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Nice job on the song, it's very nostalgic-sounding

This is a pretty fun and simple game! Are the rounds supposed to get harder? I got to five and it seemed like they all stayed the same difficulty...

Cool game! The music is groovy, and I like the simple SFX. The game also looks pretty nice, which is impressive considering it uses mostly Unity default shapes. Everything was designed really intuitively as well 🙏

Thank you! We're glad you like it!

Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it

The gnome wizard looks insane!! That's so smart to use eye-tracking on the body parts to create a 3D effect


:Sprainbom: :Sprainbom: :Sprainbom: :Sprainbom: 

(Best of luck with that!)

This is great. Love the art and the ant AI is super impressive

Zombie man does the torture dance and gets converted to cow 👍👍

This is awesome, I especially love the annoying guy that does nothing but give you pointless info

It's decently fun, but I feel bad it doesn't really fit the categories Trash, Pompous, or ??? :/

What an experience. Everybody turns into a potato sack the moment they collide with anything and there's a wagon that's continuously phasing through a hut.

My only complaint is not enough motion blur.

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The game won't run for me, I get this error when I click the exe:

Error: Couldn't load project data at path ".". Is the .pck file missing?

If you've renamed the executable, the associated .pck file should also be renamed to match the executable's name (without the extension).

There's so much chaotic energy coming off of this game, and it's weirdly fun! There's something really engaging about just wandering around and seeing what stupid stuff will happen.

Great sound design on those graphics, emotional! 10/10


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The art is pretty nice. I'm stuck though, how do I sell my collected trash for copper?

This is the most pain I've ever felt playing a video game

My only complaint is that Chapter 9 is too emotional

Pretty fun game! The visuals and music are really great, and the gameplay feels nice (although a little too hard for me)

I did notice two very minor bugs:

  • Sometimes the player's left/right direction is displayed incorrectly when restarting a level
  • If you complete a level then die immediately afterwards it plays the scene transition animation twice.

Amazing job with this game! It was my favorite of all GMTK 2021 games I played. The gameplay is simple to understand yet gets pretty challenging (which is perfect game design imo). I love the writing and voice acting, and it's unbelievable how polished the game is given that your team only had 48 hours to make it!

Only glaring thing I noticed was that it was annoying having to wait to die if you spent all of your rocket arms and didn't hit the button (which I notice everyone has already mentioned...)

This is super cool! The physics are really fun to play around with

Great game! I love the spritework and music, and the UI animations are super cool. I feel like there's a lot that can be done with this concept if you decide to continue it! My only complaint is that it's too short ;(

Great game! I love the spritework and music, and the UI animations are super cool. I feel like there's a lot that can be done with this concept if you decide to continue it! My only complaint is that it's too short ;(

Really fun game! The concept is genius, and I love the feeling of whacking things with the huge metal ball. Some suggestions to make the game better are maybe the ball could come back to the player faster (maybe even it could phase through walls, cause it getting stuck while returning is annoying sometimes).

I hope Jon gets his hot sauce back 😢

He would say something along the lines of "great job, you broke it" and then you'd be softlocked on the Moon

This is really fun! Hitting targets with the gun is super satisfying and everything about the aiming and movement feels super intuitive. I only wish there was less use of public 3D assets to make the visuals more interesting. (Also game is kinda borked at the start but I think y'all know that)

Great game! Super polished and great enemy variety considering the time restriction

Amazing art, sound, music, and atmosphere! Game is super relaxing and every part of the presentation is super consistent (something hard to accomplish with such a large team).

If you're to continue work on the game some things I'd suggest improving would be having clearer direction (sometimes it was hard to tell which way to go) and better player animations (I'm guessing this part wasn't finished. There's no animation for walking while holding something, and after hammer smashing the player takes a while to transition to the walking state)

Thank you we tried very hard! :monkee: :monkee: :monkee: :monkee: :monkee: :monkee:

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Game is really fun and love the cute sheep characters! Whole game is designed super simply which I appreciate. There are also tons of visual and sound effects which add a lot to the game feel. Really great job!

I'm currently stuck on level 2. I think I'm missing something obvious but any tips on how to get past it? Nevermind, I got it!

Pretty relaxing atmosphere and nice feel to the player character controller (although it does like to walk sideways on walls sometimes). Also enjoyed Santa Claus as the mayor

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Love the voice acting and art! Whole game has a really pleasant and relaxing tone that I appreciate a lot.

Game itself is also pretty fun. If you're to continue this it'd be cool to have maybe 1-2 more card types for added variety.

Thank you!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Art is really cute! I'm not sure if I understand the game correctly but I feel like I'm just throwing sand in people's eyes while they're trying to sleep (which is to say it's a lot fun)

Pretty fun game! Art, music, and game feel are all super nice. Like somebody else mentioned though I found myself getting soft locked sometimes and continuously respawning in a huge group of larger fish.

Pretty cool vase! Spamming the left and right keys gives you a neat dance move as well

Super relaxing game! Love the art, ambience, and theming. Something cool would be controller support, cause this feels like a great game to just sit back and play sometime at night

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Music is amazing and is complemented really well by the sound effects and pixel art! Very consistent tone which is a huge plus.

Game is also really nice and polished, but the dominant strategy seems to be ignoring the farm animal indicator and just frantically mousing across all the animals hoping to delete them.