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Tough early game, but atmospheric mood makes it really engaging

Super cute art!

Really atmospheric and entertaining. The ominous music adds a lot too. I really was dying to figure it out!

Really cool addition to allow links and notes, adds to the roleplay.

Interesting concept, I found the tracks where the other guy was moving slow to be much easier, just couldn't keep up with him going fast. The controls felt a bit slippery! 110 points, how lame is that?

It works, it's comprehensible, it's got space for expension and fun, not a lot to complain about for a game jam! Testing, balancing and iteration is a luxury in such short time frame :(

Super orignal, and clicking the planks together is satisfying. I wish I could ESC back to menu instead of directly exiting to desktop :(

Finding the right angles and throwing yourself out there with proper timing is a lot of fun! Difficulty is a bit steep at times (level 9 got me way too many times, but that's probably just me).

Super interesting trying to find the right combinations, and binding that to a tune mechanic makes it all the more soothing! I'd have appreciated a little bit of extra help to get myself going, I reset the environment a bunch of times before starting any progress!

Relaxing game with contemplative music!

This becomes reaaally mind bending when the controls get twisted, I couldn't keep up :( very good job though!

I think it's really cool that you managed to fit in 2 different environments and mechanics in such short time span. Love the mood and effects in the dark world too!

That's tough! Really fun mechanic though, needing to endanger yourself to score points faster makes it feel like it's really up to you to figure how quickly you can go. I love that there's progression/power ups too.

Really awesome to see skillsets mix together and end up learning something about music in the midst of a game development event! Thank you for this

You're right! Also something I really want to get into soon. Thanks a lot for the code!

I'd be super interested in seeing the code if you're ok with that, it always looks ambitious to me when devs dive into shader work for a short jam like this! 

Great presentation, original idea, I'd only say it lacks a little bit of extra teaching at the start, took me a while to understand what I was really doing!

Ambitious idea for a jam and really polished execution

Original idea, the whoel recruiting thing! I didn't feel like I actually needed the recruits to beat the baddies though!

Really fun mechanic! Super simple but very satisfying. It's difficult to come up with simple elegant concepts like that.

Awesome art, wonder how you dealt with that wobbly reverse shader!

Thank you for playing and for the constructive feedback! Watching the video was a lot of fun.

The "friend take the bullet" thing is indeed about throwing the ball at the dart, but we 100% agree that tutorial text was misleading!

Overall a lot could have been improved on feedback, rythm and difficulty. Thanks again for your feedback!

Cool, colorful game! I always have a bit of trouble coordinating 2 separate characters and switching between them, but the game's reasonable pace made it manageable!

Pretty fun once you get the drill. I was surprised by the speed of the moving enemies at first (you don't have that much time to react), but I got used to it!

I found the gameplay intuitive (though I did get stuck on some levels down the line). Presentation is awesomeon both sound and graphics sides!

Nice inner rubik's cube concept, very original. Melted my brains and I couldn't complete though, just like the original rubik's cube!

Simple mechanic that still gets challenging after a while when ghosts start swarming a little bit! Music is really fitting too.

Thanks again for taking the time and putting in the effort to beat the whole thing. Very valuable feedback too, cheers!

Awesome presentation, funny vibes, clever concept. I'm just really bad at it!

Amazing presentation and design!! Music is super fitting too, and the mechanics work intuitively, impressive.

Super funny. You're always dying to find out what's coming next. Clocks, chairs & lava was as far as I could go, what a hostile place.

Nice mechanic! The light visuals & music make it all feel polished and in place. 

Lovely gamefeel and retro vibes. Controls feel very responsive as well, playing that little character makes you feel powerful.

Double flappy bird! Had a lot of fun, and a clever little take on gravity to keep it simple and intuitive.

Absolutely impressive amount of content and polish. Tons of features, A+ presentation.

Pretty fun! The battery transfer was maybe a bit slow, but I thought the mechanic was clever and intuitive.

Awesome characters, did you design them?

Pretty fun! Really liked the progression aspect with the shop, and the promise of getting some bonuses when I managed to extend my wire.

Pretty cool, took me a while to solve some of these! I wish the roguelite elements would show up a little bit earlier, I think they add a lot. I understand pacing and progression though, good job!

Awesome that you went through the troubles of procedural generation in such short timeframe, even in simple form

The puzzles are well crafted and it feels nice to complete them, I had the impression my inputs were often not read?