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Amazing work if all the fixes! This is simply a very clever puzzle game that also showcases quick thinking skills. This is a really solid demo, and I'd love to see more!

I guess it can be a feature after one has reached an ending to allow them to experience the story the way it's supposed to be first before showing them a timeline of their choices to which they can go to a specific question to try to go a different path. However, this might be more complicated due to your bargaining feature. I mostly suggested this because I tried to find an ending that was complete but felt like filling it out again took too long.

A game that kind of uses this timeline mechanic is some of the later entries in the stickman Steal the Diamond series done in Flash such as the game "Fleeing the Complex" where they have a map that shows the branches where you have been and lets you go back to a point but doesn't show you all the possibilities immediately.

Woah this is amazingly done from the animation to the music! I did reach the demo message a few times, so I'm looking forward to seeing the completed story. As there is a lot of choices, I wonder if there is a way that you can go to some save point to see the branching narrative instead of playing it all over again, but what you have here is great and I'll love to see more!

Dude this is gorgeous. From the quick reset button, the level layouts, the tiny icon reminding you of the relationships and most of all the little characters, just amazing work all around. I love how I felt like I learned something after each run and how quickly I can reset the board. Just fabulous work all around!

I love the artstyle and great job following the theme! I do feel like the jump can be a bit higher to be more forgiving. You still have a solid entry!

What a really chaotic story! Great job with the funny story and having a matching gameplay. I love how different the tutorial feels to the actual gameplay.

This is a very solid game expanding on its cool main mechanic! I don't know if there was supposed to be music, but yeah adding some music and some variance to the background could've helped, like a change in color or something. Still, great job on your entry!

I don't know if I ever played a game like this! Amazing work with the visuals and although the cards were a little arcane in the beginning, the transparencies on the board really helped to tell me what's going on. This is a really solid entry, great work!

What a really funny entry! Great job with all the crazy events while having a consistent solid artstyle. I did find the pushing things around while walking kind of hard to manage; however I think that was the point of the game to ramp up the chaos. Great work all around!

What a really fun and exciting game! Shooting to propel yourself is a great mechanic and the whole gameplay overall has been very smooth.

Amazing artstyle and message! I was initially confused about the controls being AWSD when it said QWERTY, but other than that this is quite a beautiful game.

I had a blast playing this! I deeply enjoyed the holes pushing you back and all the sound effects the boys made. You game is humorous and well-executed, great job!

It took me a short while to understand what was going on but I really enjoyed how the spaceship's floor also turns around adding to the challenge of even going to the next button to turn an engine on or off!

Amazing work with the aesthetics, premise, and humor of this game! I didn't expect tank controls, but I deeply appreciate how easy it is to slip around the room. I'm sorry for your loss of your dog, but you did a great job with this entry.

I enjoyed the unique mechanic of leading the black hole. Kudos for having the music and the art all done within the jam time as well!

What a really tight entry with a solid aesthetic and easy to grasp mechanic! I guess that only thing I would suggest is have an ability to skip the intro dialogue once you have heard from the villager the first time. But this is really a great job!

I love this lil ghost dude! The mechanics were fun but I did find myself resetting often, so kudos for having a quick reset button. I ended up jumping over the door for the last level, so maybe the invisible wall should be higher. Still, great job overall!

I love the artstyle and mechanics of this game! This is a very solid entry and the only things I would suggest is possibly letting the Bork meter go down when you're not near cats and/or making the  controls a bit faster as I took an embarrassingly long time just to pass the tutorial. Still, great work all round!

I really enjoyed this mechanic! All I would suggest is to have a reset button, like R to reset, so that the player doesn't have to wait until the stickfigure goes to the goal if they already know that they failed. I appreciate how the minion is destroyed if it reaches the set target first, forcing the player to think about intercepting the stickfigure and not just blocking them.

Thanks for the feedback! Only some of the cans should be able to be picked up, i.e. the non-gray ones, I'll see if I can make it clearer. Still, I'm glad you finished my game!

What a really solid game! I was pleasantly surprised as you introduced mechanics through the levels. At first I thought that the level was too easy because I could just hold the baby until the timer ran out but afterwards it was clear that I couldn't rely on that. Great job all around!

I really enjoyed the unique gameplay! I did feel like there were some spelling errors in some of the questions that made me guess incorrectly. This is still a really unique idea for a game and makes me wonder if it can be used like a psych-study to see how well AI blends in. Got 74 errors btw :P

This is a great concept that was executed quite clearly. Flipping the screens around really added to the difficulty. Having the switch be based on a timer is completely understandable for the jam, but I wonder if that's something that can be changed later because I did find myself waiting sometimes just for the timer to run out. Still, great job on your entry!

This is really a novel kind of gameplay! I enjoyed the simplicity of the controls while the chaos only grew on screen. I also appreciate how there were different kinds of enemies that could spawn.

I really enjoyed the animation and the tutorial you had set up! The game seems to enter the fail state even after one mistake, so I wonder if there can be a buffer like a 3-strike system. Still, this is a really solid concept with a great artstyle.

What a fun, novel mechanic! I did find myself controlling Hocrol most of the time as the enemies wouldn't respond to spikes and crawled back no matter how far I tried to push them, but I really liked the other obstacles such as the button and spikes. The game also had a very solid aesthetic.

I don't think I've ever seen a mechanic quite like this one before! Great puzzle idea, and I would love to see this expanded later on!

I really enjoyed the mechanic and the art, especially the beet animation! I do feel like having instant death after picking the wrong one made the game quite difficult. I also wanted to note that the platforms swapping was a really neat mechanic that was nicely introduced through the stages.

I really enjoyed many aspects of this game! From the cutscenes, to the level design, and the addition of mechanics, this game is quite a package! I guess all I would want is a proper ending, but otherwise, stellar game!

This game was longer than I expected! The keyboard mashing gameplay seemed very unique to me, and I'm afraid that I might've broke something while playing it. I did find the difficulty slope a little too difficult for my keyboard-wary fingers, but I still really enjoyed the story elements and fitting aesthetics.

This is a very humorous game! The guard funnily glitched about in place when it's about to close on the player, but it still felt funny and in tone with the game. It did take me a long time to notice that the controls were like that of controlling a car or vehicle rather than just straight directions.

The graphics look amazing, but I had trouble starting to play as I would fall asleep way too early before I can find any object or tool. There seems to be a lot of mechanics packed in the game judging by the menu, but I was not able to explore most of them as the beginning was too hard for me. Still, gorgeous work on the artstyle and kudos for working on all those mechanics.

The grabbing mechanic was actually really smooth considering how many items were lying around! I wasn't able to hear any audio when I played though.  Still, this is a fun, intuitive game with a surprisingly powerful dash!

This is a pretty fun game! I did find myself just waiting for the timer when I used up all my tools so I wonder if you can make the player collect more of them or gain them back later on.

I really appreciated the story and artstyle! I was not sure if the snake spawns were infinite or if I always died too quickly.

This is a huge map! I appreciate the topical story-writing and details; however, the long distances made the story hard to progress.

This is a gorgeous game! I did encounter the mentioned bug quite a few times, but the puzzles were well laid out and intuitive. Maybe you can add more mechanics later on as well.

A simple yet very fun driving game! I like how you cannot outspeed most of the other cars, relying on dodging skills to get away. As I did crash quite often, I would appreciate a hotkey to restart a level quickly.

What a challenging fun game! I enjoyed the clean 3D artstyle as well as the UI. I too ended up using the wolf bait the most out of the items.

It's not often that you see a story-based game in game jams, but you've knocked it out with the compelling writing and fun puzzles! A little music wouldn't hurt to add if you have the time, but otherwise, great job!