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Buttercream Dream

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This is very cute, good job! -Kaylee

Flying around felt really fun! -Kaylee

This gave be a great laugh when I first picked up the taxi, love it! -Kaylee

Reverse Pac-Man lets GOOO. Really freaking cool idea! -Kaylee

Thank you so much! We all worked very hard in the 48 hours. Glad you enjoyed it! The record player is fun to put the Ratatouille on haha. Thanks for playing! -Kaylee

Thank you so much, everyone did so well on the project and I am so proud of everyone! There is a can opener right next to where the pizza paddle is, some others think it looks similar to a coffee machine. If we do a post jam version I will hopefully make a better model :D - Kaylee

Thank you for playing, thanks! -Kaylee

Glad you enjoyed, thank you! -Kaylee

Thank you so much for the feedback! The idea of doing a reverse Ratatouille came really quickly in our planning stage so we decided to just go with it :D Really happy you enjoyed! -Kaylee

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoy the game, hopefully if we work on a post jam version those will be updated. Thanks for playing! -Kaylee

Thank you, and thanks for playing! -Kaylee

That is a good point with Minky the kaiju. If we do a post jam release I plan on putting the words Can Opener on the model or just straight up remodeling it! Thanks for playing! -Kaylee

Really happy you caught the reference to our past gamejams!! We were gonna have the lilwiz, the wizard character from last years game as well but we forgot till after! Also yeah sorry about that, realizing after that it wasn't clear you have to pick up the dish for the stove to open. Thanks for playing!! -Kaylee

Thank you very much! -Kaylee

Thank you! There sure is at least a pair of them haha 😏 Thanks for playing! -Kaylee

Really glad you enjoyed the game!! Evelyn and I thought it would be very funny to have a bunch of spice that just said NOT at the top :D -Kaylee

Thank you for the comment about the assets, really proud of them all. Leah did great with the little man and rat too! Sorry the controls were a bit difficult. Sadly we the designers weren't able to do controller support. Thanks for playing! -Kaylee

Thanks for playing, glad you finished the game! I like that the MC of your game being a bread roll :) a piece of bread rolling around saving other food is a fun idea! -Kaylee

Thanks for play! -Kaylee

Thank you for playing, glad you had fun! -Kaylee

Thank you, I am really proud of the looks. Would have loved if we had multiple recipes! -Kaylee

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed how it looked! -Kaylee

The shift to run is a good suggestion, thank you for the feedback :D -Kaylee

Glad you like the looks! Thanks for playing :D -Kaylee

Thanks for play! -Kaylee

Really tough learning curve there! But good fun to get the hang of the controls, took me a while to figure out I could extend and lower the rope length :sweat_smile: also found a length to the rope you could just hug a wall and spam the jump button on to float up and around the obstacles and spikes, maybe adding a stamina meter of some kind could prevent this :) Really great jam entry! 

This was super fun and creative! The art is incredible! Man the camera shake gets wild after 100000 points :joy: super chaotic but really good fun! Great job on this game! :D  

Great job on finishing this in the jam time! Loads of great work here! 

This is really cute, the art was VERY good. I felt very happy at the end of the day each time I saw all my lil quests complete. Good job!! -Kaylee

This was actually a bit stressful as the game went on. Fun though! Like some others said the slider was a bit of a pain in the ass to slide around. Good job! -Kaylee

This is actually hilarious I love it! Had to play a couple of times to select the other options :) -Kaylee

I love clicker games, this is great! -Kaylee

This is incredible! Such a awesome take on the theme, crazy how you managed to get these animations in and the swapping mechanics to work so well! Great job!!! :D 

Such a fun spin on the concept! Great execution! Would love to see more of this :D 

One of the 3D artists for Buttercream Dream :)

This was really fun to play! -Kaylee

That's awesome!!!

This is a really cool idea. Are those actually other people joining when it talks about others connecting in the bottom left? Very impressive if so! -Kaylee

That really was a Quite Good game! The visuals were very cute and VERY fun! Managed to beat the game almost only because I could keep one veggie alive :D -Kaylee

That was a really good idea with the swapping the character roles. Very simple game to understand and fun to play. Only suggestion is most of the same seems to be happening under the player so it might have been better to move the camera more center of the screen. Good job! -Kaylee