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This was a really cute little game!! The visuals were adorable, and I loved all the waffle details in them, and I had a lot of fun balancing shooting with chasing after that cat before they shot away all my precious precious waffles. I'm proud to say I ended the game with 97 waffles collected, and while some of that number seemed to jump in size magically, I can't wait to go enjoy my delicious and well earned waffle bounty. Great game!

This game was quite challenging! I enjoyed the level design and had fun with the mechanics, but the shadow enemy was a bit too much for me. I think it might be cool if using moves like the dash or the faster fall pushed you ahead of the shadow enemy and gave you an advantage. This was an impressive little game, I'd love to return to it and continue my attempts to escape the shadow's wrath. Good job.

I GOT THE WAFFLE!!! It took me a bit to get the controls, and I really appreciate all the help I got in figuring those out, and once I did, the puzzles were intuitive and fun! The use of multiple controls was a little tricky to grasp at first, (I didn't understand that if the first move results in the end of the level, the second one won't be triggered), but once I did I had a blast. An adorable and well thought out octopus puzzle game! Great job.

Really liked the idea and the mechanic, struggled with the controls.

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I got a high score of seven, which I am very proud of. It took a bit of time to figure out the movement and strategy of the game, but I had a lot of fun roaming around and bringing people to parties! I think the biggest criticism I would have is that I didn't want it to end! The game was a bit too harsh when you miss even one party, I wish there was a couple lives or a penalty system instead of a hard reset. Still, a really fun little game to run around and spend some time playing! The sound and overall visual feel was great. Good job.

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I got to level twelve! This game was awesome, the natural progression of the levels went from needing a bit more careful thought to full on chaos and I loved it. The visuals were great, all the different bright colors were vibrant and engaging and I found myself talking to my screen in a rush once the timer kicked it. I definitely would return to this game and play more of it, just to beat my high score. Great job!

This was a solid little game, with a simple mechanic that puts a fun spin on parkour games! I did struggle with the limited camera rotation, I felt a bit trapped by it, and it made the 3d aspects of navigating the space a bit more difficult. Still, the idea of fast paced parkour that you have to do twice each time was cool! There's a lot of potential here, I hope you continue polishing it post-jam. Good job!

This was a really cool concept! The look of the game and the music were great, a solid blend of sound design and simple visuals that created a great overall feel. I managed to get nine coins, I'm not sure if there were more but that was my best run! In a way, the shrinking frame reminded me of last year's theme, which was fun! A cool take on two connected aspects of the game. Good job!

I struggled with the controls a bit, but I did like the unique take on it. Three tiny jumps in the air created an interesting movement for traversal, and I found it fun! A little unwieldy at times, and it took a bit of getting used to, but I didn't mind it too much. The art is very cute and effective, and there was a great use of sound design that enhanced the art and gameplay. I was so happy to reunite those two each time. Good job!

This was a really well made, cute little game! An awesome blend of Mario and Zelda. The visuals and sound effects and overall aesthetic were well polished and sweet. I struggled a bit with some of the nuances of the game, I'd quickly run out of hearts simply by aiming incorrectly and that was definitely a bit frustrating. Still, it was charming to see the little face avatar shift as the hearts went down, even if that charm was at great personal failure. I wasn't able to figure out how to get through the little room filled with water, but everything up until that point offered fun and simple puzzles I had a blast solving. Good job!

Thank you so much!! We definitely could tweak the color more, the "i've read this" colour tends to be a default thing Twine does automatically, but we could do a better job accounting for it and making it more accessible. Also, inventory is definitely a scrapped concept we didn't quite have enough time to add into the jam- I think it would help a lot for any future updates we do! And I would go ham on bolding relevant and important words. I appreciate all the feedback! 

Haha, that would be awesome!! Definitely a post-jam update, if we can figure out how to implement it well. Thank you so much for playing!

More bones!!! I can't wait, the game has been sold to me already!

You created a very emotional game through simple shapes and conveyed a lot of very intense emotion through sound effects and nuanced gameplay. It's a unique entry to the jam, but it's also a somber and gutting story of loss and recovery. Kudos to crafting such a poignant story.

This was a gorgeous game with an awesome concept and fantastic execution. The entire aesthetic of the game was superb, I loved the black and white and the way the bones popped off the screen. It had such a polished feel to it, in that solitary level. I did get a bit confused by the bridge feature at first, I used the bridge more times than I needed to and ended the level without my full body, and I was disappointed for the sake of the skeleton who had many more cliffs to jump off of. Still, a super polished and memorable little experience, it would be great to see a continuation of the game post-jam! Good job.

This was a really cleverly put together puzzle game! I'm still working through the huge room puzzle, what I'm assuming to be the last one, and it's a lot of fun and a rewarding challenge, as the previous ones have all been. The ability to go back and retry different moves is invaluable, and overall it's a really thoughtful game with a lot of care that I had a lot of fun playing. Good job!

This game was chaos as I have never previously prepared for. It was the most intense game of computer twister I've ever played, and I never thought I'd be stringing a sentence like that together. A wonderfully unique concept, a fresh take on the theme, I had so much fun playing it. The visuals and music only added to that, fantastic job with both! Kudos for creating them in the jam. I think my high score ended up somewhere in the 7,000 area (after two attempts) and that was when my hand got a bit too sore and my planet exploded. Got to say, it's a great hand workout too- not only does it connect the player to the computer, it gives their hand a good stretch.

This was so cute!! The music and graphics were incredible, kudos for creating both during the jam, and the jump felt so squishy and fun, I didn't want to stop jumping! I had some minor issues with resetting after dying, but overall my experience was smooth and enjoyable and I was so genuinely happy to see those two get back to their ship, it felt so cathartic! The recording was great too, the freedom in length was nice and none of the puzzles were too difficult. Definitely a lot of potential to up the difficulty and continue designing, if that's something you've considered, but I wouldn't want to draw out their little journey back to their ship. Great job!

This was an incredible game. The concept was great, the use of the theme was great, the art and visuals were great, the puzzles and use of the slider box was fantastic, it's hard to believe this was made in only a game jam's time limit. I did get stuck a couple of times, the main moment being the qr code, but I got through it and finished it! The ending felt a bit anti-climactic, that would be my only criticism, but that's such a minor thing after playing and experiencing such a great little game. Seeing all the fish start swimming up the river and following them to listen to the joy of that fisherman finally able to fish again was the highlight of that game, and I want to thank everyone involved for creating something so solid. Great job!

I FOUND ALL THE BUGS!!! This was one of the most charming games I've played in the jam! At first I wasn't sure if the comments I saw were real, but the comments right here have confirmed that they're all real, and that truly is the most charming and community driven take on the theme I've seen this entire jam. I had so much fun writing all of my comments too, if anyone sees any from Morg, I hope they put a smile on your face! There's a couple finicky things with the movement, moments where I'd get caught against something in an open area, but it had very minimal impact on my enjoyment. Nearing the end I got a bit lost trying to find the final handful of bugs, and it was definitely a bit unclear on where I hadn't already gone, but those same little comments gave me the hints I needed to succeed in my quest. Amazing job with this little jam game, I hope you continue working on it after the jam because it's the most adorable concept and I want to continue collecting bugs and sharing them with the world. Great job!

Thank you so much for playing!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. We actually did have plans for a third puzzle, it ended up in the game as a little text blurb about a long lost taste of ice cream, there wasn't quite enough time to implement it.

I had no idea how to set the ship up until I watched the video of gameplay. I interpreted the instructions as everything had to be individually linked to the power source, and didn't even find the boosters until I accidentally clicked one in the tutorial. That was probably my own personal inability to process the instructions, for whatever reason, but once I did figure out the necessary steps and got the ship working, I had a lot more fun. The freedom in mapping the different parts of the ship to different keys is great, it actually reminds me quite a bit of some of the games form last year's jam, and the unique control scheme I created felt personal. Unique game concept, I would love to see a more expanded version post-jam! Good job.

Haha, of course!! I'm glad my rambling was helpful. Good luck! 

I managed to get a score of 1400 on my second playthrough, after not really getting it on my first attempt. (I still think I got a higher score that first time, thought it was mostly by accident!) I never was entirely sure how to get into lightspeed, and the camera could be a bit much as it spun around and shook with impact. Still, the game was a lot of fun to play. I adored spinning around and latching onto things and building up speed, and even if I wasn't completely sure of all of the nuance of the abilities the game offered, I did my best to crush everything in my wake in lightspeed. Which was awesome. The explosions of the asteroids was satisfying, and the sound effects were great. If you are considering expanding this post-jam in any way, I would love to see how the game could be improved upon and polished. Good job!

This was an awesome and unique take on the theme! It was a who-done-it space mystery game, and I adore that. The voice over at the start of each level was great, I really felt for the clueless astronaut you had no choice but to help time and time again. Maybe one day they'll actually lock everything up nice and secure. I struggled a bit with the puzzles, I understood the concept of the arrows but I wasn't sure which one always corresponded to what alien. The two green ones definitely tripped me up a bit. I did figure out the second puzzle, but I wasn't confident with my guesses on the first and third. Might have just been a me problem though! Overall, really clever idea, I would love to see more of it. Definitely a game being slept on over here, I'm happy to have had the chance to play it. Good job!

I struggled a lot with the jump and ultimately was unable to complete the game, due to it not working and not letting me get past a certain part of the game. Still, I liked what I got to explore and the narrative undertone around the whole thing was a nice touch. Good job.

The art was good and the music made the stages feel intense and dynamic, and I enjoyed running around and escaping all the different rooms. The mechanics with the monsters were a bit strange, I'd usually destroy all the monsters in seconds and if I didn't they'd immediately get me, which made most of the game running around a maze instead of dealing with the enemies. It would've been cool to possibly have made the strings longer? Or given them a bit more health, so it was more of a careful strategy to navigate around the space and hold them back, instead of instantly destroying them. Maybe after the string is cut they'd just hop around in the space they were in and require a separate variation of avoiding. There are all just random ideas off the top of my head, feel free to ignore them- I suppose the point is that your game had a lot of potential and I'd love to see it expanded on, if you ever go back to it! Good job.

What sorts of additional color were you thinking? Background, or in text?

This may be a self described buggy mess, but I still had a lot of fun running around and shooting all the beans, even if their health bars felt infinite. The movement is fantastic, easily the best part of the game, I replayed it a couple of times just to jump around the map at top speed. Good job!

This was a really cute little game! I liked the concept, and the two layers of gameplay (getting the jam and then finding the other half) was really compelling, and has a lot of potential. I definitely struggled with the movement, I almost thought it was broken at first. Only being able to jump is interesting, but I don't think that is presented particularly clearly and it's a little unwieldy. I also wasn't quite sure what to do when it came to the jam jar, I was standing on it and then besides it wondering if there was a certain input I had to press before I stumbled into the jar and got jammed up. I was able to figure out that I had to progress through the side area, but I can also see how that sort of thing could be missed. Perhaps an earlier level with both the jam and the other half would work better to introduce the whole concept and function as a basic tutorial, that could help! Overall, a charming idea with a lot of heart. I hope you do finish this after the jam and even expand it, there's a lot of interesting possibility with puzzle design. Good job!

This game was a lot of fun. I think my best two times were both in the seventies, and they felt absolutely amazing. The swing mechanic was great, the use of the theme was inspired and definitely one of the most unique ones of the jam. I did have an issue where sometimes I'd try to click on a shape and be unable to send out my tongue, I'm not sure if it was because I was out of range or if it just wasn't registering. Besides that, I had great swinging around and would absolutely love to see more of this game in any capacity, if that's something you're considering. Good job!

This was a really cool concept! I struggled a lot with the controls, and I'm not sure if I missed how to properly put things together, but it was fun trying to jam things haphazardly glued together to return it to its previous state. Good job!

Entirely text based games are at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to that, definitely something I'll work towards in the future though. 

The art is really charming and fun, and the music lended itself well to create a great atmosphere around the whole game. The concept of the characters splitting apart and returning together wasn't the most uncommon one, but the door puzzles with buttons were different and engaging and I had fun solving them! There were some issues with jumping, my character would always get stuck if I was right next to a corner or object and I'd need to briefly backtrack. For a 48 hour game jam, this was a solid little game and I'd be interested to see if you ever expand on it! Good job.

Which wasn't a bad thing! I watched the playthrough, and clearly I'd gotten close to the right idea (I just used the wrong baby, or didn't have the swing fully set up). A lot of clever puzzle design, I'm sure the player's intuition will return to the player in future versions of the game. 

Haha, perhaps! I'm pretty sure it's the spare bedroom, in concept, but I had not considered the wealth of the man in the story. 

The paper was not wasted! It was used in a very constructive manner, I think. 

This was a really cute game! It took me a little bit to figure out the main gameplay, and in the end I'm still not sure if I fully understood it, but I enjoyed roaming around and making lots of friends! The art was amazing and it felt different to many of the other jam games. Good job.

Perhaps! But in a lot of ways, point and click adventure games were an evolution of text adventures, so I don't think we were too far off the mark. Definitely something I want to improve on, though! Thank you for playing. 

This was a really sweet little puzzle game! The teamwork aspect was great, and all the different ways that you had to use one guy to assist the other added a lot to it's overall charm and fun. I found the controls to be a bit floaty at times, and I didn't realize that the underside of the blue guy was tough for a bit in the final level, but those are two very minor things that don't take away from the overall joy it was to swim around in that extremely cute game. Great job!