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Wait, I could move the camera? I would maybe add a "How To Play" slide accessible from the main-menu, just to help dweebs like me.

That said, this was an incredible game. The first time I played the first level, I was struck in equal measures with shock, horror, compassion, and rage. Your use of sound is impeccable -- I would consider mixing in destruction sounds into your sound cues; stepping on different things yields far different sounds depending on if you're crashing through a building or swiping at cars with your tail. I think the cute sound of the foot-prints really works for what you're going for here.

Maybe use the terrain tools to make some impassable mountains that hem the player in, and are a bit more harmonious with your aesthetic than indestructible blank walls (though the LOOMING WALLS are my favorite part of any coastal city).

But over all, you've made a wonderful little maze-running game with a cool twist. Keep up the good work! I'd love to play this after you get a chance to polish it to a shine!