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We where speaking about a regain mechanic, where coins would give back boxes, but we didn't have time to implement it :'(

Wow thanks a lot!! ^^ So nice to read comments like this! :)

Unique concept, but kinda hard! I'm not handling the bird well :') 

Nice addaptation of an existing game! :D Good job!:)

Thanks a lot! ^^ 

You can do that with the Right Mouse button ! :D It was in the tutorial part ;)

Really cool concept! :D Very fun to play, I would ramp up the scoring though :D I mean I worked hard and had 7 points, it feels like it's not a lot :o Maybe make em like in 100's and add some system where the overcharged blocks gain you additional points (because it's 'difficult'). Als you could add extra points floating in the masses, then you have to manoeuvre to get these as well :D Nonetheless a really good submission! :)

Well thank you ^^ Happy to read this! :D Gonna give your game a go! :)

Brilliant first Game Jam! So keep working like this and next one will even better! ^^ 

It was really hard at first to figure out what I could do with the mushrooms. If you had a tutorial at first which explained all the abilities that would be so helpfull or some text when you first encounter something. Also a way to retrieve your soul at your position, mine got stuck and fell down a to a lower part and couldn't manage to retrieve it, I had to restart the game in order to get further! But art, music, puzzle and levelwise this game is absolute gorgeous! Crazy job done! :o 

Artstyle is amazing, they're all such cute boi's! ^^

Very cool mechanic, when the double letters come stuff is about to get crazy! Also nice art! :) I liked it a lot :) 

Thanks for the sweet words! :D So many good things have been made in 48 hours! Hard to play everything right! If the feedback keeps so positive we might take this to the next level, more modes, maybe even coop, .. :D 

Aww thank you! ^^ Happy that you enjoyed it! :)

This is so cool! :D Wow! That's a nice way to implement a mechanic! :) 

Glad to hear that you liked it!^^

Nice implementation of the theme :) Good submission! :)

Thank you very much!^^

Wow when the blocks pushed also in the other rooms it became really hard! Very cool! :D 

So happy to read comments like this! :D Happy you enjoyed it so much! ^^ 

The drawn art is nice! Just missed music, it didn't play any :( The combination levels where you have to swing around like crazy are super fun! :D 

Very nice! Good art as well! Only the bgm started to became repetitive, but for the rest a really good submission! Great job! ^^

Good puzzle-y levels! :) Good job! :) 

Very beautifull aesthetic! Controls where kinda hard, but overall really cool concept and game! ^^ 

The puzzles in this game are great! You have a very good build up in your curve! I'm curious to see how people with colorblindness will react to this. I think you should maybe have a variant for them as well or work with some icons inside of the slime which they can use to identify which color they are! :) But for game jam you guys did an outstanding job! :) 

We where like the wall should have eyes too! Maybe be even should've given the lollipops in the background some eyes! :D 

Thank you for you comment! :D Yeah maybe the RMB should be explained at the first wall! :') 

Thanks a lot!:) The tutorial is indeed kinda slow untill you know about the RMB :') Glad you enjoyed it!:)

Thanks for the feedback! :) We where talking about a way to regain cubes with coins, for example every couple of coins give you a 'life' which wil automatically regain you a cube when you lost one. Maybe even going over the 4 cube cap, but we have to test that, because that's even more to manage! :D Well check it out after the jam! ^^ Gonna check your game in a second! :)

Thanks a lot! :D I will play yours in a bit! ^^


We where debating on a harder mode where the wall blocks didn't have the grid pattern :D But we can look into a hard mode :D Thanks for the suggestions! ^^

Very nice puzzle elements! The pause, 2x and switch blocks are very interesting! :D I really enjoyed this!:)

Very cool, wish I could play it with arrows or azerty keyboard, I can manage to play it with wasd, but it's hard haha :D Cool levels! :) 

Thank you! ^^ 

Oh that ending was sweet! :) Nice puzzles, there where some clever ones! :) Overall very nice submission! :) 

Awww! Thank you!!! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

This was really fun to play! Wish movement was also possible with arrow keys or azerty, I can manage to move around with wasd sorta kinda, but the boss was too much :') I couldn't manoeuvre through that hell! :D Also maybe the joined form should have some downside attached to it, since now you can just wait in a corner, let the enemies come towards you. Wait after they shot their bullets then quickly move out and kill all of them in a clean sweep! Which absolutely felt amazing though! :') 

Thanks for the comment! :) Yeah bugs are sadly a thing :'( And no at the moment we only have random wall designs that always have coins for 3 and for 4 blocks, maybe we should indeed change the layout to still get all the coins if you only have 3 blocks! Gonna discuss it with the team! ^^ 

Amazing sprite work! Saw this on twitch the other day, just saw it passing by! Very gameboy'y love it! :)