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A platformer you out of control with your character
Submitted by TeamTuring — 5 minutes, 1 second before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
A platformer you out of control with your character

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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A fun take on moving the level to advance the player!  The ball was a lot of fun to move around. Good job!


Such a tricky and fun game! Love how you played with the game jam theme!


Really fun and very smooth game-play, I would really hope you'll carry on working on this project because this would be amazing with more levels, more enemies and collectables and some sound and music! I feel like this is the start of a really great game in the making, please keep it up! Great submission :)


I can tell a lot of work went into this and it's a very interesting concept (reminded me of super monkey ball!) but the turning felt wayyy too slow for me. Otherwise great game!


Really cool concept, with an awesome implementation visually.  The only complaint I have is that some levels felt like they took really long to finish after I had an idea of how to finish them, because the turn felt a little bit slow. Other than that, really cool game!


This is a very solid game expanding on its cool main mechanic! I don't know if there was supposed to be music, but yeah adding some music and some variance to the background could've helped, like a change in color or something. Still, great job on your entry!


This is an epic game concept. The art is kind of repetitive though, seeing the same tile and spikes again and again. Otherwise, cool game.


Really fun puzzle game, fits the theme nicely. Found no bugs or polish issues throughout the entire thing which is impressive and it had a nice amount of levels with a great difficulty curve. Great work! Only feedback I had would be a bit more variety in the environment art would be cool, the one repeated tile was a little harsh on the eyes.


I must say that's one of the most polished games i've played during this jam so far!
The only thing i would change is so the level are more different from each other.
It's a really good and funny game. Good job! :)

Submitted (1 edit)

Fun concept which is neatly executed. Love the bouncyness. I feel like a soundtrack would've made it even more enjoyable.

However the rotation for me seems really slow, too slow. If i compare that with the gifs you posted on your games page, I feel like I'm missing something? I can't turn fast enought to get past the level of your second gif.


A simple little platformer that was a good deal of fun to play,  good job team!

If I were to offer some criticism, I would say for the jam theme being 'out of control', I felt pretty in control the entire time, that might be due to the static levels however. Maybe you could consider some platforms that don't rotate with the stage, rotate independantly or that move on their own, to give both additional challenge and decrease that sense of control.

Again tho, a fun game! I enjoyed my time with it! ^-^


Nice transitions in the game! I also like the squash/stretch animations of the ball!

Suggestions - I think the rotations can be a little faster, otherwise the game feels very slow. Also, you can replace the flag with a hole because putting balls into holes is satisfactory as compared to making it touch a flag. (You can keep the flag, without a collider so that we can identify where is the hole, like in golf)

Great Job!


I really enjoyed that! The player feels really good to control, gravity is really nice in this game and I felt like I had good control at all times. Never felt unfair and the level design is very good 😀


Original take on out of control in this jam. The difficulty passing is good, you introduce new mechanic at a reasonable passe. The game is easy to understand. Unfortunately no sound and music. The visual is well simple, but well done. No bug found along the way.

Overall good job :)


Wonderful little game!  The rotation was super smooth and I could instantly tell what was gonna harm me and the goal, love the ramp up in difficulty. The physics were great and felt just right!  Fantastically done!  5 stars all around! I would love to see some more levels with this!


Nice idea.  Game is simple and i like it, reminds me of a game called "Loco Roco". Well done!


Great mechanic! Also. really challenging as I couldn't get past the 2nd wave. Love the soundtrack


Simple yet fun.

Nice game!


Great concept! 

Loved it

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