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Looks awesome good job !!

Wow that was really cool!

Thanks for playing and reviewing, next game will be better ;)

I love the approach to the theme, a really unique idea with a lot of potential, really fun game good job :D 

Cool game

Cool idea and the gameplay is really fun too :) and i love the art also !!

Thanks for playing and reviewing :D i may work  a bit more on the game 

Nice idea but the text that shows what keys to use is really small 

Thank you !! :)

Thanks for the kind words :)

Thanks, i may fix the randomness of the game when the voting period ends :D so it feels more like a game and not just pressing keys lol

Thanks for the review! i may continue working on the game after the voting period ends :)

The idea is really cool and unique, i feel like if the game be faster(all the moving shooting and stuff) it would make the game more fun and addicting , cause it feels kinda slow to me :)

Really unique idea and a very funny game :D well done !!!

Really fun and cool game, love it !!!

Really unique idea, love it! great game :D

Great art i dig it!! overall really nice game :D

Yup i agree, i may work on that game later when the voting period ends :D

Yup i am going to follow 

Great game really love it :)

Really fun game and the concept is cool too :)goob job 

The idea is really cool and i dig but something about the movement in the game didnt feel right. maybe make the recoil stronger and just make the game faster But overall well done great game :D

Nice little game :D

Cool idea! i dig it!! :D 

I really love the idea and the game feeling is quite nice! well done on your game great job

Nice concept and a fun gameplay well done :D

Thanks for playing and reviewing :D

Hahaha, the idea is funny and unique :D i had a bug that my character went under the surface. overall cool idea, kinda sad that not many people witnessed it ....

I love the art and the idea is unique too! good job :D

Thanks for playing :D

Thanks for reviewing and i agree with you, this didnt turned out as i wanted it to. but the next "puzzle" game is going to be a real puzzle lol :D 

Really unique idea! i dig it :D

The game feels really polished and the gameplay is great!! well done :D

The art is really beautiful and also the game is fun and feels polished :D well done great job 

Not that special but the game is pretty polished,well done 

Thanks for playing :D

Thanks for playing and rating :)

Thanks for playing and reviewing :D

Thanks for the review! 

Thanks for the kind words ;D