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Fend off hostile aliens as a space station engineer.
Submitted by RedCrown — 4 hours, 17 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
Station Control is a top-down space shooter that removes direct control from the player, where they instead manage subsystems while the ship itself relies on automated responses.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

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We created all audio during the game jam

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I love the idea of controlling the subsystems of the ship thingy. There are some really innteresting situations you can get put in. 


Very impressive mechanic complexity for a game jam! Slightly reminds me of FTL, great, great job!

excellent and powefull idea !


Great Job, I like how it used the theme :) nice


Really great fit to the theme! There is great potential for this game. The game is quite overwhelming to new players. If you plan on developing this game further, it would be good to add some progression to the game which introduces the functions of the ship to the player in small digestible chunks.


That's a nice idea but for me it lacks some balance. I think I could play indefinitely if I just keep on alternating between reloading the gun and activating all sensors for a brief moment when an enemy appears. I wish there was some stuff that would force the player into doing different things and adapting to changes.

In conclusion, the existing mechanics like auto-dodge and sensors are pretty good, but the game needs some balance IMO. Nice job!


I like the concept of the game. Plus, for what i've tried, the game is fun... (at the moment maybe a little too repetitive, once you get the hang of it...)

...But the tutorial it's soo overwelming that it's but. Seriously, i was actually scared to play this game, only because of the tutorial. A tutorial that i personally think it's not necessarly needed... (but i guess some people might need it, so maybe add an help button, who explain every part of the ship the user clicks, or maybe just split the tutorial im much smaller pieces)


Agreed. The tutorial was a response to early playtesting, so I threw it together when much of the game was already completed. Once the judging is over, I'll release an updated version which will be more varied and accessible. Thank you for the feedback!


Reminds me of FTL :)

Submitted (1 edit)

It's a nice ftl-esque concept that works very well but the game needs more "juice" and feedback relating to the player actions.


The idea is nice. The power drains to fast for a first time player. Would suggest a progression system starting with a tutorial.


Like the concept, but needs a long tutorial to get to know how to play

If the player needs more than one or two games trying to understand what to do then he might quit. Also give some tweaks like music to make it more interesting


I like the concept but the game really needs a proper tutorial which is set in the game and teaches you the mechanics to understand how everything works, the current text tutorial is too difficult to remember and understand. However, the game was very well polished and atmospheric, good job!


I like the ideas here, it definitely needs more enemy variety. Once I figured out what was going on, it was really easy to cheese. Were there any other inputs you wanted to add?


Originally I'd thought of having the thrusters oriented in similar ways to the sensors, but scrapped that for the auto-dodge mechanic. I'm not really satisfied with the balance of abilities to resource consumption ratios, either. Those I kept tweaking, but the ship's systems are still too cheap to operate. In the early concept I'd considered a limited fuel resource that would deplete with use, as well as a fire mechanic for when the ship starts overheating, but dropped both to make it more accessible and to save time.

Feedback on the game has been positive, so I'm keeping notes on suggestions while I develop the next version. I will release an updated version once the rating period is over.


Cool idea! i dig it!! :D 


Super cool game! You really starts to cut corners as you try to get good on the game.

I think that the sensors are very well designed, that the easiest to use one : "all sensors" is effective but takes a hell lot of energy. 

I hope other things like reloading could be done this way too, so that the game can ease the player in one step at a time. Maybe giving player strong generators that could handle all auto sensors working and gradually take away the energy supply so that player can take their time getting familiar with the functions and start cutting corners.

once they understand the game, even camera can be cut lol. I hope this can be expanded and go as wild as being able to cut everything in the game if needed.


I'll be keeping those ideas in mind. With so many systems operating, it's difficult to balance the heat and energy requirements. I'm compiling the feedback to work into future versions of the game, most people seem interesting in seeing it develop further.


It's quite a chanllenge at first but later when you learn the behaviours it makes the experience more intuitive. I think what could be improved is the enemies, they don't represent a threat at all and they don't force to change your strategy. Overall, i think it has good potential for a simulator.


Really cool submission. There was a large enough range of controls to be overwhelming at the start, but small enough that it has a good learning curve. My only suggestion would be to not have such a text heavy tutorial, but given the time restrictions for the jam it's completely understandable. Overall great job!


nice game. def needed to use the tutorial and not jump right in lol


cool little game! great work



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