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By the way, let me know if it worked!

Hi there, I would love to do so.  However, in order for me to do that, I'll need to have a macbook to create .dmg or .app applications. Unfortunately I don't own a macbook. Although I could recommend that you download an app that allows you to run .exe programs on your mac such as  Wine Bottler.

Follow these steps:

1. Head over to the link here and download the latest version of Wine Bottler. Next, wait for the advertising screen to disappear.

(Note: It is not recommended that you download the development version as it may cause issues.)

2. Double click on the Wine Bottler setup to begin the installation.

3. Locate the EXE file you want to use and double-click on it. Select open with “Wine.”

4. Make sure that the “Run Directly In” option is marked

5. Click the “Go” button located in the lower-right corner

Wow, this is super juicy, I love the visuals It's amazing. However, the ball moves a bit too fast at the start and can get too overwhelming for the player eventually. For classic mode, I think it's better to show some indication as to where the ball isn't allow to land by perhaps changing the colour of that side. As for don't touch the ball mode, it can get too disorienting whenever the ball hits the walls because of that ripple effect it makes. Maybe if it didn't obstruct the player's view too much, then it would be fine. Again, I love how juicy this is and I make games similar to this kind of style, I'd be glad if you checked out Missile Blaster and Crossfire! :D

Very charming visuals, I love the fire, makes the game stand out. I like how the attacks spawn randomly too. Also, the way the player engages in combat reflects really well on the character of BunBun, well done! However with that being said, here are my few complaints that I have of the game

  • There isn't any checkpoints. It's a hassle to have to restart all the way back at the start after having gone so far
  • The restricted area cannot be clearly seen. Often I would get cornered by enemies simply because I didn't know where those boundaries are. I suggest adding a visible block in the road that explodes and clears the way once all the enemies have been killed. Also, barriers at the sides of the road apparently have a gap in between them which I get stuck on alot and end up getting cornered too. Maybe the invisible wall should be placed there instead.

Awesome entry overall!

Hello, glad you enjoyed Crossfire! Powerups do infact exist in the game! But the ones that you've suggested do sound interesting! As of right now there are 3 powerups in the game: A deflector that lets you deflect bullets, Speed that makes you move faster, and no cooldown which allows you to use your slow-mo powerup for a longer period of time.

Amazing visuals! I love it, although with that being said, gameplay can get chaotic very fast with a positive feedback loop in the sense that enemies that get killed don't necessarily die but split into 2.

By the way your visual style and gameplay is quite similar to mine, check out my game Crossfire! :D

Awesome concept! Could use more feedback on the shield tho, especially when using other weapons to interact with the shield to show the player that it actually does something. Clever puzzle design and an enjoyable experience overall. However the shield doesn't seem to do anything against the laser. Doesn't look like it can block them, altho the player could just jump over the lasers anyway. Also for the part with the glass and red button, I could actually solve it by doing parkour from the slope to the platform with the red button.

Wow! Great design, love the art style, simple and clean. I love this. Great level design as well, although more game juice and feedback needed when the player dashes or switches colour or hits a wall.

Yep, I agree, the biggest flaw is that players can run around the sides of the map and still be able to rack up score easily. I still can't find a way to motivate players to move towards enemies although you should note that enemies cannot shoot at you while you're close. As for the part about the powerups ending abruptly, I was aware of that issue, so I fixed it immediately after the jam. I'll release an update once the voting period is over. And yes, slowing down time is useless when you're not dodging bullets.

Really good concept with a really good execution! Amazing

This game is actually really well done, one of the most flawless execution out of the rest I've played. Stabbing fishes felt satisfying, fighting against other fishes felt intense too. Congrats

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An amazing concept with  a really great execution, game feel is incredible but maybe way too much. Apart from the insane amount of screenshake which is way too disorientating, I was playing on a vibration enabled controller and the rumbles were way too much, everytime I died in the game, I get tasered by my controller. Also, personally I feel that the ball could roll a little slower, cus the tilting controls feels too sensitive and it's a bit difficult to maneuver through tight gaps

TLDR: Game feels great but you overdid it.

Very interesting concept, I like the overall theme and feel of your game, however the more I progressed, the more repetitive it felt, getting new words just simply wasn't enough.

I enjoyed the narrative of this game! I felt very immersed too!

Thank you very much for your constructive feedback! Your suggestions were very helpful in identifying how to improve the player's survival and the overall gameplay. All of these suggestions will likely be implemented and I'll release an update once the jam submission period was over. Thank you again for playing :D

Wow, this game is actually really well polished and fun! I like it!

Feel fun to play, the voice effects made it better hahaha! However, there needs to be better feedback from actions, for example when you take damage or when you hit an enemy to give the headbutt more oomph.

It's an intesting concept! However, I do feel that the game is lacking in polish. Polish it up! This looks like it has great potential

Some mechanics were rather confusing while only the reloading of the turret seems clear. For example I had no idea what the red menu did. The ship's health was always reducing by itself no matter what I did and I wasn't sure what recalculating, setting the route and downloading data did.

Very interesting game, the concept fits well with the theme. However, because this whole experience turns into a memory game, as the level progresses, the number gets higher and it becomes way too difficult to gauge whichever card to place. As a result, I ended up not caring about whatever card I placed and hoped for the best (around the 6th level onwards). Sometimes I got lucky and got the exact amount, and avoided the hit and I eventually lost on the 9th level where I took 10 damage because the  last card that I placed just happened to be a 16 and overshot.

While it sounds good on paper, the actual gameplay itself feels lackluster. There isn't enough motivation for the player to activate all of those security systems.

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I agree, I'm intending to add a new enemy type after the rating period

Hello! Thank you, "game juice" is definitely a priority of mine when making games!

As for clicking, slowing down time is a feature that gives the player more time to think and maneuver more precisely between the bullets. Although, it is entirely possible for better skilled players to play the entire game without having to use the slowmo ability.

Hey, may I know what the issue is? Perhaps I could help you solve it. Did the game throw off an anit-virus? Or does the game not run properly or does it lag really badly when you try to play it?

Thank you! That means a lot to me!

Hahaha, probably one day

Thank you!

Thank you!