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This was a cute game with a great style and a timely message! Good job.

This was an awesome game demo, and I'm so excited to see what comes next! The idea that you don't know what your choices will do is fantastic, and the mystery and ability to bargain out of some but risk future choices is great. It was frustratingly fantastic to bargain out of eating a poison red fruit but get pushed down the fire path when I could have avoided it altogether. Great job!

While the controls are frustrating, you have an interesting idea here and I really enjoyed playing it! I wasn't able to beat it (yet), but I'm definitely going to take a run at it a couple more times. Good job!

This was a good concept for the theme, I liked the puzzle of placing items real time to make sure the least amount of sheep get eaten! Good job.

BOB!!! BOB! BOB NO!!!!!!!

This is such a fun game, and I'm so glad it was one of the games included in Mark's streams. It's an absolute chaotic blast, and while controlling Bob is an out of control nightmare, I was determined to get him safely across the map! 

A fun take on moving the level to advance the player!  The ball was a lot of fun to move around. Good job!

This game was a ton of fun, I loved the unique concept and the absolute panic inducing stress of running around that tiny room in a desperate attempt to escape the pendulum's grasp! I did managed to get down to eight seconds in one playthrough (spammed x so I have no photographic evidence), and I am very curious if anyone was able to survive for 60 seconds. Regardless, definitely one of the stand out games of the jam for me, and easily a personal favorite!! Great job. 

A fantastic use of the theme, the moving mouth being out of control was great! And very dark, if you consider the fact that you are forcing this poor individual to eat pens and candles. I had a lot of fun with the wacky controls, the different sizes of the "food" being hurled down at me, and the fantastic sound effects to announce what terrifying item that you should never eat being the next on the list to be poured down your gullet. Fantastic job!

An interesting concept with randomly generated words and rhythm, it was a challenge to balance typing them correctly (and not accidentally mashing on the wrong keys) and the actual rhythm. Cool concept, good job!

This game's beautiful art and design really pulled me into its world, and I had a lot of fun dodging all obstacles while dealing with missing keys. The difficulty definitely spikes the more you take damage, though that's just the fun of the game! It was frustrating on the few instances I could only move up or down, and the piece i needed was to myy right/left. Good job!

A cute concept of out of control co-op! I didn't have anyone around to play with me,but the idea of out of control bats in a competitive setting was very good. The puck was a bit hard to control, and kept getting stuck next to the cage or in the corner, but besides that the game has a lot of potential and I'd love to see a more polished version after the jam!

This was a fun little game utilizing the infamous shoot to move! I liked using that feature to navigate the map and position myself to best take down enemies, which added a fast paced feel to the game and made it lots of fun! Good job.

A fun game, the balance of trying to gather as much items as possible while still making sure you're moving where you want to go is tense yet rewarding, I had a good time rushing around the halls and trying to pick up everything. Would have loved for there to be either a bit more time, or a bit more lenient with how close you had to be to pick things up, but besides that this was a blast! Good job.

This was a fun concept and the only pinball game I saw this jam! The progressing through levels as you moved out of the top part of the map was a great addition, though there was a lot of space around the bumpers and the top corners that made it very easy to lose. There were times where I started a new round and the ball shot straight off the side when I hadn't even gotten a chance to hit it. Besides that, the concept is very cool!

The glitching text was absolutely intentional! Thank you for playing, I have ideas for more endings post jam. :D

This was a lot of fun! A great idea and a great use of a simple mechanic, this game is challenging and rewarding. I only just got the hang of the circular movements, but the game's so cute and compelling I'm determined to bring my bee friend home! Also, puns in titles are always fantastic. Good job!

Super cute concept, well executed fun! I've loved seeing games this jam about stereotypically "violent beings/creatures" being encouraged to play in a pacifist manner to win! Well done, a great interpretation of the theme. Good job!

One of the most hilarious and dare I say, terrifying games of the jam! First date's are always intimidating, but when everything you say makes you sound like a creepy shut in, things go from awkward to hilarious (as long as you're laughing at your unwilling host). I had a lot of fun with this game! While it didn't feel like anything you did mattered in how *bad* of an ending you got, the difference in various dialogue options and absurd responses for simple prompts was well worth it! The line about liking animals being one of the best examples. Good job!

This game was a super cool concept! While the actual beat of the music was a little unclear to me, I loved rushing to put together the least strange sentences for the date. The best parts were when you had to choose multiple in a row, without knowing your options, resulting in some hilariously strange and disturbing combinations. Good job!

Thank you for playing!! Your choices do matter, but in how the world interacts with you moving forward. I do have plans for more official endings, and would like to implement them post jam!

A cute, speedy romp that was a blast! I really liked the idea of navigating tight levels to get the precious carrots, all why trying not to get hit and speed up! A simple and effective game loop, this was a lot of fun to play. I hope y'all continue working on this post jam! Good job.

This game was a tremendous amount of fun! I've still not managed to beat it yet (avoiding the two clocks in level 12 has me stumped atm) but I plan to continue playing after this review! The game is polished, easy to control, and gives me lots of happy celeste vibes! Great job. 

This game was a ton of fun to play! Th art was beautiful, and the constant barrage of waves and managing the barriers to fit with the randomized trees to optimized placement was a lot of fun. I hope y'all continue on this game post-jam, it's got a lot of potential and a beautiful look! Good job. 

A funky, creative take on the out of control theme I have definitely not seen done! While the dog was a bit strange to get used to moving at first, the satisfying feel of getting all those cats properly herded to cheer up your friend was a blast! If I had any feedback, it would be to make the designated friend area slightly larger. My cats kept getting caught behind the bench, which didn't count as part of the circle. That, and perhaps making cats in the circle uninterested in getting yarn (as they got human affection). Y'all created an adorable little game, and should be super proud! Good job.

This was a cool game with a simple yet well executed concept! Small, short, but fun! I'd love to see you expand the game more after the jam, it's got a lot of potential. Good job!

My score was 1080!! that was a lot of stressful, out of control fun!

This was a super cute concept, and I sunk a lot of time rushing around the room to get every ingredient for that coffee! Good job.

This was a great concept with a well done execution! (Literally?) The platformer was deceptively easy at first, making the gradual slowing down of commands very effective. It's a masterful idea, and while dying removed my will to continue playing, it definitely left a strong impression on me! I'd love to see a post-jam version. Good job!

This was a ton of fun! The puzzles were varied, and just the right amount of challenge to give you that long period of mistakes before finally getting the answer and the ah-ha! moment. I'd love to see more levels made with this system, it's well thought out and a great use of the theme. Good job!

This game has a lot of potential, and a compelling start, and I'd love to see more! Good job.

An interesting take on how people play RPGs! It was a little hard to grasp, but once I got it I had fun! The tutorial learning curve is a bit steep, but it has  potential! Good job.

The arrows are a helpful feature if you need more time to read the text, though they aren't part of the actual game and shouldn't affect the progression! 

This game was impactful and strong in a small, subdued way! I'm always happy to see more story based text adventures in the jam, and this one used the out of control theme to great lengths! Good job. 

Thank you for playing! What do you mean by undoing your own choices? 

Thank you for playing! Were you able to escape the limo?

This game has a really cool concept! I like the more randomized element of who you can control and who you can't, and it's got a fun look! Good job.

This game has fantastic level design! There is a lot of potential to expand the core levels here, and I'd love to see a more polished and elaborate puzzle adventure! Good job.

This is an awesome, challenging platformer with an amazing look and great level design! Fantastic job, this is easily one of the best games of the jam! I hope you consider continuing the game afterwards, I'd love to play more of it!