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A1-bit (ish), top down shooter with roguelike elements.
Submitted by UltraThizz — 19 minutes, 43 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
The classic shoot to move....only you can't control the shooting? Procedurally generated top-down shooter with roguelike elements . We were rushing to submit so there is no tutorial, how to play/item descriptions on the main itch page or in the comments. All art and music created ourselves. Sound effects were borrowed. Hope you enjoy!

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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Developer (1 edit)

How To Play!

Use the mouse to aim/move. The player is constantly shooting and will move away from the cursor position.  The player can pickup items (if able) by just moving over them. To complete each floor you must find the key, then make your way to the locked door. Moving over the question mark bullet icon will randomly change your gun type (in this build you may be given the same on you already have). Hearts can be dropped by enemies or found in chests. Walking over these will restore 1 hp. The square bordered icons containing pictures are powerups. You can collect a maximum of three different powerups per run and cannot drop powerups once they are picked up. Each one modifies the game in some way:

Pegasus Boots - Faster movement speed

Cracked Glass Icon (Glass Cannon) - Reduces player hp to 1 but doubles all damage.

Meat Icon (Beefcake) - Player fully heals but halves all damage.

The Bomb - Player has 30 seconds to complete each floor otherwise they die. You no longer need the key to open the door.

Teeth Icon (Vampire - op af) - Become invincible. Health drains slowly over time. Kill enemies to reset the timer and keep yourself alive.


This is really cool. I love the art of the game and the music. I just got thrown into the game got killed almost instantly! :D But damn this is nice! I this feels so arcady! It's amazing! Really good job guys! Gonna wrap us this review and give it a couple of extra tries! Gotta make that door! :D 

Submitted (1 edit)

Fun game! I enjoyed the choice of audio tracks and the suspense it created.

And I liked the monochrome 2d art. Sometimes too many colors gets distracting. Nice job keeping it simple visually


Really fun and enjoyable! I love the art as it looks really polished. I didn't really like the start as it was way too furious. Even if it doesn't really need explanation the gameplay, I main menu to start the game would have been nice. Overall good job, nice game!


Awesome game that feels fast paced and hectic and balances the level of control you have really well by making you adapt when you pick up power ups or different bullet types. A really well made game that looks great and feels better and is really impressive for a 48 hour jam. The one issue I had was on floor two I didn't take any damage no matter how hard I tried to. But I couldn't replicate this bug on other levels or restarting the game.


Lol I love how your game just starts. No explanation, just bam! I'm in the game. And it's funny how there was no explanation needed for the most part.

The look of this game is just perfect. It's minimalist and very easy to read. I also appreciate how the hit boxes are more forgiving than others I've played! Personally, I'd love to see this game taken to the max. I'm imagining different gun types that affect the direction in which you get pushed, like maybe (for example) a giant pulse blast that has a slower shooting rate but is larger and propels you in big chunks. Maybe in the next update? :)

Thanks for sharing your game with me - it was great!


Also, I'm not sure if you're aware of the Gamemaker OS X executable glitch. When I unzipped the game, I wasn't able to play it getting the error "Unable to find game!!:". The fix is to just move the app into a different folder. Kind of a dumb glitch! At least it's easy to fix.


This was a fun little game utilizing the infamous shoot to move! I liked using that feature to navigate the map and position myself to best take down enemies, which added a fast paced feel to the game and made it lots of fun! Good job.


the core mechanic fits the game jam perfectly but my personal opinion is that if a game isn't fun to control or makes it difficult to do so, it won't be fun to play since movement is your way of interacting with the game. I think here it's handled ok enough to be bearable, but it was kind of frustrating. Something that I think would've made it a lot better to play is to be able to stop shooting, at least for a period of time.


I love the take on the shoot to move idea and it fits the theme perfectly. I love the art style


A good execution of a cool idea, though I must admit, I never got past the first floor because I am not good at this genre. ^^; Also, while the idea of not being able to control the shooting fits the jam theme well, the whole shoot-to-move mechanic would be more at place last year IMO. I wish there were a button to affix oneself in space, if only for a bit... PS: I particularly like the upbeat BGM during gameplay. :)


No intro, right off the bat your in the action haha I love it! I enjoyed the mechanics, this game was easy to pick up without a tutorial. I really enjoyed this, the music really but this all together! amazing job!


Its a fun mechanic and i really liked the art. It took me a while to get the hang of it but once I did i had a pretty fun time.  Good job!


Simple, but quite fun mechanic, well implemented in a bigger game - good job! :)

I'd like some more feedback on shooting and getting hurt, if you'll be extending upon this idea ;)


This is not my type of game but it's definitely well polished and looks really nice. 

One thing though is that be missile launcher/bazooka only shoots it's projectile after the knockback making it really hard to aim with


There are some other submission with the same idea, but this one is the best of them!

Looks polished and well executed. Well done :)


Cool idea and the gameplay is really fun too :) and i love the art also !!


One of the most polished submissions I've seen on this concept. It's not super original, but it's fun, the visuals are very polished and reminiscent of old gameboy games, really cool!


The idea of a rogue-like game with out of control movement is a big challenge but you managed it really well ! The enemies are varied and easily understandable, the music, sounds and aesthetic is stunning ! Great work ! I was wondering if the levels are randomly generated or not ? nonetheless AMAZING GAME that can easily get expended on !

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hey, thanks for taking the time to play and leave feedback! 

The levels are randomly generated, which took us a while initially, but ultimately meant we could make endless content and didn't have to spend any time on level design!

Glad you enjoyed playing :)

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