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I can’t anything that hasn’t already been said.

Awesome game overall.

I think the instruction dump at the beginning makes it harder to actually grasps the mechanics of the game so most of the time you’re learning with brute force. Regardless this is still a fun game.

Not a fan of the grainy filter, or maybe it’s a web thing, the web version does feel slightly laggy but that’s understandable.

The game itself it’s great, short and entertaining.

Very creative and quite fun to play!!

I really enjoy crt shaders so plus points for that (regrettably I can’t give more than 5 stars per category). :D

I feel the mechanics you came up with are on point and quite useful.

Hope to see you add more levels/mechanics post jam.

It’s an interesting idea but the audio at least in the web browser seems really chaotic and it’s very distracting, but the game itself is solid.


I really liked the concept, to the point where I was a bit saddened to see that it was cut short.

If you ever feel like adding more stuff, this could be the base for a very addictive clicker.

Game no work on rock computer! Me play game, want be thief, want be guard, want swap bodies. But game no come on Linux rock. Unreal Engine 4 not make game for Linux rock. Me sad, me no steal crystal, me no catch thief. Me wait long time for game, but no come for Linux rock. Game maker need make game for all rocks, not just shiny rocks. Me want steal crystal and catch thief on Linux rock. Me hope game maker fix soon. Me want play game like real caveman.

As promised in the PJP server I’m here to tell @Xascoria that his code looks Ai generated.

Jokes aside this is an exceptional piece of work. It impresses with its concise yet captivating nature, providing an enjoyable and immersive experience. The remarkable visuals and flawless controls contribute to its overall brilliance.

Short game but very entertaining, I really enjoyed the surprise mechanic when you lose 10 times, my only comment would be that I think the dead zone approaches a bit too fast.

As promised in the PJP server I’m here to tell you that this game looks Ai generated.

Jokes aside game’s great, main loop is solid, the only thing I would add is unnerving gore when you’re literally eating alive an innocent golfer who probably has a family.

Jokes aside the game itself is solid as I said, and if you’re looking for things to add it would be some powerups to give more player agency and overall options to get a high combo or just to stay alive.

Loved the reviews!

As awesome as always BP.

I was gunning for 69 kills, but I rolled a shotgun that literally didn’t shoot, the bullet just stood in place so I couldn’t kill any more enemies.

While the idea is nice and the randomness doesn’t feel unfair, the game needs some more polish, as I encountered a couple of bugs without playing for too long.

  • Enemies not shooting.
  • Enemies shooting in only one direction.
  • The aforementioned bullets that didn’t move.
  • The slot machine appearing before all enemies were killed, they didn’t disappear the moment I interacted with the slot so they could still hurt me.

Now, due to the random mechanic I cannot tell if these are actually bug or working as intended, as there’s not an explanation for what each roll is, you understand after playing a while, but an in game description of what you got and/or how it affects you or the enemies would have been nice.

Overall, it’s still a fun game and a good take on the theme.

Fun game, it could use a better introduction instead of rellying the the game page for the instructions, but I understand that with 50 hrs of development this could be difficult.

The movement is smooth, the audio get’s a lil annoying after a while, but overall a nice game.

A really enjoyable game, trying to reach a high combo is both challenging and fun, I do think the game would benefit for more movement mechanics (Double jump or dash) for the sake of continuing those combos

A fun game, the music is nice.

Very good game, a fun take on the theme.

I don’t know what pacing you were aiming for, but having to wait to be able to reload just running in circles becomes tiresome after a while, the random weapons according to the roll is a nice touch tho.

Once you understand how to move is quite a fun game, the level design is good and the art is nice. A good take on the theme.

An enjoyable game with a great take on the theme, a lil bit of ramdomness but with enough options to give you a sense of strategy when playing.

Enjoyable game, the randomness doesn’t seem unfair like in other games from this jam, there’s a good assortment of chicks, maybe it’s a difficulty issue but there wasn’t much strategy other than put whatever chick I have available in the routes where there are enemies incoming, the greatest tactical moment I had was putting a bunch of snipers alongside a bunch of reloader and watch them anhilate half the map, but that’s pretty much it.

Overall, a fun game and a good entry.

Thank you for playing and for your feedback.

Thank you for playing and for your feedback.

Thank you for playing and for your feedback.

The taunts become a necessity after I decided to add local multiplayer.

Thank you for playing and for your feedback.

I did think of adding random events during gameplay, but then I imagined there were going to be lots of fully randomized games so I didn’t want to pile on, I may do it in future versions.

Thank you for playing and for your feedback.

Thank you for playing and for your feedback.

A good take on the theme, overall a solid game.

Very fun game, the presentation is amazing, the music is nice, simple and clean. I’d have liked more freedom of movement with the pan, like being able to change the angle a little bit, or the height to try make the dices jump. But this may also be an issue of personal taste.

The presentation is nice, I like the bible accurate angel enemies we have to kill, very fun.

It does need a better introduction, as I spent a couple of minutes just moving the dice around asking why nothing was happening as the sword and shield icon wasn’t fully clear they were actually button I had to press.

Not a lot going on, the presentation is great tho.

The game is not very clear, in your instructions you only mention “mouse for most things” but what are most things? What can you do in this game? I picked out the combat after messing with the mouse for a while. It’s hard to comment on the art, is it a style choice? Overall it’s a good take on the theme, just needed more polish.

The art is nice, so are the sfx, if you spam space bar you can hear what Link hears after hitting a chicken one to many times.

The concept is interesting but the level design makes it tad tedious and claustrophobic.

Lastly, in my computer it gets kinda laggy at moments for no clear reason.

Thank you for your feedback and for your time.

Thank you for your feedback and your time, I’ll consider it for a more casual version so that any of the both player can pick to increase or decrease the black holes.

I’ll start with the bad and move on to the good, first there seems to be a bug, where in an enemy’s turn it will roll the dice, but not make any move, which ends up blocking the game and having to restart; not a bug but something I feel can be improved is that for enemies’ turn the camera doesn’t follow, stuck to the player, so if you’re lucky the enemies are insight and you can see and know what they are doing, but if you’re unlucky they’ll be off-screen and you have no choice but to wait with nothing going on on-screen.

Now for the good, it’s an interesting concept, the art and ambience fit well, a good take on the theme, with some polishing this could be quite fun.

An interesting idea, the art is nice, it’s not that difficult, but the enemies “progress” but as the player there are no progression to aid in our side, or maybe I just didn’t play enough. Overall it’s fun for a while.

An interesting idea but lacks some polishing, there’s no sense of progressing or real goal in the game so I just played until I got bored.

Also you can walk out of screen, but the enemies only spawn inside, so if you have ranged attack you can just sit there and kill all the enemies that now will only spawn from on side.

A good idea, a bit to slow paced for my liking but it has potential, I did encounter an issue when fighting the ghost enemies, the game got stuck and didn’t do anything.