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Love the music and the general mood of the game! Am I missing something or is it impossible to get through the game with the "no jumping" option alone? :(

What a horrific setup x) that really was out of control! Love the atmosphere with those graphics and sounds!

Sooo cute and polished. Goes a long way in highlighting how art and character design play a huge role in game enjoyment. The gameplay feels fair and polished too, mechanics are easy to grasp, there are multiple options to complete a level, all in all it's really impressive you guys have managed to pull this off in 48h!

I'd say this deserves to be expanded into a full-fledged commercial game. There's a lot of room for expansion, and the core concept works well enough for that!

God does that get hard x) I love the atmosphere, with the narrative text, visuals and sound coming together in a really polished way. My favorite text on uncontrollable text typing yet!

One of the most polished submissions I've seen on this concept. It's not super original, but it's fun, the visuals are very polished and reminiscent of old gameboy games, really cool!

Very impressive mechanic complexity for a game jam! Slightly reminds me of FTL, great, great job!

Veery funny and crazy. polished too. Great job! 

As other people have mentioned, the gamefeel is really enjoyable and satisfying, presentation is also part of this! It probably just lacks a bit of challenge and variety I'd say!

Love the presentation, super original, and combines well with the music to create a special atmosphere!

Thank you so, so much ♥

haha that happens, I've actually got Dubgeon as 1 of my reviewers pick for some reason!

Tough, but fun! The mechanic is cool and the gamefeel is enjoyable, maybe the turret malfunction was a bit too punitive for me, and I'd have loved to see extra enemy variety (but it's a game jam sooo...). It's nice that you have a lot of hp and chances to recover!

Wish I had a VR headset :'( that's daring though

Awesome sci-fi music, fun mechanic!

Very soothing and enjoyable atmosphere, almost poetic! Maybe you could have started with small messages or a limited alphabet just to kick things off?

Very well presented, extremely polished. The mechanic is fun and full of enjoyable feedback too! Just a bit too hard for me, can't press the first key that fast!

No waaay, can't get past 20s. Clever thinking of a double pendulum for out of control though, as an intrinsically chaotic system.

Very very polished. Really beautiful execution of your game design.

Works well, combining different areas does create interesting puzzles, good idea!

Really fun, it thought me a while to grasp the mechanic but it's super clever and unique. Couldn't get past level 5 :'(

Original, interesting, well executed, I really enjoyed playing! It does get you a bit dizzy at times, but it's still a very pleasant experience. 

5/5, really fun and interesting, polished visuals too (even though I had a tiny bit of trouble instantly distinguishing different pieces at first).

Simple concept, but works well, polished enough, controls play well and level design is fair!

Oh that's odd, never heard of that one before! And the music does make a big difference :(

Ohh right!  I missed that for some reason!

The presentation is polished, VFX is great, the premise is pretty rich, with enemies, interactions and multiple panels, unfortunately I've had some game breaking bugs along the way :( but that's just one of the drills of jam games: we don't have a lot of time for debugging.

Maybe being able to anticipate panic attacks in some fashion would be interesting too!

Well, I was not reelected :( that bird really was into physics but hated my poems...great job on the game!

Really nice idea, but I really couldn't manage to get very far, my brain couldn't handle planning for 6 little guys moving in random directions!

Really well executed. Using physics really highlights that out of control feel, the game feels fair and the difficulty spikes are really fun because they come with a final point boost (due to tons of objects falling at the same time) before it gets hardcore!!

Thank you so much ♥

No but you're totally right: there's some tweaking to be done! I just think it should remain pretty subtle (not completely overhauling the control so they're super sharp and stiff), and the rest should be left to a better learning curve and level design improvements.

The concept is well executed, it's hard but not too stressful, the controls are comfortable, and the visuals are pleasing! I'd add some sort of warning before input chagnes so the player can anticipate what he'll be doing at that time.

Thank you for playing and for your feedback! 100% agreed with the dynamic soundtrack & reset button needs. On the controls, it's clear that the game could use slight tweaks, but I'm still convinced that with some level design and level reordering (+ addition of precise control teaching levels), the added difficulty of the current controls could be more interesting than frustrating!

Thanks again for taking the time, it really helps.

5/5, really polished and really fun. I really wish I could play more of it :o it's a really clever puzzle mechanic, and I think you could make a commercial game out of this.

Oh god that vending machine...neither Barbara, Jean-Jean or Auguste can get past it. Starvation, hypoglicemia, getting crushed, me some good laugh though!

I found it really polished and enjoyable, it was very pleasing to see so many new enemies/mechanics being added across the levels! Some levels were difficult with the stress gauge rising so quickly, so it's a great addition that you allowed for level-skipping.

Oh damn, that's actually pretty obvious: follow the shadows! For some reason I didn't think about it (only followed the intensifying light when getting close).

5/5. I've seen this mechanic multiple times during this jam, but few were as polished. Gamefeel, level design, subtle sound effect, visuals, there's even an introduction! Really well crafted.

That's really polished! The music coming alogn with shooting, the satisfying split of enemies, the dreadful discovery that all of your bullets are still there dancing around, it all brought me to smiling! Really well executed.