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Thanks for playing!

thank you for playing!

I really enjoyed playing this on stream! I didn't quite explore everything but here's the map I made

glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!

something like that! thanks for playing

All good! You can click on the now opened box to retrieve a new item. Keep picking up that item to finish out the experience.

ah sorry, I misunderstood! if you tell me how far you got I can give more specific help, but you may wish to turn on names and/or hints in the settings to nudge you in the right direction

Thank you!

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!

The third level is the end, you've finished the game when it returns to the title screen. Thanks for playing!

It's just the three levels, you did it right. Thanks for playing!

love them

Ah it's multiplayer only, so you wouldn't be able to progress without another player. but thanks for trying, I'm a fan of your work!

Fun mix of shoot-to-move and puzzle game. I enjoyed how this game made it very simple and clear what you were supposed to do, but the joy is in failing to do it in spectacular fashion. I caused my lab $175,300 worth of damages. Great work!

Really compelling game, I liked how the interface itself slowly broke apart so you had a sense of progression even as the story was looping. A narrative game definitely stands out in this jam. Good work!

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Nice simple mechanic to explore a complex idea. I liked how the level design forced different interactions between npcs, especially in later parts where you're trying to shoot with precision. Good work!

This game is very polished in terms of graphics, and the core mechanic/story is very relatable (way to make me empathize with godzilla!). I loved all the detailed animation work. Wonderful work!

Really tight gameplay, the graphics and mechanics and level design all work together. I especially liked the dual purpose of the iron ball verb. Great work!

Really great level design to show off your core mechanic. The clean graphics make everything readable and help keep the focus on the platforming. Good job!

Really fun rhythm puzzle game, I enjoyed the way it made me rewire my thinking and plan my movements ahead of time. The graphics are adorable. Great work!

Someone sent me your video because I made a game based on Conway's Game of Life. I was excited to see your take and it did not disappoint. I really enjoyed the puzzles in this game, the art and sound design all worked together, and it left me wanting more! Great work

I loved the ebb and flow of control in this bullet hell, it made for a really great player story. Graphics and sound were delightfully snappy. Wonderful work!

Fun concept, I like how much variety this game gets out of a very simple mechanic. The level design ramps up well and some of the later stages are really difficult! Great work

Fun idea, I really enjoyed the tension between going fast and damaging your ship. The level design ramps up really quickly for a good challenge. Great work!

Really great art and sound design, it was a delight to inhabit the world of the game. If only I could be this productive in real life! Good work

I loved the digital pen pal aspect, the core mechanic of just decoding was really enjoyable and meditative. The chill atsmophere helped this stand out. Great work!

Fun idea, the game has a lot of personality in the graphics and sound design. There's a lot of potential here, I'd love to see some more layers with the mechanic. Good work!

The great art and soundtrack kept me going when I got stuck by the later puzzles. Really simple but clever mechanic that's explored fully through the level design. Great job!

I really enjoyed the 3D pixel graphics, they gave this game a super unique feel. Placing the player in control of an out of control plane moments before crash is a very clever idea, I really felt the panic. Good work!

I appear to be playing pinball with lost souls through several of the circles of hell? Very exciting game, I enjoyed the amount of control I could exert, even with the inherit randomness of pinball. Great work!

Really cute concept, I loved the use of humor and storytelling to explain the escalation in game mechanics. Good mix of orders to split your attention between different and often clever modes of interaction. Wonderful work!

I really liked framing the random ruleset changes as whims of the capricious gods, it really helped tie the entire experience together. The simple controls and graphics made every state very readable. Good work!

Thanks for including it! I've been enjoying your series, keep up the great work!

Fun idea, I liked having direct control over the Sims-like action probability distribution. The bunnies were very cute and I'm afraid I wasn't a very good god to them

There's a nice push your luck mechanic in seeing how long you can go without cycling the engine before you lose control and potentially hit an obstacle. The simple graphics make it easy to read. Good work!

Cute idea, really smart to have a wide variety of texts so people can try to find something they're familiar with. The graphics and audio design kept the game moving at an energetic pace. I don't think I'm a very good monkey.

Really fun idea to play as a puck on an air hockey table. I liked the escalation when you ran out of health, it added another level of entertainment to the game. Good job!

Interesting mechanic, the game iterates on it well, and nothing outstays its welcome. This is a really great exploration of a single idea. Plus it has the best menu of any game I've ever seen.

The pixel style made everything clean and snappy. It's really inventive to tie camera motion to character physics, I'd love to see more twists on this base mechanic. Great work!

I liked the balance between trying to go as fast as you can and having too much momentum to dodge hazardous space debris. It was a lot of fun to zoom around the track, great work!