F5 and have the output tab do its thing in the background without ever popping up. Maybe with some kind of indicator on the tab so that you know the compile actually started.

amazing. thank you!

requesting a way to set the runtime on a per-project bases. 

I have to work with multiple projects that use different runtimes, using Stitch to quickly change ide/runtime versions.

but in gm edit each time i switch projects i have to go into GM Edit settings and change the runtime. I'm sure i'm not the only person who has this issue.

I realise this is a builder thing and not directly a GM edit thing. But i couldn't find a way to request features for Builder.

Thanks for all your work. i am a huge fan of gm edit and many of your other projects.

thank you! I’m glad someone finally used the beeper


you unlocked the secret ending 

Thank you very much. I agree with your crits, especially the springboards. I know they can be a little bit fiddly but i ran out of time before i could get them feeling better.

As for the upcoming asteroids, i tried to fix the camera positions better in the post-jam update so you can see them earlier, i also upped the game res so you have more view of what's going on. I think a part of the problem is that there are asteroids everywhere, and since those ones don't look any different, it can be hard to notice them as a potential hazard until it's too late (maybe i should try using a different hazard for those that pops visually from the asteroids).

Thanks for playing, and for your detailed comment.

Thank you! I'm going to add an update with some options. I'll be sure to bear those is mind.

Really nice jam game.

I've seen a couple games with similar concepts to his so far (controlling the character by walking around a controller) but this is one does it best in my opinion.

Love the juice. In particularity the explosions. Nice graphical effect, nice sound, nice level of screenshake, and i love that the pitch increases with each consecutive hit against an enemy to signify how many more hits are needed (this also has the added bonus of making the sfx much less repetitive).

This game could have easily been too hard but i think you got the difficulty just right for a jam game. I appreciate that the enemies on the first few levels don't shoot back so you have a safe environment figure out what to do.

Good job!

I like this one. simple but interesting mechanic. levels just the right length for a jam game. Nice puzzles.

Really like the idea, and having multiple powers at once really does start to feel out of control after a while.

The character art / animation is very nice and i like the level design / difficulty curve. Could have potential for a larger game after the jam (though i'd imagine you'd need to reset the powers at some point so it doesn't get too out of hand). Good job!

Really fun game. Feels a lot like an old Sega game, or Adventure Island which is one of my favorite arcade games.  Graphics, animation, sound effects, juice  are all to a really high standard. The controls are super tight and feels really nice to play. Highly recommend trying this one.

I really like that the game is generally more about avoiding than attacking. It's quite hard, especially when you lose some inputs. The enemies are cute. Enjoyed it a lot. Good job!

The art and character designs are really really nice. I love them.

unfortunately i had the bug where i couldn't pass the room with the penguin and the getting caught did nothing. I restarted the game a few times but it was the same each time. If you are a potential player reading this comment then do not let the bug put you off trying it, it's 100% worth your time to try this game out even if you do encounter the bug.

I see the potential and what you were going for. I think the gameplay idea is very unique and has potential for a lot of fun level ideas.

My only critique which isn't bug related is that i don't think it's very clear to the player that the sneeze knockback can break you through glass at first. I see how you tried to teach the player by forcing them to get through a glass door in the first room to progress, but it's very easy to miss the fact that you smashed through that first door as you are probably focusing on figuring out how to pick up the first vase.

Overall, it's a very nice game with a lot of potential, and i absolutely love the protagonist's design and walk animation. 

Good job!

Nice game. Just the right length for a jam. Fun levels and a nice mechanic. Good job!

Thank you so much. I did consider a pause but i thought it'd make it feel less out of control, so maybe i will experiment with that after the jam.

It's very basic. You swing a sword at enemies to kill them. Could definitely have used some obstacles or some other gameplay elements to make it interesting. The mouse controls feel a bit over-sensitive too , and the replay level button is kinda broken as you can't move after the level restarts unless you go back to the main menu first.

The glowing sword and swing effect look pretty cool though, and i don't want to be too harsh on the game as it's still amazing you managed to make any game in 48 hours.  Hope you keep at it, and keep improving. My early games were certainly worse than this.

I had to play this just based on the gag in the trailer with the guy on the bridge which made me laugh.

it's a funny concept for a game and i do think it could lead to some really hilarious stuff if it was developed more and taken further. Thanks for the laughs!

A good concept which could have benefited a little more development time i think, but that's just the nature of a game jam. It's still fun though despite the current flaws. Good job.

I have to go to bed in a minute but yea please add me on discord, i'd love to ask you about that jump some time. space#3748

Great puzzles, great aesthetics, great music. One of my favorite games of the jam.

Interesting game. Reminds me of the Kafei segmant from Majora's Mask which i liked a lot. Needs some polish but could make a really cool little game out of this if you were to continue with it.

it's not the most original gameplay idea but it's really quite fun to play. Somehow you got one of the most satisfying feeling jumps i've encountered. The movement feels really nice in general but i would love to know how you achieved that jump feel.

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The player character controls are very tight and precise, they feel great and it was enjoyable to try to get the end without running out of time.
I also like the color-scheme and general look of the game a lot.  Please keep making games!

love the design of the houses / objects. The general presentation is nice.

The gameplay idea sounds unique on paper (heh), but i practice it kinda just plays like a standard trading game but with a time limit.

The groundwork is there though to make something great if you wanted to keep working on it after the jam is done though.

Super polished and satisfying to play, excellent pacing, great graphics and sound.

I usually don't like these kind of games but this is great fun.

Deserves more attention! Great job.

Really enjoyable little game. Kind of reminds me of chip's challenge. Great job!

I don't know of any other games with the same planet spinning gameplay but i suspected there probably is some out there. Thanks for playing.

Thanks. Yea it did cross my mind that single button games work well on touch screens.

Thanks! Appreciate it.

Thank you!

That's a pretty unique idea, and executed quite well. Good job!
I feel like it might be more fun and chaotic if the ship tilt was faster, but i can't know that for sure.

Pretty cool! I like how the cats just explode out of existence when you touch them.

Thank you. It was supposed to be a game where the environment controls the player movement more than the player does.

Probably the funnest game I've played so far.

Nice idea, nice execution, fits theme.

Good job.

a little rough around the edges but quite fun.

Ok, I played some more.


  • Feels surprisingly atmospheric for such a simple game.
  • weapon abilities are cool.
  • Sound/Aesthetics are great.


  • Control scheme (Feels needlessly complicated, It seems like a lot of things that use separate buttons could just use one single context sensitive button. Example: why is it F to view items and then E to equip? Why not just press F to view items, then F again on the item you want to select?)
  • Text boxes (I found it hard to navigate the text boxes, those little icons to indicate which thing you were viewing did help, but it still felt kind of messy and confusing. I'm sure it'd gotten easier if I had played it for longer but i feel like there would be a better way to do it).

Overall I found it pretty cool, I would totally pay a couple dollars for a mobile version. Seems like the perfect kinda game to play on a long flight.

I really like the art/animation. Even the way you move around feels fun because of the presentation.

Bug report: The game crashed when using the 'press B to skip text' thing.