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Are the sprites used in this project available anywhere for download? I'm looking to make my own pvz game in unity to try and improve my game development skills, but am struggling to find any sprite sheets to use.

Really great game and very polished, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Just wondering if you know of any good tutorials to learn how to make a card game in unity since I would really like to but I don't know how to get started :)

Fun game and really cool concept! I like the idea of the Universe getting out of control so I don't see why the ship needs to lose control as well, I think the game would be much more fun trying to control a ship in a galaxy that's slowly collapsing and just focus on that. Also the fact that literally everything makes you lose control sucks a lot of fun out of it, players feel like they're being punished just for doing things. However, I think the game game has great potential and I did enjoy playing it, good job!

A pretty fun to play and an original concept! The game definitely needs a lot of polish since the visuals are very lacking, but the game play is definitely there. However, I think it would be better if the player was constantly moving and you had to reajust the turrets in time too since otherwise the game can get boring quickly. Also the player should be able to see the path of the square so that they can plan ahead properly. However, overall a nice little puzzle game and I hope you keep making more games, good job!

Really original concept and a fun game! I really like the use of the theme and the music and visuals created a really tense effect. However, the only thing holding back the game is the lack of polish, the game really needs a background, even if it's a simple one and should probably be in some kind of setting. Also I think the walk animations could do with a lot of improvement, although I did like the sprite art, especially the art for the main character. Finally, I think there needs to be a big punishment for killing an innocent player to make the game have more of a  purpose. However, overall I enjoyed my time playing it and the game has a lot of potential, good job!

Probably just the overall feel, there wasn't any level that was particularly bad. The first level was actually quite difficult to time which could frustrate players since it looks easy but if they're not used to the physics they could find it difficult.

Very fun and original game, I really liked the concept and you managed to make it work well! I really liked the art style although I think the duck should have some kind of animation since it seemed like he was floating which was quite strange. There was also a bug where hovering the duck over the cat could cause it to spin back and forth very quickly, but this was only a small issue. Overall I really enjoyed playing the game, great job!

Incredible game, really great polish and gameplay with fun levels that use the mechanic in lots of new and creative ways every time Usually I liked to give detailed feedback but there's honestly not much I can say about this, amazing job!

Really fun puzzle game with a very unique mechanic and really cleverly designed levels! I think that the visuals could do with a bit more polish but the gameplay was amazing. You taught the player new mechanics through your level design and the puzzles were always really satisfying to complete. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game, great job!

A fun game with some nice variation, although I think there should be some visual indicator about what mutation has happened. Also there's a bug where if you stand in a huge hoard of enmies they don't damage you. You're probably just using OnCollisionEnter and not OnCollisionStay so it's an easy fix. However, overall I really enjoyed the game and I hope you keep making games, great job!

Really original concept and a very fun game, you really took screen-shake to another level lol! I really liked the art style and the game was really polished. I didn't really like the spring block that much since it just seemed a bit unpredictable and I didn't really understand how to use it at first. However, that is a very small issue and overall the game was short but sweet and very enjoyable,I played until the end, great job!

The game looks really awesome but I was really confused what to do at first, I think that even a text tutorial on the itch,io page would help out a lot. Still, it was a really good concept and I liked the art style, good job!

Really fun game, a bit confusing at first but great when I got the hang of it!

Very unique puzzle game and really fun. I like the mechanics of the arrows but I feel like the shadows should have been a lot more clear, the game felt really smooth and polished but a lot of it was me randomly walking around until I solved it since I didn't really understand the mechanics the puzzles such as how the mirrors work. That being said, the game has a lot of potential and with a few slightly more informative introduction levels, possibly including some text, I think it could become a real success, great job!

Really nice hardcore game, I feel like the pendulum could have given a bit more feedback to where it was going to swing next since a lot of the deaths did feel unfair. However, overall I really enjoyed playing the game and the movements felt really smooth and responsive, good job!

A really fun game with a nice original concept! The game felt relatively polished considering it was made in 48 hours and I didn't see any issues with movement or physics which is really impressive! I feel like the game would have been better if there was more of an indicator to where the fires are but overall I really enjoyed playing it, great job!

Really fun game and a great concept! The music you chose worked well with the gameplay, and I really liked the art! However, the art was low quality in the game since a lot of the curves had jagged edges which made the sprite look slightly unprofessional, this shouldn't be too difficult to fix though and it will improve the polish of the game a lot! I also think that crashing into a wall should not be instant death, that's way too harsh and makes the game too difficult. I think bout 1/4 or 1/5 of the health bar for hitting a wall would be a good amount. However, overall I really enjoyed playing the game and I hope you keep working on it, great job!

Thanks a lot for your detailed feedback, I'm planning to continue development on it after after the jam so it really helps! I do agree that the molotov is a bit brutal, I'll probably try and add a long animation time to the character and give it a slightly shorter explosion range to make it more balanced, hopefully that will fix the second issue since it won't be able to completely wipe out your hoard. The 1st and 3rd are relatively easy fixes so I'll make sure to change them soon! I'm planning to make it a more strategic roguelike where you have to spend points to summon zombies from corpses so the player will be making a conscious decision to have a large hoard, therefore accepting the advantages and disadvantages of it, although I will still probably make it slightly less chaotic.

Really fun game and a very creative take on the theme. The main character was really well animated with facial expressions that made me empathise with him so great job on that. I really like the short intro to the game but I don't think it's needed every time the player plays the level, probably only the first time. The only thing I didn't like was the difficulty which was insane! I tried the first level more than 10 times but didn't manage to complete it, I might just be bad lol but I still think that first levels should be completable by most players in 5 attempts, especially for a game jam game. However, overall I really enjoyed playing the game and I think it has a lot of potential, great job!

Really fun puzzler/ platformer, a really great use of the theme to make something that is not frustrating but really enjoyable! I think some of the puzzles could be slightly frustrating when you had to reset all your progress once you respawn, but most of them were really creative and interesting to solve. Overall a really great game with a lot of polish and beautiful art, great job!

Very fun and frantic game. I really liked the premise and the game felt very atmospheric, there was some overlapping text which looked quite strange but other than the visuals were great. Overall a short but sweet game and I really enjoyed playing it, great job!

Very fun game with a very unique idea, a lot more interesting than the usual shoot to move! I really liked the art and overall polish, all I really saw that was missing was an animation or effect for when you damage an enemy. The game was but not very fluid and could feel quite awkward at times but this wasn't a huge issue since the combat felt fun most of the time. At some point in the game I started taking damage for no reason and died, maybe it was to do with the vampire teeth I had but since there is no item description I have no idea. If you add items with negative effects into the game, please at least explain them to the player. However, overall I really enjoyed playing the game and I hope you keep working on it, great job!

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Fun game and really cool concept! I liked the atmosphere of the game but it needs quite a bit more polish. For example, the melee attack doesn't follow you so it looks really strange to use while you're moving around. There is also a lack of visual and audio effects which makes the game seem quite bland, with a bit more feedback to the player you could really bring the world alive! Also, there is way too many spikes in a lot of the rooms, the game feels like one where you run through rooms and kill enemies, not carefully traverse around spikes while trying to dodge attacks which sucks a lot of the fun out of it. My instant reaction when I go into a new room is to run forward and often I would end up running over a lot of spikes. However, overall I did enjoy it the game and I hope you keep developing it since it has a lot of potential, good job!

I like the concept but the game really needs a proper tutorial which is set in the game and teaches you the mechanics to understand how everything works, the current text tutorial is too difficult to remember and understand. However, the game was very well polished and atmospheric, good job!

Really fun game and it definitely fitted the theme lol. I do kind of wish things were a bit less out of control since the strategy seemed to be just run round the screen and spam left click which wasn't particularly interesting. I would have liked it more if you could stop things getting out of control since with about 3 storms and 3 dogs attacking the screen at once, there was no way to stop the insanity. I would have also liked it if the sheeps looked more scared than demonic, since they did look quite strange. However, it did allow you to tell them apart easily, so maybe just a more subtle red? However, overall the game was very enjoyable to play and it felt really well polished, great job!

A neat little game, it's unfortunate that you didn't manage to finish it off but it definitely has a lot of potential, good job!

The story telling was really amazing and the game delivered a really good message in a fun way! There were a few issues on my computer but from what part of the gameplay I saw it did look fun, the movement did seem a bit static while sliding but I still enjoyed it. Overall the game was very well designed and a really creative take on the theme, great job!

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Really fun game and creative idea, I haven't seen anything else like this before! I think the mechanic definitely needs more explaining about why the character jumps higher when you scroll the screen down since it was very confusing at first. The mechanic can also be quite frustrating with timing in moments so I do agree with other people that  it would probably be more suited to a puzzle game. However, eventually I got the hang of it and as soon as that happen I really started to enjoy the game, it also felt very polished and I didn't find any bugs or glitches, great job!

The game was really fun and the levels were very well designed! I think that the movement is definitely too slidy for such a precise game and the visuals need some more polishing, I like the simple style but the images aren't great quality and have some jagged edges. However, overall I enjoyed playing the game it fits the theme well, good job!

Really fun and creative game! I really liked the music and overall atmosphere, the 3D art was also really nice. The game also had a satisfying wholesome feel to it. I would have liked it if the yarn ball attracted the cats a bit easier since the game could get quite frustrating when the cats don't follow you at all. I also think there should be some kind of cool-down on the yarn ball so that you can't just spam them repeatedly. However, overall the game had and good amount of polish and I really enjoyed playing it, great job!

That was really intense and very clever, the story was absolutely incredible! I would have liked to see it in a proper game engine but since I guess that you enjoy more story telling than coding you probably don't need to worry about that. Overall the game used the theme in a very clever way and was really deep and meaningful, the idea of the player playing someone who has lost their memory is really clever. Overall it was really well written and I thoroughly enjoyed playing, great job!

Really neat game, easy to play and there's actually more strategy than you'd think when you play it! The game felt very natural and the physics worked really well,  I couldn't find any bugs or glitches. Overall the game was very well made and I thoroughly enjoyed it, keep up the good work!

Really fun game and surprisingly addicting! I think that the animals should definitely have some animation to make the game look less static and I'm also quite confused why you used a crocodile instead of a wolf which would have been much more in theme. I'm also not sure why you called the game Trim the Sheeps considering that you just eat them, not trim them lol. However, overall the game was very enjoyable to play, I managed to get to level 12, and I hope you keep working on it!

Really fun game when I got used to it, but at first I had literally no idea what I was doing. I think there should at least be some kind of tutorial at the start to tell you what to do. However, overall the game was really well polished and I enjoyed playing it a lot, great job!

Sure! First you just need to create a new camera as a child of the main camera. Then create a material with this new camera as the render texture. After that create a raw image in the UI and attach the material to it. You'll now have a smaller map that follows you around. If you want the map only to show specific things then go to the new camera and change what layers the camera can see. If you want specific icons for different characters/ items then create a child for that object and add a sprite renderer with the map icon. If you put this icon on a new layer called "Map Layer" (although you could also call it anything else if you want) and then disable the map layer on the main camera, you will only be able to see the icons on the minimap. If you want to make the map show a larger area then just change the size of the new camera. :)

Really well polished and fun game, I can't believe you managed it all in 48 hours, amazing! I would have possibly liked a few more mechanics directly involving rotating the camera since that was really neat, but overall I really enjoyed playing, great job!

Played the game and it was amazing!

Done :)

Really fun game and great polish! The art and audio was amazing and you managed to make a game that wasn't frustrating but still fitted the theme. I think that the section with the arrow pointing to the lava was too difficult, I'm usually not too bad at platformers but I got stuck on that section for a long time. However, overall the game was very enjoyable to play and the cut scene at the start was also a very nice touch, great job!

Really fun game, I think that the types of food should have more significance, e.g. gives you a speed boost or other bonus when you eat enough, but otherwise a really polished and creative game, great job!