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Glad you liked it Rosko! :D

Thanks for playing!!

You are definitely meant to bank your cats cause it does get overwhelming fast. Although, it's not clear that's even a mechanic and also it's a bit slow banking them once your board fills up 😅

If I get time to update the game I'll definitely address that! Thinking it'd be a nice QOL life thing to shift-click the cats to instantly bank them, instead of dragging

Love the art and music!

Andy COOKED on those illustrations 🔥

I can't see the game. It seems like the page isn't public

Yeah sure! Please don't credit me though. Don't really want this game showing up when my username is searched 😅

I've played twice now and both times the game auto-saved when I ran out of oxygen. Evil game!! 😭

That aside, super cool and impressive game!! It has so many features and amazing presentation. I never have any idea how you keep submitting such mind-blowing games for the 2-week SOP jams. You are for-sure a 20-man dev studio in a trenchcoat, it's the only way.

I do wish I didn't run out of oxygen as fast though. I'm dying like 30 seconds into the game while still trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do.

Love the animations!! So cute

Super cool! I had a lot of fun with this!

Only got the ship up to 50% though. Wish it was less grindy 😩

This game was AMAZING! Loved it so much!!

It's such a creative puzzle game. And very intuitive and fun. Would be cool to have seen the levels get harder but I realize this is just a demo. Art, music, and SFX feel very Baba is You which I liked

Also liked the dancing skeletons at the end! Great reward for finishing the game :3

This is why Travis Hawks is the living legend

OH, okay I see it now. Thanks it worked!

I've tried like 10 times I don't understand how it could be anything else

I'm stuck on the cypher... It should be either "zaestegrattxez" or "zaestegdattxez" but neither work? I've tried them both forward and backwards, with upper case and lower case letters but it won't let me through

Sick!! The game feels very polished and cozy, and I love the new UI

They're escaping the petri dish!! 😭

I welcome the incoming jellycell world takeover though 🙏❤️

Jackson did it for sure but you didn't hear it from me

AMAZING! This was my favorite game of the jam! 💯

SO fun and creative!!! Throwing the nail in the air and hitting it with the hammer is SO satisfying. And I love the kick parkour. Also love the old school vibe. I had so much fun with this and I'm your biggest fan please make a full version🙂

Maybe I'm just bad but I could only do the nail+hammer combo standing perfectly still because of how movement affects the nail's throwing arc. I think it would make trickshotting and speedrunning more fun if the arc was more consistent when moving or jumping.

Also Snatcher has that accordion-type physique

Very creative and fun! Also love the art, music, SFX.

Amazing game nice job!!!! 🔥

This game is awesome!!! NICE JOB! It's so polished and so long. I can't believe how much you got done in jam time 🔥

I really appreciate you having Xbox controller support. And you've got some nice QOL things like a skip intro button and an in-game controls page.

My only suggestion would be to maybe make the level transition animations shorter (or have a skip button).

I got 112!

This is so sick. The presentation is really cool and the gameplay feels very unique yet simple 🙏

Love the art and sounds! Gameplay is pretty fun too 🙂

I wish the game was harder though. I survived for so long by spamming the $50 towers everywhere. Also, maybe this is a webGL limitation, but a tower defense game that pauses when you focus another window is problematic... 😬

Seems unfinished but I like what there is! The idea of a high school visual novel where you can physically explore the school and talk to people is really cool

This game is awesome!! It's so fun and super addicting. AMAZING JOB! 👏

Genuinely, such an impressive and well-made game though! I'm always in awe at what you submit for these jams

Buy the Grombiko bundle on sale 40% off!

Thanks!! Glad I could contribute to SOP despite being so busy this Summer 💗😊


They're fixing the balancing right now. Grombo Man and Pyrombit are dominating the meta 😑

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I happen to be a Senior PowerPoint Gameplay Engineer at my day job

Dude this is awesome.

That does it, I'm contacting the Prey IP lawyers

Super cool! And works surprisingly well. Nice job.

I was hoping for more levels!

So fun! I loved talking with everyone

Ok I just watched the documentary. This submission is AMAZING. Love the dedication to the pompousness! Genuinely inspiring. I want to do something as creative as this for the next jam 🙏

Flight of the slime mold SLAPS!!

This is just an interview with Jordan Peterson