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You've been hired to eat everything from a production line. Can you do it?
Submitted by Pip (Agapios Kokkos) — 5 hours, 40 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
The controls are wacky, the production line in the game is out of control, and finally, the game eventually gets out of control with how many things it spawns. (Something special happens at 2000 highscore ;) )

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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I played this game in this video here (00:21):


Thank you so much for playing my game! :)
I noticed that I fixed for the post jam occurred int he vid but the opposite way. Due to the low refresh rate of the screen during recording the character is actually moving much faster than he's supposed to. If you ever want to give it a second go you can play Post Jam -1 
I'm so glad you liked it and it really warmed my heart.


Very funny game. I just need some weird game, that makes me smile.


Glad you liked it! :P


Unfortunately I was late with rating the game :'( So Sorry


No worries. The fact you liked it is what matters! :)


The jaw mechanics, just awesome! Had a lot of fun playing it good job!


A fantastic use of the theme, the moving mouth being out of control was great! And very dark, if you consider the fact that you are forcing this poor individual to eat pens and candles. I had a lot of fun with the wacky controls, the different sizes of the "food" being hurled down at me, and the fantastic sound effects to announce what terrifying item that you should never eat being the next on the list to be poured down your gullet. Fantastic job!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nice to have a cool pickup and play here. Clever intro. Just fun and very arcadey in a good way. Just need more to do in an update. The juggling to control it gets super tense :) Still playing


The first thing to say is the sound design is unrivalled. I also love the UX, the main menu is new idea which works really well with the flow of the game. The only issue I had is that some of the eggs weren't texting and instead were a glowing white.


Really goofy, but fun. Some of the things you're supposed to eat decidedly fall into the "not food" category!


I laughed out load at "you're fired" and enjoyed the sound effects. I hope you enjoyed recording them..."bananaaa"

But yeah, it was really fun. The A-D to start/quit the game was a great introduction to the controls and helped me grasp the mouth-momentum concept quickly.

And I enjoyed that the nose angle made it just a little bit harder. Good difficulty to have on a jam game where players want to be challenged but also learn quickly


nice music, funny mechanics.

what happens if you eat 15 pens?

Developer (1 edit)

 You develop a hunger for more.

(I do get the joke btw) 


lol so true


The sound design is super cool!


LOL. Funny game! I love the voice. Great game!


Super fun arcade game! :D

Very addicting, although the best I could do was 1503, couldn't reach the covetted 2000 haha.

My feedback was GOING to be to weight the points differently for the harder objects, but then I realised you actually were doing that, it's just hard to tell in the heat of the moment. :) A good way to make it clearer to the play might be to have the "point value" of the item appear under the picture at the top, OR to do like a POINTxCOMBO type popup everytime something is eaten.

So for a pen with a 7 combo a little 15*7 would appear (or just the actual value, so 105 in this case).

Well done though, very fun arcade game (I could actually see something like this in an ACTUAL arcade haha). :D


This is an excellent arcade-style game! I worked hard and my manager rewarded me. Truly, this is the best game about the folly and fury of supply-side economics and so-called consumer-discipline. This game made me a communist.

But in all seriousness, about the only thing I would add would be pick-ups: a big funnel to catch more things, a mouth-widener, a health-pickup to make it harder for my boss to fire me, an orally-mounted vacuum tube. Just something to help keep the variety up (though the items do an excellent job as it is!) and to help with balance once the game really starts throwing things at you.

But with that said, excellent work! This is one of my favorites I've played hands down. Keep it up!


Those are all excellent ideas. Thank you. 


No: thank you for making a wonderful game

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

An entertaining short game. It was a bit annoying that the mouth moved on it's own making hard to control but I guess that's how games work lol, and the themes was Out of Control so....


Wow, it's super fun and original!

It's well executed and I enjoyed it so much. Well done :)


This is a cool quirky game that I found incredibly easy to grasp! It is also really well balanced for a jam game! Good work!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Awesome and original idea ahahah The mechanic is fun, but a  bit frustrating when the mouth shuts and  it doesn't open as fast as when it closes. a good time waster and a nice main menu scene :D 

Good job!


Loved the way you interpreted the theme ! great game, simple and efficient ! can easily be transformed in a mobile game like fruit ninja ! the game would need a little bit of polish for the boxes and some "hazards" that you shouldn't swallow and it could get really frantic ! Nonetheless GREAT GAME, keep it up !


I ate strawberries, ham, cupcakes, candles and CDs. Delicious.


Really clever take on the theme. The mechanics are fun, and the visuals are also well made. Good job!

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