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Play as a telekinetic potato whose grip on reality spins out of control.
Submitted by nightworks — 8 hours, 16 minutes before the deadline
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Ranked from 79 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
The only way to interact with the environment is to move objects clockwise our counterclockwise. around the player. The longer the player holds the objects to reposition or control them, the faster the rotation becomes as the objects "spin out of control".

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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Absolutely awesome game idea. It feels so cool to pick everything up, spin it round, then launch it at a 100 knots. The camera felt a bit janky, I often couldn't see the things I wanted to see, but otherwise the art was good. I love how the spud looks in the direction that you're travelling, it just made the character feel alive. I also got very stuck on the first spud cannon level. I tried to pick up the launcher, but it wouldn't budge... With some determination I figured it out, though I still don't know why the launchers are so hard to grab. I like that you had time for an ending, I just wish there were more levels! Great game!


Lol, it's a short game with charming concept.I had so much fun in this game.And I can't stop playing this game. Well done.


First things first, playing as a telekinetic potato was awesome. I liked the take on the theme and the mechanics make for some fun chaotic gameplay. Whilst true to the theme, there were times I wish I had slightly more control over the objects I wanted to move, however this could easily be iron out post jam! Overall great submission and fun to play, nice job :)


Really fun take, certainly out of control! Wish you had a little more time to work out some visual feedbacks & sounds, but still really enjoyable.


Cool game! If you intend on making a post-jam version I would recommend tinkering with the speed at which the potatoes are released as they yeet so fast it's hard to see where they go :'D. Really cool concept though! It has a lot of expandability for future levels and I could definitely see myself playing a post-jam version. Great job!


I enjoyed playing your game a lot. The potato is cute :) The physics is good and fun to play with. Well done :)


Cool game man, simple, solid.  And it's got a nice story!

It even gives some inspiration for our game, we had a similar approach in theme.


Very cool and fun game !


Pretty solid mechanic, it's a bit short and needs some polishing but it's really worth expanding! Good job!


Concept is clever. Was worried about the controls scheme when it was starting up, but got used to it pretty quickly.

Encountered a few bits of wierdness when it comes to scrolling off screen but that’s a minor complaint; game was clever, inventive, and it’s just outright fun to spin things around yourself at a high velocity. Hopefully a good idea for a game here outside of the jam in the future.


loved the artwork and fun original game!


Super fun concept, I'm glad that I finished your entry.

There are some bugs with collisions, sometimes my poor rotato can't grab this shooting cans :V


Thanks for the feedback! Only some of the cans should be able to be picked up, i.e. the non-gray ones, I'll see if I can make it clearer. Still, I'm glad you finished my game!


This is a super fun concept, I love the idea of scooping up projectiles and waiting for just the right moment to let 'em rip! I think having the glass be destructible rather than solid objects would not only be more satisfying but make it a bit more evident what you're supposed to do in the first level. 

The other big suggestion would be to have the yellow disc actually rotate in the correct direction rather than just flipping the sprites inside it - would make it a lot more clear as to what's happening. 

Overall though, a great idea and I honestly hope you polish it up and expand upon it post jam. I'll be keeping an eye out!


Fun game and the name is great


fun game with a nice idea!

good job


Such a fun game with a cool mechanic and the level design helps explore it well!


Nice work! I did get suck on the "spud" shooter level, but what I played up to that point was nice. One camera control tip: I'd recommend having the camera move to follow the player just slightly before the player reaches the end of the screen, such that you can wee what you are moving towards. 


Clever idea, fantastic protagonist :)


Had a few problems. Glass wasn't wanting to move on the first level for some reason, first spud puzzle took a while to figure out, and the camera in the next level broke so I couldn't see the blue spud cannon at the top so I just had to move around and guess. Other than that I liked it. It has a lot of charm to it.


Good job! The art and gameplay with the "rotato" felt really good and I was really immersed!

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