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Hey, thanks so much! 

Yes, this was made for the GMTK gamejam so there's a few features we wanted to implement but didn't have time to put in :(. I'm going to try and get round to creating a post jam build to include all the bits we missed, along with new weapons and powerups etc!

Thanks again for taking the time to give feedback and really glad you enjoyed playing!

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How To Play!

Use the mouse to aim/move. The player is constantly shooting and will move away from the cursor position.  The player can pickup items (if able) by just moving over them. To complete each floor you must find the key, then make your way to the locked door. Moving over the question mark bullet icon will randomly change your gun type (in this build you may be given the same on you already have). Hearts can be dropped by enemies or found in chests. Walking over these will restore 1 hp. The square bordered icons containing pictures are powerups. You can collect a maximum of three different powerups per run and cannot drop powerups once they are picked up. Each one modifies the game in some way:

Pegasus Boots - Faster movement speed

Cracked Glass Icon (Glass Cannon) - Reduces player hp to 1 but doubles all damage.

Meat Icon (Beefcake) - Player fully heals but halves all damage.

The Bomb - Player has 30 seconds to complete each floor otherwise they die. You no longer need the key to open the door.

Teeth Icon (Vampire - op af) - Become invincible. Health drains slowly over time. Kill enemies to reset the timer and keep yourself alive.

First of all this game looks fantastic, the polish on this really adds to the experience, kudos :) The take on the theme is really cool too and and makes for some engaging gameplay. Personally, I think it could have been a little more challenging but difficulty is subjective and hard to nail in a jam! If you continue with this after the jam (which you definitely should) it'd be awesome to see you ramp up the challenge!

A really great entry, you should be proud of yoursevles! Good luck in the jam :)

Yeah that would be a nice visual touch. Keep working on it and I'll be sure to check in  see how it's progressing!

The atmosphere here is spot on, a nice game to play after a long day at work. The different settings also added a number of interesting ways to play :) I think the game could benefit from perhaps a wider field of view and more randomisation of the obstacles would perhaps keep you a bit more on your toes, however these are both minor issues and can be easily fixed post jam :)

A really nice entry and I hope you continue with it once the jam is over. Good luck!

First of all I LOVED the sond design here. The music was great and the 'pop' whenever a new weed sprouted was both enjoyable and stressful at the same time. The concept was a nice take on the theme too :) As others have mentioned, implementing diagonal movement would improve the feel of the game a fair bit, but this is something that can be easily fixed post jam :)

All in all great entry, well done :)

As predicted from the screenshots, this game was hilarious and one of the few jam games that had me laughing whilst playing. A really fun take on the theme. It needs a bit more polish, but that's hardly criticism for a jam game. I can see this being a great multiplayer party game on the swtich.

Awesome entry, nice job :) Good luck in the Jam!

Thanks! And no worries, I had a blast playing! Good luck with the jam :)

I really like the mechanics of this game and they gave me a good laugh :) A smoother difficulty curve may have perhpas imrpoved the experience, however difficulty is really hard to nail for a jam game in such a short period of time. 

Overall great entry, well done :)

If you have the time to check out my game before rating closes, I would appreciate it!

The concept and mechanics here are nice and innovative, a great use of what I thought was a fairly difficult theme! As others have mentioned, the dragon seems much better than the knight and the balance here could be tweaked, but this seems to be something that you have already  addressed :)

The art, whilst basic, kept everything readable, clear and simple. If you intend to update it would be fun to see this without the 'developer art', but try maintain the readability of the game as is!

Awesome entry, good job :)

This was alot of fun and I enjoyed the mechanics and take on the theme :) The art is also awesome considering you did it yourself in 48 hours :)

Nice job!

Took me a couple of tries to understand what I was doing fully, but once I got going it was great fun :) A nice take on the theme that I haven't seen many other games touch on. The atmosphere definitely felt chaotic and out of control! It could use a bit of polish, but you can only do so much in 48 hours and the core mechanics are great!

A really great entry overall, well done :)

This was a neat little puzzle game and a funn take on the concept :) The artwork is great and I also love the music. I have actually used that track in one of my previous games! I think the game could benefit from a bit mmore content and some overall polish but considering you're a solo dev and this was done in 48 hours this is a minor grip! Really great entry, good luck with the jam :)

Fiirst of all, the presentation of the game is great. I love the art style and the music works really well :) The concept is also really clever and puts a spin on the theme I haven't seen in many other games. The undo button was also a great feature to include. I would say that it takes a couple of levels for the game to really come into its own but other than that a really solid entry.

Good luck with the rest of the jam!

I really enjoyed this and it reminded me a bit of Lemmings. It's nice to see a game where the theme adherence isn't taking an element of control away from the player's input directly. The puzzles have a nice difficulty curve and despite the bugs, after following your instructions, these didn't take anyting away from my experience.

Nice job, good luck with the rest of the jam!

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Hey, thanks for taking the time to play and leave feedback! 

The levels are randomly generated, which took us a while initially, but ultimately meant we could make endless content and didn't have to spend any time on level design!

Glad you enjoyed playing :)

This was a cool take on swapping the player controls and definitely fed into the out of control theme. As others have mentioned it might be a nice idea to provide some indicator of when the controls swap but this is something that can easily be implemented post jam. I'm a big fan of the pixel art and the game looks great.

Overall a nice entry, good luck with the rest of the jam!

As one of two card games I've seen all Jam this really stuck out for me. You've done a really great job here. The game has alot of depth for a Jam game and the wolf is a nice take on the theme, that fits really well into the game narrative.

The tutorial is a bit difficult to digest, but I mostly got to grips with it and as with most jam games there are a few balance issues but I these can easily be ironed out post jam.

Really awesome submission, I hope you do well :) Good luck!

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This was a neat concept and perhaps felt the most "out of control" of all the games I've played this jam. Having said that, there were definitely times when it was a little too chaotic to handle (I'm looking at you multi-ball!). Whilst there is also a clear case of 'developer art', I thought the artwork actually worked really well amongst the chaos and helped to clarify a lot of what was going on for me. You have a really fun idea here, and should definitely consider carrying on development after the jam. With some balance tweaks and polish you could have a really fun little mobile game :)

Great work, keep it up!

I loved this. First of all playing as a rocket powered vaccum cleaner is awesome. Secondly the voice acting is great. I've only come across a very small number of games this jam that have used voice acting and each time it's made the game stand out instnatly to me, so kudos for including it in your game. I also love the simplicity of the controls. Mouse only is comfortable to play and the mechanics of the game let you do more with less.

It would be fun to perhaps see this mechanic in different envrionments with different obstacles and I hope you continue to develop this after the jam.

Nice entry, great job :)

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I can see this having the potential to be a great multiplayer game on switch. I liked the take on the them and the mechanics, along with the artwork give the game a fun, wacky atmosphere. 

Great job, I hope you carry on with development after the jam!

I'm a fan of both bullet hells and rogue likes so you're off to a great start here! A nice take on the theme and having the controls be your health is a really cool idea. The art style is awesome and the feedback whilst playing is satisfying.

All in all a great jam entry that I had a blast playing. Really nice job and I hope you continue to develop after the jam is over!

Hey thanks :) Yes we wanted to add a tutorial/item descriptions but ran out of time :( we put these on the main itch page  in an attempt to make up for this but the gmtk page has less scope for description! A boss battle is also a great idea, definitely going to look to implement something like that after the jam!

thanks for taking the time to play and give feeeback. Glad you enjoyed!

This was ridiculous in all the best ways and I had a great time playing it :) If only seen voice acting in a few jam games so far and it's made each one stand out to me so really nice job there too! It starts off nice and easy and then gets out of hand very quickly which fits the theme of the jam well!

Overall great submission, really nice job!

The polish on this is awesome, especially considering you did everything yourself. Really great job there :) I've seen a few "jumps on timer' games but this is by far my favourite implementation :) There is a nice difficulty curve and the art, along with the music makes it feel very complete. Great job :)

Thanks so much for taking the time to play :) I'll pass your compliments onto our music guy. I was super impressed with the track too!

I'm glad you enjoyed :)

One of the powerups drains your health over time unless you kill enemies in a time limit, it might have been that. I would have loved to add a tutorial but we ran out of time so I had to put the instructions on the main itch page :( 48 hours is a killer!

Thanks for taking the time to play and leave feedback!

Really fun game :) I love both top down shooters and pies, so you're off to a good start haha. The design of the levels are really well done and the difficluty ramps up at a nice pace :) Art style is simple yet effective. With a bit of polish this could be a really fun little game :) I hope you carry on development after the jam ends! Great job :)

First things first, playing as a telekinetic potato was awesome. I liked the take on the theme and the mechanics make for some fun chaotic gameplay. Whilst true to the theme, there were times I wish I had slightly more control over the objects I wanted to move, however this could easily be iron out post jam! Overall great submission and fun to play, nice job :)

A really great idea and original take on the theme. I also like the simple yet effective aesthetic :) As others have mentioned, the difficutly could use a bit of tweaking, as in it's current state  it can get a bit frustrating. However, difficulty is super subjective and hard to nail in such a short space of time. This could easily be ironed out post jam :). Great entry, good luck!

First thinkgs first I loved the artstyle. i'm a big fan of simple aesthetics and you really nailed it! This game is all the best part of escort missions without the any of the negatives. It super fun to lead the cat around and the honking is awesome :)

Great job and you should definitely continue development once the jam finishes!

 I had a blast playing this :) A cool take on the theme, that doesn't take any control specifically away from the player, which is nice to see! The aesthetic is very simple, yet effective and I love the way the sheep look!

I think the game was a little easy earlier on, alongside the unpredictability in later levels perhaps making it harder than necessary due to being unable to fully plan. However difficulty is mostly subjective and hard to nail for multiple people, especially in a jam game so not really a major issue.

Overall a really great entry and I enjoyed my time playing :) great job!

The polish on this game is great, espeically the artstyle :) Also one of the more original takes on the them I've seen, so kudos! It's extremely dark and oppressive but this appears intentional and certainly acheives the desired effect.

A great enty to the jam, well done!

A nice simple take on the theme that provides a lot of opportunity for exciting and varied gameplay :) I like the aestehtic of the game, even more so considering you created it all yourself! As many others have mentioned, the cooldowns for the switch is kinda long but this is something that can easily be tweked post jam and didnt take away too much in my experience.

You should deifnitely consider expanding on this after the jam! Nice job :)

I had a blast with this! The take on the theme was nice and the mechanics took control away from the player without it being frustrating to play. I really liked the bonus level where you got to smash everytthing with the time limits (one of the best bits of the game!) and the story presennted through the newspapers I felt added a nice narrative to the game. This was really well done!

If I had one criticism it would be that I never felt in much danger of failing due to the noise I made. The difficulty implemented by the time limits wzs spot on and I had a couple of last second rushes to the door which added to the excitement. However I didn't feel I needed to be overly careful when bumping into other objects, perhaps this is something you could tweak post jam :)

Overall a really great entry and I had alot of fun playinf it. Great job!

This is a cool take on the theme and the mechanics definitely have a lot of potential for some complex interactions. Once I got a grip on the best way to play I didnt find it too challenging but it's hard to get a nice progression curve in just 48 hours. I'm a big fan of the bold art style too and the game looks great!

You should definitely carry on with development after the jam finishes as there's alot you could do with this!

Hey thanks for taking the time to play and leave feedback! Glad you enjoyed :)

Hey thanks so much! We did actually make the music, it was just the sound effects that we borrowed :) And yes we really wanted to add a main menu/tutorial but 48 hours is hard :( Definitely going to update the game post jam!

Thanks for playing and taking the time to leave feedback. I'm really glad you enjoyed!

This was a fun take on the theme with great mechanics. Smashing things up super enjoyable! I really like how the game looks too. A nice jam entry, well done :)

This is really cool. The voice acting is such a huge addition and really helps your game stand out from others in the jam. I think I've only seen one other game with any form of voice acted narration so kudos on the idea! Again, as others have done, I went for 1234 first :p