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Yo’ Templar here,
My first impression with the game was awful, I thought it was either a joke/troll entry or made by a child, the main menu had different fonts for the items, was de-organized, and had icons that didn’t quite portrait the meaning of their button.

  • Never mix different fonts like that, you can have for example, one serif font for title and one sans-serif for everything else, and stick to those 2, but mixing multiple fonts, across title/text and serif/sans-serif it’s terrible in terms of UX/UI.

I started playing and a cutscene started, which at least in my computer, didn’t run really well, it didn’t progress smoothly nor game some form of feedback to tell that it was currently playing, so I couldn’t tell if it was working properly or if the game crashed, it wasn’t clear so it makes actually playing messy.

  • Once you start there’s no objective, you can check them if you open the menu, but I at least spent 5 mins just walking around clicking anything, getting the occasional “Wrong” “Good” “Victory”, that quite doesn’t make sense, What’s wrong? What’s good? If you show me Victory I’d assume that the game is over, but it continues.
  • Concerning the menu, while the world pauses, you can still move around, is a minor thing but still doesn’t feel right.
  • While I commend you for making all assets yourself, they still need some work, feels like a minecraft clone you could find in mobile apps, and I understand that making everything a cube is a style in itself, those always include many details, either in the model itself, or the texture, to portrait an identity to that model over all the others.
  • The animations are weird, they are neither comically bad, nor passable, the queen is t-posing for crying out loud.
  • The collisions for the “coins” doesn’t feel like it works all the time, at least with some coins you need to really line up to get them, and some can’t even be picked up at all.

Of course, there are good things:

  • The main mechanic is really fun, the way you can control time to affect the world leads itself to fun puzzles and interesting designs.
  • Playing through events over and over to solve a problem can be fun if done correctly, and even more if even when you repeat there’s always something random to make every loop more interesting.

Overall, lacks work but if polished more can be a really good game.

Saracen here, thank you very much. I’ve already added fog, darkened the entire game and added a flashlight (because if clichés exist is because they work!!) along some other things. Will take into account the sound fx you mentioned though. Again, thanks :D

Thanks a lot!!! :D


Hi! Saracen here, yeah I’m a scaredy cat myself too, so I know what you mean, however for the same reason I also think there’s a lot of untapped potential, as in I know what I would hate to happen next or how to increase tension (if that makes sense). We’ll work on the sound per surface thing, hadn’t taken it into account tbh.

Cheers mate

Thanks a lot! It will be expanded and a little bit more polished once the rating period is over. Surely though, we’ve learn a lot from doing this and can’t wait to put in into practice on another game. I’ll personally come back into this comment section to look for you and ask you that you play that one

Again, thanks a lot. Cheers


Yo’ Templar here,

  • The main mechanic is simple and fun
  • The art style is clean and fits the game well
  • The music is relaxing which goes well.
  • The controls are a bit awkward to get at first but once you get going is more natural

Yo’ Templar here,
While the main mechanic is fun, the lack of player feedback, when shooting, when getting shot, makes the game difficult to enjoy, the turrets just start barraging you with their aimbot the moment you step near them.

Yo’ Templar here,

  • Very fun take on the rewind theme, it can bring very fun puzzles.
  • Level design is superb, the way difficulty increases is perfect.
  • The art is really good.
  • Using different floor tiles in the same level is awkward.

Yo’ Templar here,
I’d rather avoid pointing out the same things that most people have already, so I’ll just point out something that feels awkward: When you point the mouse at the character it starts spinning.
Aside from that, as most people have say, it would have been much better if there was not “plot” at all, the story feels more of an excuse to put a “rewind” into a generic top-down shooter.

Yo’ Templar here,

  • An interesting take on golf games.
  • The art and sound fit each other well. A few things to point out:
  • I can’t tell if this is a bug: When you rewind, you go back to the start position, the rewind ends, but if you start spamming rewind, then your remaining shots keep increasing.
  • While the rewind mechanic fits the theme, I quite doesn’t fit in the game itself, without it is a puzzle golf game where you want to get as much points (patience) as possible while still reaching the exit with your available shots; but with the rewind mechanic it turns into just a regular golf game where you can just keep spamming rewind and farming for points before moving.
  • The “points”/patience is quite unclear what each does if there’s even a difference, a better take would have been having different personality traits (following the personality test theme that you’re going for) like fun, loving, patience, etc. This would make the player have to aim for certain traits while avoiding others as they navigate through the level.

Yo’ Templar here,

  • The main mechanic can create some fun puzzles if polished
  • The level progression goes through the mechanic really well, expanding upon the possibilities without overwhelming the player. A few things to point would be:
  • A couple of bugs, as some other people point out.
  • Movements feels floaty and janky at moments.
  • Some collisions are awkward, like moving through a slope.

Yo’ Templar here,

  • The art and music fit each other and the main mechanic.
  • The main mechanic lends itself for some interesting puzzles if polished. Some things to point out would be:
  • Is difficult to accurately record my input, there’s no clear indication when the recording stops and when it ends it just teleports to the beginning while still recording a new one, deleting the old recording, which is annoying.
  • The recording doesn’t feel like it’s playing the way one expects from how one moves.

Thank you! Will do! :D

Thank you! Honesty is all we ask for from the feedback. I’ve been working on that emptiness since launch and will update the game as soon as the rating period is over. Again, thanks


Yo’ Templar here,

  • When it comes to game design, the mechanic of finding hidden areas in the map using the flip gun is fun, but needs more polish.
  • There’s nothing much for fun aside from the previous mentioned mechanic.
  • Graphics are good, the animations are fluid, but feels the map feels a bit overcrowded with stuff, mostly because of the background.

A few thing to point out are:

  • The collisions of the platform are weird.
  • The lack of an indicator for the rift gun charges is annoying, or too obscure and couldn’t find it.
  • There’s no clear sense of direction, if you discover a hidden path, follow it, and ends in just a deadend, go back, rinse and repeat.

Thank you so very much!!!

I’ll look into that crash as well as into the resizing thingy for the update to come. The settings menu actually has a mouse slider that I forgot to make functional (yeah, I’m smart like that), and I’ll do my best with the sound effects next time!!

Again, thank you so very much to take your time to give this invaluable info :D!!! We’ll do the same shortly!!

Yo’ Templar here,

  • The art fits the game well.
  • The mechanics play with the theme perfectly.
  • Simple to play, easy to pickup at the beginning and gets more challenging progressively. It does need some balancing tho.

Somethings to note would be: *I can get boring quickly if there’s no “plot twist” or something to keep the player engaged outside of just trying to get a good score.

Yo’ Templar here,

  • The art fits the game well.
  • The music is great.
  • The main mechanic is fun and lends itself for some interesting puzzles and platforming, if expanded upon.

Somethings to note would be:

  • It feels like there’s a slight input lag
  • Controls are overall a little bit unresponsive, or just not fluid enough
  • I got stuck in the castle section, there are 2 platforms, 3 boxes, and a door, didn’t jump past the door but fall right before it, and then I couldn’t return to the platform as the boxes didn’t let me pass.
  • You can also do some mad hops when you chain jumps, like from one box to the other right above it almost as soon as you do the first jump.
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Yo’ Templar here,
Very fun game, the movement feels a bit janky with the whole teleport with momentum but is fun nonetheless. A few levels seem to be skipped tho.
Also, doesn’t really feel like it fits the theme, feels more like teleport than a rewind.

Yo’ Templar here,
Very good game, the atmosphere and the pacing is great.
A few things to point out would be:

  • The mouse sensitivity is really high, at least in the web version, it makes it hard to point and click.
  • Is too dark, even for a horror game there’s a balance to achieve between too bright that removes the mystery atmosphere, and too dark where you can’t even see anything to explore and be creep out by the environment. this is difficult to achieve and is done with trial and error for every game.

Yo’ Templar here,
This is a very fun game, casual and simple, both art and sfx fit great into the gameplay.

Yo’ Templar here,
Very neat game, both art, and sfx fit great into the gameplay, and the rewind mechanic is well executed.

They all looked the same to me, as in some townsfolk share the same sprite, because of the time limit I wasn’t going to stand around and check every detail either, I can only identify them by name and their location at certain moments.

Yo’ Templar here,
Very good game, the art, sfx and level design were superb, there are some light quirks about jumping into a corner and getting stuck there, but otherwise great game.
Why is there a waterfall inside a clock tower tho?

Yo’ Templar here,
The game mechanics are interesting and if expanded can turn up quite fun, but the lack of a real purpose makes the whole thing feel hollow. The “enemies” just follow you, never attacking or doing anything, and the rewind button doesn’t whole any value gameplay-wise.

Yo’ Templar here,
The concept is interesting, both the bullets and movement being in reverse works great for the theme, but there are a few things to note:

  • The bullets seem to follow the player, even through walls at time.
  • Some enemies (The green ones as far as I can tell) sometimes go through walls and outside the map.
  • The lack of a clear objective makes the game hollow.

Yo’ Templar here,
Platforming is good and the environment fits the “story” well, the movement feels awkward tho, like the camera sensitivity is too high.

Yo’ Templar here,
Very fun game, retrying to try to get all the endings was really fun, the art style is too simplistic for the townsfolk, as everyone is unique and has their own role they should all look at least slightly different, the chat box and the dialogues are too intrusive tho.

Thank you very much! I’m glad someone noticed it :D I didn’t want to break the atmosphere with instructions. After the two weeks rating period the game will be updated, polished and expanded upon, so if you’re interested follow the updates on our Twitter page!


Thanks a ton!


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Thanks! Yeah, the mouse thing is already in the to-be-fixed list, and we’ve been working on the scary side ever since launch. It’ll be updated as soon as the rating period is over.


Yo’ Templar here,
Cool puzzle game, the rewind mechanics of the movement lends itself for some interesting puzzles if you ever expand upon this, the art is a bit too simplistic to my liking and the window size is tiny which makes reading a tad bit difficult, there also should be a better explanation early on about the controls and movement.

Yo’ Templar here,
There some issues about the game that makes it very difficult to play, but the idea of the graphics downgrading can be interesting if done correctly and if it affects gameplay in some way, otherwise there’s no much to it.
What I can point out would be:

  • There’s a severe perspective issue, the player, items, and enemies seem to be platformers while the walls and map itself seem to be topdown, this makes it difficult to navigate and creates collision that feel out of place and very annoying.
  • The lack of retry forces you to beat the whole game in one go, but there are some levels that for example, can kill you almost as soon after you start if you don’t move, or that requires you dying to learn the proper collision with the enemies to get the timing.

Yo’ Templar here,
Very fun game, the main mechanic lends itself for some good puzzles and progression of the tools is good. A thing to keep in mind if you’ll continue developing this game:
For games like this that with few colours, mostly black, the eyes of the player usually follow the most interesting thing in the environment, for this kinds of games would be the moving elements (Think the player character, platforms, electricity/flow), so it’s a good idea to work on fluid animations for this entities, right now the player animation and the platforms feels “rigid” like a robot, a good example for this would be Limbo, if you ever played that game you should notice how every animation is fluid, including the way the player interacts with the props in the environment.


Yo’ Templar here,
The idea is interesting but needs more polish, the goal in the ramp level doesn’t seem to be working, and the camera is more of a hindrance, it should be either fixed where you can see the whole map, or following the car in a certain angle.

Yo’ Templar here,
Very cool title, the art and music are good, but the timing in the platform is too unforgiving, and the controls are a bit awkward.

Yo’ Templar here,
Very fun game, the art and sfx fits it quite well. A few things to point out would be:

  • The numbers in picked up tapes are too small.
  • The ratings stars are barely noticeable, I only saw them there at the beginning, and completely forgot about them for the rest of the game.
  • Following with the previous point, getting more stars for doing a good job doesn’t really feel like much of a reward, of course this is totally subjective.

Thanks for the feedback :D. Will take that into account for future updates!


Yo’ Templar here,
A simple game, but it capitalizes in something that is always fun: yeeting things, the only things to improve would be breakable props, and terrain.