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good job team ! i like the mechanics with weapons and arts

good job team ! i like the mechanics with weapons and arts

Nice text adventure ! 

Good work ! 

Really love the game arts, and music , nice Dating sim great job ! 

Lov the menu, nice presentation and humouristic atmosphere

Excellent game ,  original idea great job overall

Excellent idea !! totally match with the theme

GREAT job team

Nice job i love the atmospher  !

A really cute little game ! 

Great job team :)

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Yeaaaah ! remind me a mini game in mario party

excellent presentation and mechanics .

Great job overall 

Nice and orignal game ! maybe to easy ain the beginning  but this is really cute and friendly user ! 

I  love the  doom atmosphere ! 

Nice AAA game X)

Global presentation is great and full of action

Great job team

The music when fire begin is totally crazy omg !! remind me the good old castlevania NES time

Excellent presentation

Great job team

Nice little game with excellent presentation ! 

Best score : 25

Excellent humour haha ! 

Humour in game is really rare

Nice presentation and originality; we want more great job team

excellent and powefull idea !

A really cute game. I love the music, concept is interesting 

Nice job !

one of my fav ! Great work team !!!!

Lennety makta : 20066.31

Excellent game, concept and presentation 

Great work ! 

Excellent concept. Love dat litlle plateformer with cool feature. Nee to be exploited ! 

Very very cool art and presentation (love the life bar with the UI mask gg for that )

My best score is aroud 400 .

Great work team  !

Excellent concept team ! 

I imagine that could be a really nice horror game with more visual and SFX 

Original puzzle game  here, with a cool atmosphere ! 

Nice job team !that is a cool concept !

An addictive concept, one of my fav idea, great work team ! 

One word : CUTE

One word : CUTE

I love twin stick shooters ! 

Great work team :)

Really cute little game, great work ! 

Wow !! 

Excellent entry with a really original concept !! Bravo !

Wow !! 

Excellent entry with a really original concept !! Bravo !

no haha this a universal method like i see x) 

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Tips : the  Word to score easely: PIZZA sometime you can say PI other time you can say ZA

Nice cooking !

I love the art and 3c is good implemented ! nice music to, a really good entry for a first jam great job

Haha nice song i move my head in rhythm when i played X)

Great little game continue to dev games !

Wow beautiful ! 

What is the name of the post prod filter ? this is your work ?

A perfect entry here ! well done team !