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Roll the Dice of Doom to escape the rising lava!
Submitted by Denis_Grenier (@Denis_Grenier86) — 13 minutes, 58 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
Rolling the Dice of Doom will curse the player, giving up control in various ways ...

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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Really good, game, I could see that easily becoming a mobile application game or a old school "Flash" game. The theming for the game is on point nothing looked out of character.


Really fun game. Feels a lot like an old Sega game, or Adventure Island which is one of my favorite arcade games.  Graphics, animation, sound effects, juice  are all to a really high standard. The controls are super tight and feels really nice to play. Highly recommend trying this one.


Really delightful experience and super simple to play. The random effects stack in some interesting ways to make each run unique. My favorite was the BURN mechanic and animation!


Great art and polish. My only complaint is that jump is mapped to shift and I died a couple of times to sticky keys lol. You should be proud of your game!


Nice presentation, original and fun!

Great Job!

I could not understand when the lava starts rising, sometimes it starts early and sometimes it comes up late..


This is awesome, kind of reminds me of Adventure Island in scope of aesthetics:D

Though I have to say what other already stated, the bonuses makes the game unnecessary hard. Swarm disables double jump and after tutorial there is one part with two identical tunnels and spikes on sides which I believe is impossible on burn. Couldn't finish it:/

Though with proper balancing I think this would be perfect. Looking forward to future progress;)


Oh my goodness, this game is so happy and nostalgic. Great art and polish.


Very fun gameplay. The only problem is I wish I could of have the control map on WASD and the space bar, was confusing for me for a bit.

Other than that, had a blast playing it, the artwork is fun and it's impressive for a one man team :) Good Job !


The art style is very consistent and pleasant looking. (reminds me a bit of FEZ)

The movement is very smooth. And the random debuffs are a nice touch for the Out of control theme!

Very good small cute game :з Good job!


It would help a lot if you would rate my game as well! Thank you \(^-^)/


Clean and impressive. One of the best games so far.  Got sticky keyed at first from using shift :) Good stuff!


Very fun to play, I liked the art and the mechanics, keep up the good work!


Ya'll made some beautiful art! This was such a cool little game, I really liked the randomness to the special effects, but it did kinda feel like swarm was an instant game over, at least for me. Really cool platformer, everything felt good, and it made me feel oddly nostalgic. Good work!


Wow! what an awesome take on the theme. I liked the art it looked nice and simple. I understood what I had to do and it was a lot of fun! The "rules are added when you hit a certain point" reminds me of my own game a little which is a funny coincidence.

Awesome job and really good work from you guys!


This is amazing.   The movement controls are fluid and well designed (though I would like to be able to remap jump ;) ).   Very much a classic platformer with a twist, not quite sure how you deal with swarm though.  


Nice polished game ! I like the random effects that stays permanently, that's a little bit bold, but it add a nice touch to your game. Great entry !


Very fun and polished game, I love the retro sound effects :P. I found myself dying too fast with the swarm roll (it was hard to jump high with swarm), but the rest of the rolls were fun to play with.


Thanks for everyone’s feedback, I’m planning to update the difficulty of Swarm after the rating period has finished, first jam and was totally blasted by the 48 hr turn around time. Congrats to all who submitted  I’ll be checking out everyone’s game who comments.


An absolutely fantastic game. The artwork and gameplay both feel fantastic, and the random nature of the dice fits the theme. Some results of your dice roll are worse than others, but I think that's to be expected from a game like this.

Excellent job!


This game looks like spelubky so I downloaded it. :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Maybe killing the player during the tutorial is a bit cruel, and as pincushionx said, Swarm makes the game way too heard. However, it's a fun game, and it looks fantastic. Check ours!

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