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so much fun... plz add more songs :)

Good job, this game is very cool (especially considered that's your first game). I kinda wish there was more tbh :)

The moment when you realize what the game is up to is a priceless moment. This is a good game :)

Great Game, Very Fun!! :D

Geo Jam Theme: "The Other Side"

Geo Jam 2022 Theme: "Pick a Side"

*this is just a meme, and it shouldn't be taken seriously, lol*

I love how the game is beatable without ever changing stats, if one really wanted to... I don't recommend it tho >u<

Oh, i didn't realized you actually uploaded this to your itch!! Nice!! :)

Hey, I'm happy to hear that you appreciated it anyway!! I hope you liked it!! (^u^)

Charming game, cute visual, non intrusive sound design and the right balance between gameplay and story. The perfect recipe for this masterpiece of a visual novel. 6/5, i can easly see myself spending 5 buck on this game. Good Job guys!!

I like the charm of this game!! (:

this comment made me smile :) ouch, sorry for the lag. game is hard on it's own, i can't immagine it with lag thank you, glad you like it build a staircase in room 1, using the box from level -1 (room 2 and -2 will be hell with lag tho)

Gameplay: The platforming and the tower defence part of the game they were nice, but considering that the game was mostly a dating sim, they felt a bit out of place,i'd have liked to see either more consistency, or more variety. There are some "quality of life" things i'd have really enjoyed having, like seeing the previously spoken line when making a choice or the platformer physics being less "slidy". But i mostly enjoyed my experience, and it was very fun , so i can't really complain... 4/5

Visuals: The tower defense scene it feels a bit dull without any standing out decorations, but OMG THIS ART IS SOO CUTE!! A well deserved 5/5 <3

Sounds: The various music are also cute, they have the good balance between standing out and sitting back and letting the gameplay take place. 4/5

Good Job With The Game Guys!! It Turned Out Really Well!! (^u^)

Yeah... Sorry about the game difficulty (^u^")

Glad you liked it!! Thanks for playing my game!!

Sorry for the late rate!! I can see myself having fun with a friends over this game, but sadly i'm a lonely boy... TwT

Well, not really a must, there isn't really a rule against making a 2 players game (at least as far as i know), and even it it were, i'd be applied only for this jam specifically, and not for all jams. Even said that, making a one player game is usually preferred, since not many jammers have friends to play it with, and thus having a one player game is more accessible for them... I just wanted to clarify that

Ps. Good feedback tho :3

Sorry for not playing this before!! I'm gonna be honest, i was super confused, until i read in the description that ur code screwed up in the end!! #feelsbadman

(Also, Yay!! I can explore the game stuff by pressing the secret button ;D)

Sorry for the late play!! Really unique take on the soul concept, but the fact that your soul has a limited time and that u can launch your soulless body without hurting it needs more feedback and better explanation imo :3

Glad you liked it!! Thanks for playing the game!! (^u^)

I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the game to that level, and i'm super happy that you found it addicting!! Thank you so much for playing this little game, and for your nice words!! (^u^)

Happy to hear that!! Thanks for cheching out the game!!

Yeah, i agree on pretty much everything you've said. 

The pattern was supposed to be generated on runtime, but i quickly realized that i couldn'code that in 2 day, so i opted for a fixed pattern, but it was supposed to be longer that that. As for giving feedback for the patter i kinda forgot to do it... (^u^")

Glad that you liked the game anyway!! Thanks for playing!! :D

Yeah, sorry about the state of the game, 1 day and an half aren't a lot to make a game...  

PS. The game is infinite, and continues until you make too much mistakes, sorry for not making that clear enough :3

This is a great game!!

Oh, so you have to control them separetedly?? Didn't know that :P

(To be fair, i jumped straight into the game without even looking at the instruction on the itch page, lol)

Capturing words it's a bit awkward, since you capture words with your mouse cursor and not with your net, and they aren't always synced, so that put a bit of confusion on me (also words are really fast wow) but other than that i really enjoyed this little interactive story!! Good Job!!

...I see :3

This makes for a weird gameplay tbh... (not a bad one, just weird :P) Having to wait because the triangles are too close and all, sometimes i'm surrounded by enemies and can do nothing about it because either way i'll lose... (hit by an enemy and lose hp or explode because i shoot too much) Still, Good Game!!

The red player acts  a bit wonky in the second level when the blue one hits a wall or stops in the air, making it quite frustrating to control the red player. Also sometimes i'd die randomly making me extremely salty :P

Still, a NOT a bad game!!

I like the fact that u use music to jump, i think that's very unique!! However, the gameplay heavily weights it down: player is too fast,(u basicaaly go from 0 to 100 in an instant), jump window is too precise, the camera is too zoom in in the player (u can't see ahead of you easly), also the fact that u need to go to a different link is quite annoying tbh (dw, i've already read why u did that :P). Still, a great game!! 

Uhhh... I suppose you want me to use the ladder after i free those Blobs, but isn't that ladder a bit too small?? :3

Visually the game is 10/10: Aliens are very cute and music is very relaxing. The game tho has some bugs tho, especially when combining the aliens & swapping gravity. Also, the fact that when you die you restart from the very beginning is quite frustrating. Still, Great Entry!!

I like the concept behind the game!! Tho i don't really get it why if the triangle get too close together i get a game over...  (^u^")

I love your art style!! Also the game is very fun!! Good Job!!

Pip... I haven't heard this name in ages... What was it?? 1 year maybe?? Happy to see you back again... (^u^)

Ok, to the feedback now: Game is very fun and addicting, nothing to say about that, but the menu is very unintuitive imo: the little hint that says to drag stuff isn't explicit enough, and i'd say a bit hidden too. Also the theme is a bit weak on this entry imo (but then again, i'm in no place to complain about that, really -w-)

Huh... I never thought a game about spider could fit with this theme, but yet here we are... 

Feedback wise the only thing i cas say is that the spider is very slow and hard to controll . Othe rthan that the game is very fun and the graphics and text looks nice!! Good Job Llama Peoples!! (^D^)

(also one time i managed to attack a fly out of the field, but sadly i didn't managed to take a screenshot as it detached and flew away, so there's also that :3)

You can skip some platforming session in some unintended way if you're clever about it

Also, i found an interesting bug

The game is absolutely fantastic, but i wasn't expecting nothing less from Neat Games. Feedback wise, i haven't much to say: the robot felt a bit too heavy on the falling, and there was a point where i belived that the goal was just a wall (the projectles fooled me xD)

Really cool and innovative concept, tough there's a bit too much reading for me to enjoy it sadly... :P

Nice small little concept, I can see where you was going with this!! Good Job!! 👍

Manaki will be very happy to hear that!! Thanks for playing the game!! (^D^)

Yeah, sorry about the state of the game!! I was planning to add some way to anticipate the next move but i ran out of time. If i had more time i'd had surely polished the game a bit more :3

Idk why, but the beat runs different in every pc, for some reasons, and i don't know how to solve the problem, other than adding an offset slider.

Thanks for playing the game!! (^u^)