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A 3D first person puzzle game. A fully voice-acted perplexing puzzle game.
Submitted by HallwayGames — 31 minutes, 5 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
My game is a 3D first person, fully voice acted game about based around what happens when a linear puzzle game gets sent out of control. It was programmed, modelled and designed by me (Joshua Coombes-Hall), but I also got help from Kelton Hallo who did the music, and Matthew Gibson who did some voice work, but also helped write and record the voice lines. Hope you enjoy, please leave a comment, I love reading what people think! :)

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all audio during the game jam

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I like the commentary, I found it amusing from the moment I got into my first room, 3142.

Your game needs audio sliders, because I find a lot of the voice clips hard to understand under the sound of the music.


Very smart idea. Unfortunately I could not get through before getting motion sick, but I will definately give it another try later.


This was a really fun experience, having to try loads of different combinations of rooms. The commentary was really funny and fit with the game. Props for recording all of those lines for each combination that must have been quite the effort!  Would love to play this game post-jam with some of the bugs fixed and more rooms!


This game cracked me up more than a pavement that's been mishandled for years. 
Clever puzzle design. Though, according to the game. I am legally allowed to get my money back. Hallway Games. I want my 0 currency back!! You bandits! :)


Should we talk first about how awesome this was or how stupid I felt when I finally put a few things together?   Brilliant concept, the narration lines added wonderful flavour to the already confusing world.   Developing along this concept for a VR escape room would be AMAZING.   Great job guys


This concept is really well executed! I love the sass from the narrator when you put in a predictable combination like 1-2-3-4 or 4-3-2-1. The idea of being able to re-arrange the rooms in any order has a lot of potential.

If you wanted to keep building, I could see this expanded into a full puzzle game where each level the player gets an additional room. So they'd start with 3 and go up to however many you could. Playing around with the room formation could be interesting as well. Instead of in a line you could do a square or a cross shape.

My only real criticism is that the narrator always sounded a touch to quiet, volume sliders would be nice. 

Overall quality game! I had a lot of fun and wish you the best of luck in your future game dev!


That was incredible! First of all, the voice acting was stupendous, high-key loved that ukulele solo. Your concept was also incredible, that must've been an insane amount of work to record all the different permutations of numbers. We described your game as Stanley Parable but smarter lmao. We had a lot of fun navigating your different rooms and listening to the commentary. The puzzles weren't so hard that they were frustrating, but hard enough to get us to think about them and actually write down different parts to remember for later. If I had to give one suggestion, I think it'd be really cool if you could cross out signs in that big room with all the different signs (the logic puzzle) so players could know what they've counted out already. We ended up writing it down on MSPaint so it wasn't like it was a big nuisance or anything, but one thing to consider so the player has all the tools in game. Such a small nitpick for a perfect game though, seriously, amazing job! You guys nailed it 😀

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Really fun and interesting idea. Would love to see a more polished version!

The idea of having to try one room configuration to find clues you can use in another configuration is the idea I see in this game with the most potential. This makes the game more than just trying to figure out a mental model for how to piece together the rooms, but rather you must explore different configurations to see if one configuration gives you a clue on how to progress in another configuration. Though I only saw one puzzle of this kind in this game (the code thing), that was the most intriguing part about it. So more of that please :)

The unique narration for all of the room configurations where also a really nice touch, and with some more thought out puzzles and clever narration for those puzzles I think this game could really be something.


I had so much fun playing this game! This is a really unique take on the theme --- I love the idea of an escape room where the game organizers have lost control. The voice acting really makes the game and the humour is great.

I ran into a few minor bugs/problems, which thanks to the voice acting very much fit the charm of the game. {SPOILERS} Incoming!

{SPOILER}I spent a while confused that power didn't go from 2->4, and needed to go via 1 first.

{SPOILER}The laser that activates the door hit me the first time, and got stopped in place. I had to reactivate it while standing more off to the side.

{SPOILER}At the end, I couldn't see where to put the password in and just sorta waltzed through. Not sure if intended, but the voice line made me think so.

The controls felt a little off to me --- turn rate was a bit weird and the movement was a bit too jerky (I think). This is not a big deal for this kind of game but by the end I was feeling a little motion-sick so some polish would be nice there if you plan to keep working on it.

These are all fairly minor complaints though and are expected for such a full game experience put together in only 48 hours. This is really impressive, great work!


Thank you so much for your feedback! I am so happy you enjoyed the humor (it's usually the focus of all my games haha).

From here on I'll address the bugs you mentioned, which DOES contain spoilers.
{SPOILER} Yeah, not allowing 2->4 was an oversight on my part. The kind of oversight that comes with designing a stupidly complex little puzzle game in 48 hours haha. Also yes, that laser bug is also a very good spot, so I'll fix that for my post-jam fix. It also sounds like you found my *game breaking* ending bug. I was devestated to realise after the deadline that one of the ways to reach the ending has a critical bug (I adress it in the description of the actual game page).


If it helps, I still found the experience very fulfilling. These kind of small bugs are totally expected with only 48 hours, so no big deal!


This is really cool. The voice acting is such a huge addition and really helps your game stand out from others in the jam. I think I've only seen one other game with any form of voice acted narration so kudos on the idea! Again, as others have done, I went for 1234 first :p


This game is amazing! It's doesn't seem like a lot of gameplay, but since you replay the rooms a few times, it actually takes a while. And also, did you really record a voice line of more than 10 seconds for every single combination of 1 2 3 4? That's insane! Also, the voice acting in general is really good, and the music, and the graphics.

Loved it! Can't believe this was done in 2 days.


Thank you! :)

Yeah it was quite ambitious, but doing voice work and comedic elements is probably my favourite part of game jams (and I worked around the clock all game jam to try and pull it off). :D

Thanks for the kind words  :)

Submitted (4 edits) (+1)

i have the same bug lol

It is a very nice Stanley Parable sort of game(i got the key, just not the lock - maybe i will return and try to complete(?) it)

Sometimes narrator doesn't quite respond to what's going on.

Also chose 1234 first

To explain the bug: you don't have jump or gravity in your game, so you would think that your y coordinate is fixed, but actually collisions can still change it.


Thanks for reporting this. What did you collide with that shifted you up? I had experienced this bug during development, but I thought I removed everything small enough to actually shift you up.

And yes, as you can imagine getting the narrator perfect for this, in such a small time period, was quite difficult haha.

Thank you for playing! :)


This was a really great puzzle, I am impressed!


very cool game , the presentation and the audio (music and voice ) was   very good , such a good experience :P -Ivory -


OMG !!! am such a fan. great game and I adore the sound design and the narrators makes it all that much better. Great job. just wished the mouse sensitivity would be a little lower. PS- I chose 1,2,3,4 at first lmao.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for the lovely words! :)
I was hoping a lot of people would choose 1,2,3,4 first tbh haha.