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Interesting game

Nobody knows

Jimbo Borland and he's been surfing since he was five years old

I may be monkey brain but how I play the game?

Yeah there's a lot of typos I missed


Oh ok. I would suggest for future games don't use scratch cause it's a really limited engine. There's this program called Clickteam Fusion 2.5 which in my opinion is easier to use and is more powerful so maybe give that a try (there's a free version on their website

Thanks. Yeah I pumped it full of extra emotion this time

This is really cool. I like the pixel art especially

And sorry in advance for assuming your gender

Thanks dude! I'm currently working on a new full game in this style so stay tuned for that (won't be ready for a few months though).

Oh ok. I finished the game but I think I'm too monkey brain to understand what happened. I like the art though

I'm getting the error message "RPG Maker 2003 RTP is not found" when I try to run the game. Do you know what the issue is?

Uh, I died on the balcony. Is that the way the game is supposed to end?

Jesus that was beautiful. Also, did I catch a JoJo reference in there? ;)

Yo how do you progress after room 4? I got the key but don't know what to do with the device in the middle.

This was pretty fun although not super creative. Also cool art I appreciate the style!

Oh ok. Cool game

I'm monkey braining pretty hard over here. How do I open the egg?

I have a bug where when I click sometimes I advance two dialogs. Can you guys look into that?

Wow thanks so much. That's really nice :)

I'm buying this game for the Dunkey reference

This is great

I feel like this was made by Swedish people

Cool game. I noticed nobody has left a comment yet so I'll provide some of my constructive criticism. The gameplay is pretty clunky and repetitive which makes the game not fun to play. However, I think the art style is charming and the music is really cool. I understand the limitations of the game jam so can't really criticize that much. I will follow you for future games!