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Such a cute cat

Ah, yeah sorry it doesn't work on mobile :/

Oh, realistic is normal mode.

I know the game doesn't work on mobile. Are you trying to play on mobile or desktop?

Art is amazing!

So cool, love the idea! The announcer is great too

Love this so much! The art is really charming, and like how short yet replayable the game is. Random events are funny too. Super nice job!


Love this! As a CS major I also get this a lot 😁

It was so surprising and cool seeing your custom gromb in your visual novel game!


It's oddly relaxing to sort eyeballs at an aquarium...

Game is fun! Although it gets kinda repetitive

Giving this 5 stars on tremor just because of whoever did that face on Salt Man

Cool game! Feels super satisfying to hit the enemies and I like all the juice with the sounds and visual effects. I also appreciate having the controls page in-game.

Distinguished! :D

So cute! Glad the update fixed it :D

I'm upset that this was the scariest game of the jam...

The Saul Goodman jumpscare was pretty well-done though, I enjoyed him slowly coming around the corner with the music fading in.

Also... game seems to softlock in the beginning if you jump in the back of the pickup truck :p

Ah, it works now thanks!

It is!

Ohh I see, that's a good reward for completing the minigames! Yeah just being made more clear would be good :)

This is cool! Love the vibes (it's so chill) and it's impressive you were able to get stuff like online multiplayer and minigames in during jam time...

If you're looking for feedback, I did personally feel like the large board size made it feel kinda repetitive with the current amount of minigames, and I also didn't understand what I gained/lost from winning/failing the minigames :/

I really like smushing the cows through the ground. Nice job though, it's fun!

One thing I'd recommend changing if you were to continue working on this would be having the up and down inputs register on-press instead of on-release. It felt kinda weird, especially since the left and right controls were on-press...

I love the art and the game feels super nice to play!

So chill!

And I love how you have the different SOP characters as the house owners. I really appreciate the little flavor text you gave them ❤

I really like the custom Grombit grim reaper! "Gromb Reaper"

Saw another person mentioned it, but I'm stuck on the title screen :/

RIGHT? That was Kalish and they did an amazing job!

This game is awesome! Great game feel and I love the art+music+sfx. It all also feels really cohesive which I know is hard to full off. Amazing job! 🙏

Is there a fullscreen button? I want to play this more but on my 4K monitor it's like unplayably tiny :/


Very cozy, and I really like the art it's super cute!

Cute art! ❤

This is cool! What game engine is this?

The art is adorable! ❤

Game is also pretty fun and really polished, really nice job!

Amazing. I will say I feel like this made even less sense after the plot twist 🙃

It's fun though! I enjoyed the story, and liked that detail of being able to bail-out at any time with just a single dialog choice. Really added to the tension of meeting THE ANIMAL MAN


This is adorable! The art is so good and I love the characters violently shaking as they're running

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Cool art and music! This reminds me so much of one of those free flash games you'd find online back in the day (I think it's something about the art+music+sfx, it feels very nostalgic)

I touched the trollface and my game froze 💯

Oh... also heads up the game seems to break if you lose and then try restarting :/

This game is awesome!! Love the art style, and it feels super smooth to play. My only suggestion to improve the game would be to add audio cues (or have clearer audio cues) when the house owner opens+closes the door

Sorry how do I start the game? I'm stuck on this screen

Cool art style!