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It’s pretty low effort… but actually quite charming in its effortlessness.

I’m betting you guys are from Greenland

I really liked this one. Easily of the best I’ve played this jam :D

Sound direction is on point, really dig the shader you guys used and, you guys thought about the mace clipping/getting in the way.

On a side note: My game kept crashing reaching the third level, also I don’t know whether you actually use coins for something.

good entry, keep it up!!

thank you, we’ll be taking that into account for the next time around.

great platformer, I ppl have been giving you hell for making a game that consists of controlling 2 characters at the same time, checkout mine, you’ll have to do the same

Pretty solid, fast paced gameplay allows for many tries to learn the ropes on your own.

Nice sound direction and even though art is simple, it gets the job done.

good one!

Thank you m8, I’ve garnered a lot of good feedback that should make a pretty solid after jam update. … world of lust 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜

I guess I’m a Tpussy now…


The knockback thing didn’t occur to me at all but thinking about it, it totally makes sense.

Thank you.

Thank you :)

Thank you :D. Yeah, we definitely didn’t think this through xD

Thank you for the feedback.

Played TWEWY a couple of days before the jam on a friend’s recommendation, and tbh it’s such an underrated game. And as the theme kind of fit it, we went for an obvious homage to that game.

Everything (except a couple of sfx and the credits scene) was made, designed and coded during the jam. We promise. Our repo on github is wide open for everyone to checkout for themselves the push dates, and the progressive changes made along the line.

Ayy!! Hadn’t really thought of any of that. Super constructive feedback, thank you.

Will take your word for it, although I’m not too sure about it, maybe I’ll update it after the jam’s up just to try those things out.

Again, thanks a ton!!

thank you :D

Really liked this one!! It’s fun, fast paced and everything a jam game needs to be.

Great job!!

Hey there, bolshevik here. That’s an amazing game you’ve got there, the theme interpretation is risky but pretty cool ngl.

I loved everything about the game, puzzles were creative, art direction is on point and sound design somehow relates to the game’s atmosphere.

Again, awesome game, sad to see so little ratings of it.

Actually had to look through the comments to know that you could move the camera with wasd. Despite that, prety cool game, really liked it

keep it up

I’m not entirely sure how this fits the theme. But at least you submitted something, you won the instant you finished and submitted something so, keep it up!!!

Bolshevik here, ngl. I have no clue how you coded the swinging of the sun/moon

Pretty cool entry.

you have way more rates than I we do.

but I’m not salty… haha… ha…

Art tends to be hard for a programmer, so I’d open-source the next time around it if were you. I constantly do so!!. The controls were tight and awesome for a platformer.

Great entry, really liked the song too.

Yea, it’s hard even for me. And I made the fcking thing


Thnx for the feedback though.

You know how it’s hard to hit your head whilst rubbing your tummy in circles?

This was the game equivalent to that.

I promise we’ll do better, easier stuff for the next jam ಥ‿ಥ

So did I, and I’m one of the devs


Will make easier stuff next time. Thnx for the feedback.

Thank you good sir.

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Yeah, the game’s pretty challenging. Will do better next time.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks a ton m8 (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

Thanks! We’ll do our best to make the game more accessible next time around.

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Thanks a ton! We’ll take that into account for the next time around. Probably make one of the playable characters more as a supporting role while main focus is directed at one of them.

Again, thnx for the feedback.

Haha, thanks a ton. Actually what we submitted without knowing was an earlier build. Didn’t check and noticed only after the submission period was over. At the end we added sfx and vfx when you hit/get hitted and better backgrounds for the lvls. Totally on us

Thanks for the feedback brrr

Hey m8. This was a risky entry. Not everyone would make a VN for a jam entry. The atmosphere was cool but I couldn’t make my keyboard register all five keys at once.

Cool entry though. Keep it up.

Cool game! The puzzles were great.

Presentation is a bit lacky and collisions are buggy.

Super cool game with lots of potential, sadly the webgl version is too laggy for me to properly enjoy it.

Nice Entry tho

Hello there, bolshevik here. Super cool game!! This game proves that you don’t need fancy graphics for the art to be fitting. :D

I totally loved each and every lvl, and some of them make you have that aha! moment that great puzzle games have.

Really liked this entry. Good job!

(I’m assuming this is WebGl being cr@ppy as always but I couldn’t hear audio of any kind)

It can be fun if developed more, a little introduction to what each knob does would be great.

Beautiful art, smooth animations, fun platforming, great game overall.

But also everyone looks too happy, unrealistic, 0/10 my immersion is broken.

helleww, bolshevik here.

The game’s super charming, I love the vibe it had so I completed the whole thing.

Here’s my feedback:

Art: Animations were too choppy but given the 48hrs period, I think the art looks surreal, original and great!!

Gameplay: Although the idea of stacking them together felt really cool, and using the different sizes to limit where a character could go, the game felt too “floaty” when it needed to be more precise, specially in a couple of levels where the jumps had to be tighter.

Sound: I don’t know whether it’s WebGL being janky as always, but couldn’t hear a thing.

All in All, a solid 4 stars all around. Great Entry :D

Very fun game, the puzzles are nice, but some of them were frustrating due to needing near pixel perfect movement. Art is great and feels nice to play.

Playing on the browser generated an error when I sunk an island. The game itself seems fun, the cannonball were a bit unpredictable, as I was aiming North-East for example, but as I was drifting around due to the harpoon the cannonballs were shot north, or stayed in place as I drifted. The resource management part isn’t very clear, it may be due to it crashing so I didn’t get to the resource gathering part.

Very fun game, it takes a little while to get used to the controls but once you do you can race it for real. Something to not would be exactly that, it takes a while to get used to the controls so the map should try and help the player assimilate this progressively before going headfirst into the color parts.

While the mechanics can lead to some interesting situations if developed properly, the fact that the game needs some pixel perfect aiming or just retrying till you get the angle right detracts from it. I’m sure that with due time this can be a fun game.

Very fun game, great progression for the difficulty. The art fits it really well.