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Bit Bytemon

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Cheers for playing it :)


Hectic :)

That's mad :)

The fog really give it a Silent Hill 1 style scary feeling :)

pretty funny :)

2020 simulator :)

Got like 2500

That's mad. Cheers for playing  it :)

Like this little game it's kinda neat 👍

Good job! Wonder what this would be like if you got points for mowing the lawn? 👍

Simple and executed reasonably well. Good Stuff :)

Cool. Nice work with the theme :) 👍

Love the pacing and feel of this game :) 

I am a triangle :)

Original :)

Fun little game. Wonder what it would be like if you replaced the humans with sheep dogs? :) 👍

Good twist on an old skool game :)


The goods

Kinda like keyboard twister. At one point it was F9 and Tab to move with , to jump. Crazy times :)


Probably one of the most original games of the jam :)




Don't know what it was but something about this was genius... maybe  :) 

Cool idea and executed well :)

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Poor moderators :)

The ghost and the music is cool :)

Hectic :)


Saw the title and had to play... was not disappointed :)

Really great how it goes about introducing you to the mechanics. Some good old skool game design. Good stuff :)

It's a crack up :)

Mad little jam game :)

This is one of my favourites because taking control away from the player is nearly always a bad idea but this game gives just enough to give a sense of improvement.  Good jam game :)

The theme builds up so well :)