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Help Minky get through the city to his underwater home, but try to avoid destroying the nice humans buildings.
Submitted by Buttercream Dream — 11 minutes, 44 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
The playable character loses control during a panic attack.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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Super cute concept, well executed fun! I've loved seeing games this jam about stereotypically "violent beings/creatures" being encouraged to play in a pacifist manner to win! Well done, a great interpretation of the theme. Good job!


So many people have tried the "the game is hard to control" idea in this jam but you are the first I've played thats nailed it. the game is not hard to control just for the sake of it, it actually leads to more interesting gameplay that supports the main premise of the game so good on you for getting that right. My favorite touch is the fact that you can't move backwards which makes going to far very dangerous since you have to turn around with that massive tail. All I would change is the Difficulty curve. the first level is much to hard so it could ramp up a little slower. Great work!


Lol, it's a cute game with charming concept.I had so much fun in this game.And I can't stop playing this game. Well done.


This game is very polished in terms of graphics, and the core mechanic/story is very relatable (way to make me empathize with godzilla!). I loved all the detailed animation work. Wonderful work!


Sooo cute and polished. Goes a long way in highlighting how art and character design play a huge role in game enjoyment. The gameplay feels fair and polished too, mechanics are easy to grasp, there are multiple options to complete a level, all in all it's really impressive you guys have managed to pull this off in 48h!


Wait, I could move the camera? I would maybe add a "How To Play" slide accessible from the main-menu, just to help dweebs like me.

That said, this was an incredible game. The first time I played the first level, I was struck in equal measures with shock, horror, compassion, and rage. Your use of sound is impeccable -- I would consider mixing in destruction sounds into your sound cues; stepping on different things yields far different sounds depending on if you're crashing through a building or swiping at cars with your tail. I think the cute sound of the foot-prints really works for what you're going for here.

Maybe use the terrain tools to make some impassable mountains that hem the player in, and are a bit more harmonious with your aesthetic than indestructible blank walls (though the LOOMING WALLS are my favorite part of any coastal city).

But over all, you've made a wonderful little maze-running game with a cool twist. Keep up the good work! I'd love to play this after you get a chance to polish it to a shine!


First of all the dino was damn cute . The art style was great and is a rather nice twist on the "play as a monster and smash city" kind of game. Except here you don't want to smash the city too much. One thing I absolutely loved was the tail physics on the monster.

However I did have some issues. The dino is rather hard to control but then again it's basically like you're controlling a bull in a china shop so XD....  Also, as awesome as the tail physics of the monster are, the tail ends up smashing most buildings even though I'm trying to be as careful as possible.Maybe if you reduced the rate at which the the anxiety meter of the dino increases then things would be a lot better.

Overall it was a great game. Nice work :)


My girl and I died laughing at this. We're literally dead. Thanks


In all seriousness, this game is great. My main suggestion would be to tweak it a little. I'd simply remove the time limit, and modify how much HP the city has and/or how much HP it loses for breaking smaller things. I was able to run up the left side of the island 3 times in a row before you finally put enough buildings in my way to make that strategy non-viable. Maybe widen the streets juuuust a little.

I say all that criticism because I think the game is legitimately good and has a butt load of potential. I hope you keep working on it.


Thanks for the feedback! Some of our level design was rushed towards the end so we for sure need to put more time into that if we did a post jam version, flesh out the difficulty curve and make all the levels unique etc. and we also need to tweak the lose conditions like you said, a lot of people have been having trouble with the timer :)


Gosh, this tail gets really out of control! :D The character design and animations look really cute, it's nice that you found time to add that short cinematic, which blends into gameplay quite nicely. Good job!


Amazing artwork! congratulation on having a very interesting take on out of control. The only bug I found was the ability to jump during opening cutscene.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Top marks for this game! A really interesting idea excuted very well! The game looks and plays fab! Hits the theme of the jam perfectly! Awesome work, team! ^-^

If I had any critisim, the game was most certainly a touch on the hard side, I only made it to stage 3 and I felt nothing except for perfect play would get me to the end.

Such a cute dino too! My poor heart felt so bad when it was crying T-T


Godzilla was just trying to go home all along! I think you deserve props for the emotional range on the monster alone. Really cool.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

OMG, he's so cute. I feel really bad for him when he hits stuff. Great art and presentation. The gameplay is also fun, well done :)


Wow, honestly hard to believe it's even a game jam game, that is some incredible polish. All the art was beautiful and the world really felt alive. The premise was super creative and everything just felt like it was executed perfectly. The game is a bit hard but it had me trying over and over again since it was a ton of fun. I love the model for the monster and honestly really sympathize with him. Awesome work!!


The dinosaur is too precious for this world ;-; Love the facial expressions and the way his tail swings around and destroys stuff despite your best efforts. The modeling and colors are really nice too.

Being careful not to destroy things (especially with the interesting tail physics) is a really interesting and original idea! Awesome work!


This is so cool, but it's really showing me how badly I need a GPU upgrade. I wish my computer was better cause this is excellent.


It's too hard for me but it's so cute and fun and the Idea is great and well executed. Well done :)


The art on this game is fantastic, and I love the idea of keeping him under control, very very well done, :)


I love Minky! He's too precious for this world. Really cool game! The tail mechanic is really smart and adds a lot to the chaos. Great game! 


The 3d monster model is very good, the way its tail swings and stuff. 

It took me a while to figure out how to move this thing, and even then it felt a bit clunky, I'd suggest tighter controls in normal mode would provide a greater contrast to the out-of-control panic mode. Also the game should start out easier, to let the player get the hang of things first.

Playing as a giant monster trying its best to keep calm and NOT destroy the city is a great idea though, I think maybe you should continue to polish this after the jam.

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